Leteći tenk - borbeni helikopter Mi-24


Leteći tenk - borbeni helikopter Mi-24

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^Jos jedna sa vezbe

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Десант из 24-ки, вежба Центар 2019.

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Pa kako je ovo moguce, meni nije jasno kad nam je receno da oni to ne rade jer ne mogu. Mogu samo da porucim da ovo...

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Citat:Ночные испытательные полеты Ми-35М ВВС Сербии над Ростовом-на-Дону.


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Madjari u Ceskoj

Citat:Ми-24П ВВС Венгрии во время проведения ежегодного мероприятия «Дня НАТО»
Сентябрь 2019 / Острава / Чехия
изображение: R.Ciechanowski

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Bravo Djox,detalji su izuzetni! Evo tek druga fotografija ''izvrnutog'' GŠ 30-2 iz Mi-24P ....

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Interesantan tekst, Kazan vs Rostov, modernizacije vs novi.

Deo, translate

Citat:“The main calculation of KRET is for a foreign customer: these helicopters fly a lot around the world,” our source said. “Many delegations come to us - people are interested, they like it,” Brenerman assured. According to him, the potential market size is approximately 100 Russian Mi-24s and more than 200 once exported.


Where does such confidence in demand come from? It should be noted here that the Mi-24 turned out to be so consistently in demand all over the world and this is such a serious piece of the helicopter market that advanced foreign companies undertook its modernization.

Back in 1998, the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) introduced the Mission 24 enhancement package, and it was immediately chosen by the Air Force - 25 upgrade kits cost them $ 20 million. They say that the Israeli intelligence services for this even stole in Russia some technical documentation for the Mi-24 equipment.

The Israeli company Elbit Systems sold its modernization of the Crocodile to Sri Lanka and Macedonia. They wanted to do the same with Bulgaria, where the Israelis were shining a $ 57 million contract for the modernization of 12 Mi-24 and 6 Mi-17, but the copyright holder of the construction, BP, who refused to supply components, was indignant. Order canceled for Bulgarian helicopters. In general, the voltage was so great that the cost center. Mile and Rosoboronexport threatened to withdraw guarantees from helicopters that were modernized without agreement with the parent manufacturer. So the orders of Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Mi-24 were disrupted with a total value of $ 500 million.

Successfully advancing its modernization of the Mi-24, the South African firm Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE). In 1999, she finalized the version of Super Hind 40 Algerian Crocodiles. Satisfied Algerians proposed ATE to make an even more advanced modification. Yuarovtsy stated that the Super Hind MK variant. V will be 1.8 tons lighter than its predecessors - due to the replacement of conventional Kevlar armor, as well as heavy Soviet equipment.

The French company SAGEM also proposed its own version. She modernized the 12 Mi-24 Air Force of Uzbekistan.

In a word, Lever will have to compete not only with BP. But there is also a new production Mi-24: the advanced version of the Mi-24 - Mi-35M - has been building the Rostov Helicopter Plant (Rostvertol, since 2005, and Mi-35P + should also be engaged in it). About 100 vehicles were delivered abroad, and about 70 were delivered to the Russian military.


What can help Leverage win the battle with BP? A source close to the Kazan company “BUSINESS Online” highlighted three points.

First: many pilots claim that the Mi-24 is a more successful machine than the Mi-35. Second: the “basic economic idea” is that the cost of a deeply modernized Mi-24 should not exceed 60% of the price of the new Mi-35. Third: KRET is ready this year to enter into contracts with foreign customers.

“Yes, there are two programs for the modernization of the Mi-24 fleet, and, of course, in the current difficult time, having two competing offers on the same old platform is not the right use of resources,” the editor-in-chief of the magazine noted in an interview with “BUSINESS Online” Arms Export “Andrey Frolov. “On the other hand, when did someone like that stop you?” We also have a larger war - between the Mi-35M and Mi-28 on the one hand and the Ka-52 on the other. "

He highlighted several arguments against the Leverage program. First: there are doubts that it will be possible to maintain the bar at 60% of the cost of the new Mi-35. Second: the residual life of the Mi-24 combatant is unlikely to be large (plus the features of storage without hangar), so the potential customer will think about whether it makes sense to spend 60% of the cost of new helicopters on them, because you get not two helicopters at the cost of one (which would be attractive), but only one and a half. Third: the Russian military is often unpredictable in their "Wishlist". Fourth: foreign operators of the largest Mi-24 parks (for example, Algeria, Azerbaijan) have already updated their Mi-24 with the Yuarovts, there are countries with a small number of Crocodiles such as Peru, Cyprus, Myanmar, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In a circle it turns out with a dozen helicopters. “In my opinion, the volume of the foreign market is 20-30 cars,” says Frolov.

First of all, it plays for the modernization program in Kazan, that the BP project may not be very interesting for the holding company itself, because all the added value will end up with the pickers. Secondly, there is still hope for the Russian military. “Given that funding for the state defense order is falling, it can be assumed that the aerospace forces are trying to look for alternative options for obtaining new equipment in order to integrally increase the overall level and, if possible, avoid buying new platforms,” said Frolov.

The expert believes that it will not do without the inclusion of an administrative resource. Both sides are strong in this kind of games. In particular, Kolesov demonstrated this at the same MAKS when he convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin to inspect the Ansat-RT Crat, which is being served as an alternative to Ansat from the KVZ. And, according to our sources, a decision has already been made that a hundred helicopters for the National Aviation Aviation Service KVZ will do exactly in the format developed by KRET. Thus, in the game against Russian Helicopters, Kolesov opened a second front in Kazan.


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Naš Mi-35 na noćnom poletanju

Ночные полеты Ми-35М (обучение) , построенный для ВВС Сербии , на ПАО "Роствертол".
Сентябрь 2019 / Ростов-на-Дону
Фото: Erik Romanenko

Dopuna: 02 Okt 2019 22:06

Dodao sam zbog celog potpisa.

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sasans23 ::Citat:Ночные испытательные полеты Ми-35М ВВС Сербии над Ростовом-на-Дону.


Kako sam se dobro upecao na siluetu prednjeg točka na par momenata punih one lepe nade. Reko vid neka nova spravica viri ..možda za osmatranje ili samozaštitu,..kad ono ..😳

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Koliko je realno bezbedno slati ovaj helikopter u ono zasta je namenjen bez samozastite? Ne zvuci tako

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