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The Latest Victim of Borderization: Gugutiantkari
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Citat:Russian occupation forces recommenced the illegal installation of barbed wire fences in the village of Gugutiantkari, located close to the occupied region of Tskhinvali (South Ossetia), on Monday. Georgian and foreign politicians, as well as public figures, have condemned the move by Russian forces.

The installation of barbed wire fences was launched by military forces on August 7 and restarted on August 14, after a week-long pause. Later, it was suspended for several days and resumed on August 19. ‘Borderization’ has affected a number of families, seeing them deprived of access to their plots of land, while two houses there have been completely absorbed into the occupied territory.

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Москва позива Грузију и Јужну Осетију да буду суздржане и да наставе конструктиван разговор о спорним питањима, саопштило је Министарство иностраних послова Русије поводом раста напетости на граници двеју република.

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South Ossetia reports Georgia’s military buildup near its borders
Citat:About 30 Georgian servicemen were deployed in the village of Kobi on the Georgian side of the common border, South Ossetia said
Citat:"There is an obvious direct threat to the lives of hundreds of people, whose houses are located some 150 meters from the area where Georgia is building its military facilities. The very fact that shots were fired onto the territory of South Ossetia and toward populated areas is extremely worrying," the ministry said.
The press service of South Ossetia’s presidential administration, in turn, issued a statement which describes the drone incident as a provocation intended to fuel tensions in the region.
"Firing shots at a South Osstian civilian drone, toward the territory of South Ossetia constitutes a direct provocation and illustrates Georgia’s reluctance to search for compromises and its determination to escalate a yet another armed conflict with the Republic," the presidential press office said.
"By shooting toward South Ossetia, Georgia has once again heated up tensions on the state border between the Republic of South Osstia and Georgia," it said. "Therefore, Georgia confirmed its aggressive plans regarding South Ossetia and created a dangerous situation for residents of border villages."

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