Rat u Siriji


Rat u Siriji

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Onda me vjerovatno zavaralo to sto je kamera zaprljana nekom masnocom ili nečim,a i desetinke su u pitanju! A ovaj sto je gadjao sa RB je vjerovatno popio trenutnu medju oči... Sad mu mozda zube skupljaju!

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vrabac ::Ne na ruskom kaže da je projektil podbacio (bukvalno: *razrovao* se ispred tenka).
On ide nekoliko desetinki pre i udara ili u podnožje neke bandere ili hrpu šuta oko nje a onda tenk tuče posle toga. Kako je cev bila (osom) na samoj ivici zida zgrade u dubini ulice sa čijeg ćoška je praktično ispaljen PT projektil vrlo verovatno da se PT grupa nije dobro provela.

Al pogodak sa boka je za ocenu 5 obzirom na daljinu. Oni i navode u tip prevodu (na ruskom nije rekao, rekao je RBR to sad može da bude i nešto drugo mada nju tako nazivaju) ali obzirom na daljinu ovo je vrlo verovatno Osa.

Da, i tenk je tim pogotkom u bok, ostao onesposobljen, gledacemo u sledecem nastavku sta ce biti sa tenkom i posadom.... evo i prevoda:

,,Syria Update: Hard Day for Tankers (Jobar) (Part Three)

After providing cover to the damaged tank, towed away from the battlefield, the tankers proceeded to cover the infantrymen, who had started securing the last building near the highway. Syrian army commanding officers suggested that another underground tunnel of the terrorists could be located there. The SAA battle tanks were covering the infantry troops with smokescreens and machinegun fire.

A report came in that the infantry troops had detected some terrorist movement in Zamalka area. A battle tank to the left, standing nearby, had its transmission system broken down, so it could not engage the newly detected group of terrorists. Because of intensive use of the smokescreen device, a coating of diesel fuel accumulated on the camera lens. In short, the smoke is generated by diesel fuel that passes through the exhaust pipe and that turns into vapor when it comes out. The wind had blown that haze onto the camera, mounted on the tank. The camera’s lens first was covered with droplets of condensed liquid and later became soiled with a thick film of diesel fuel that rendered the camera out of focus.

When the infantry troops once again reported a detected group of terrorists, the tank moved out and fired on Zamalka. The damaged tank was staying in its place as a stationary firing point, to engage the militants in Zamalka. The other battle tank moved on to engage the detected militants.

Unfortunately, the camera was no longer capable of capturing a crisp picture. Nonetheless, the events that had taken place around those tankers ought to be included into the narrative of that war. That is why, despite its poor quality, the footage was used in this documentary. My own filming, from the elevated position, was sporadic for the danger of possible terrorist sniper fire. If a terrorist sniper had detected our position, my desire to get a good footage might have cost the lives of all of the people, who were present on that story of the building at the time.

As soon as the battle tank had approached the terrorist positions it was engaged by terrorist snipers. Their mark was the optics of the tank’s commanding officer. The tankers were engaging the militants, who were popping up in the building’s window frames, with machinegun fire. Subsequently, the tankers had spotted the terrorist position and steered their vehicle to engage the terrorists there. They had spotted a militant with grenade launcher and started aiming at him in order to fire the canon. The militant must have fretted and hastily fired the missile, which exploded before reaching the tank. The tank returned fire, leaving the militant no chance to get away with impunity.

The tank took control of that direction. It became clear that that particular section of the militant defenses had a special significance to them and the militants might certainly try to come to collect the bodies of their dead. Having spotted a terrorist movement there, the tank fired another round in that direction.

Suddenly, an anti-tank missile was fired upon the tank from Zamalka area on the left. Fortunately, the tankers were left unharmed. The missile had severed an oil pipe, though. The oil started leaking on the tank’s turret and the camera. The damage had rendered the tank immobile but the tankers decided not to leave the vehicle. They returned fire upon Zamalka, after that they turned their turret and proceeded to engage the militant positions ahead of them. They kept firing until they ran out of all their rounds and ammunition.

Then, the tankers reported that they had spotted militants with an anti-tank missile system. Upon receiving that information, the SAA Captain grabbed a machinegun and fired it upon the militants’ defense positions, marking the direction of further engagement for the infantry troops on the ground.

A militant movement was spotted somewhere in Zamalka and the area was immediately engaged by fire. A building, from which a missile had been fired against the tank, was now being pounded by artillery fire.

The oil leakage had rendered the tank particularly vulnerable to imminent militant strikes and the militants were already teaming up in the positions around it in order to destroy the tank by firing anti-tank missiles on it. According to the tankers, they clearly saw how one of the militants had his armor-piercing missile malfunctioned and he began to replace the grenade with another one. The tankers were not afraid to die. Nevertheless, they hoped that God and their army comrades would deliver them from that difficult situation…,,

sad videh da su objavili titlove i na samom snimku....

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Mislim da ima snimak kada šlepaju taj tenk , na jednom od predhodnik snimaka anna tv.
Mislim da je to ovaj tenk .


  • Neimar i savremeni farmer.
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Није то тај тенк, са твог снимка Драгане...

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Napisano: 04 Jan 2014 11:41


Kako izvjestava almayadeen SAA je zauzela planinu Azzan u juznom Aleppu. Tako je oni nek se biju medjusobno, a SAA ce da obracuna sa pobjednikom



Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 11:48

The army confronts terrorists in ‪#‎Aleppo‬
Jan 04, 2014
‪#‎Governorates‬, ( ‪#‎SANA‬)- The Syrian Arab army on Saturday resumed its national duty in combating the armed terrorist groups in different Syrian cities, killing a number of terrorists and eliminating their criminal equipment.

In Aleppo , units of the army confronted an attempt by terrorists to attack the families in al-Ameriya and al-Sayyed Ali, destroying a number of terrorists’ dens along their weapons.

A military source told SANA that the army killed several terrorists in the areas of Erbid, al-Aboud and in the surrounding of Aleppo central prison. It added that units of the army also destroyed cars and vehicles loaded with big quantities of munitions for the terrorists in al-Mansoura, Mayer and Celan.

In the city of Aleppo, units of the army clashed with two terrorist groups who tried to infiltrate into al-Ameriya.

Terrorist attack injures two workers of electricity in Aleppo

Terrorists targeted electricity Ministry workers while they were mending one of the high voltage towers which feeds Aleppo with power.

“The terrorist attack injured two workers who were immediately admitted to the hospital,” a source at the Ministry said.

Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 11:52


Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 11:53

Ево опширније,али на енглеском

Terrorists from Daash have published a statement declaring a "war of God" on the so-called "Islamic Front", which includes a number of Terrorist groups from the FSA ...

Here is a copy of the statement in which syria 24 english recieved



Via: - HNN

Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 11:56

Damascus - Adra ,Douma ,Jobar.

The army clashed with terrorists and destroyed weapons’ warehouse in al-Zabadani city and Kifeer al- Zait, adding that among the terrorists were Mahmoud Rahma, leader of the so-called “Shuhada’ al-Huq Brigade” terrorist group and Wael al-Tairi, leader of the so-called “al-Maham al-Khasah battalion”, which is affiliated to the terrorist group of “al-Islam Brigade”.

The army killed and injured all members of terrorist groups in the areas of Adra al-Balad and Douma.

The army units also eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group and destroyed many vehicles loaded with terrorists and weapons in the town of al-Mlaiha.

Scores of terrorists were killed during clashes with the Syrian army in the area of Joubar, while 30 gunmen handed themselves in to authorities in the area of Barzeh.

Meanwhile, the army continued pursuing terrorists in the areas of Daraya, al-Hajr al-Aswad and al-Ruhayba, killing a number of terrorists, among them terrorists’ leaders, and destroying their weaponry and equipment.

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Što je na kraju bilo s posadom tenka?

  • Neimar i savremeni farmer.
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Напустила је тенк, а вероватно да ће покушати исти тај да извуку...

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Teroristi na putu djevicama,snimljeni u grčkoj....znači da su i kroz naše djelove prolazili....


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Ja sam prvo mislio da su oba tenka pogodjena, znaci jednom je otkazao menjac...nije moglo u gorem trenutku.. GUZ - Glavom U Zid GUZ - Glavom U Zid

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Napisano: 04 Jan 2014 16:39

Pozicije u Alepu,zuto je vojska,crveno zlotvori,narandzasto su Kurdi,zeleno su prostori gde se vode borbe,ali sta je crno,ubite me ako znam!


Yellow: Syrian Arab Army control areas
Red: Fsa and Islamists
Orange: Contested (There is a mistake in the map, because in the north of the city between SAA and FSA most of the orange areas are under Kurdish control)
Green: Parks and empty areas - Some of them Dead Zones
Black: Cemeteries
Blue: Fighting areas
Yellow circles: Saa advances

Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 16:42

Са ове мапе се доста може видети,тј САА је доста напредовала и већину Алепа држи у својим рукама.

Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 16:46

U istočnom Homsu vojska lomi sve pred sobom

Dopuna: 04 Jan 2014 16:49

Имам још две информације.
САА је опет ушла у Јабруд где се воде борбе.

Друга информација је лоша.

Војска је изгубила град Јасим провинција Дараа

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