Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina


Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina

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Prema komemtarima, sa prethodnog linka, u pitanju je Pancir, medjutim ko zna koliko tu ima znanja a koliko pretpostavke u tim komentarima.

Pojačanja pristižu u Hamu.


Citat:Footage of #SAA's military convoy to reinforcement positions in the #Hama countryside. A new offensive by #SAA is likely to start any moment now.

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pein ::BREAKING: #ISIS’ Furqan issues new video showing leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, marking the first time he is shown in a video since his July 2014 sermon at the Great Mosque in #Mosul


Autentični islamski terorista sa cukom Osame bin Ladena, ima i alaram samo ticu.
Kopirali najpoznatiju fotku Osame pa pravili fejk do sitnih detalja turski sed, aksu, pogled mu se gubi u daljini, nikako u kameru da ne gleda. Kao kad klinci odu u Paris na ekskurziju pa sednu na zidic , ajfelova kula nazad i zauzmu pozu zemunskog klana pa to kace po netu

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Eskalacija sukoba izmedju YPG ekstremista i tFSA jihadista na putu Azaz-Afrin


Citat:Disruption of the road "Azaz - Afrin" in the countryside of Aleppo because of targeting by the Kurdish units in conjunction with violent clashes with the militia, the so-called National Army of Turkey on the front of Maranaz



Citat:Unknown shells targeting a Turkish meeting in Mar'naz in the countryside of Aleppo amid injuries in the ranks of the Turkish military delegation


Citat:Azaz - Afrin road closed cause of violent clashes between YPG and FSA

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ИД, који је иначе поражен одавно наставља да задаје муке САА.
Citat:E. Syria: ISIS released more pics of Regime fighters captured and executed E. of Sukhnah. More KIA also documented in E. Homs countryside (separate incident).

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ID je poražen samo na papiru, u realnosti hiljade boraca ISIL-a se nalazi u redovima SDF-a i TFSA, a ko zna koliko ih dnevno upumpavaju iz Tanfa Amerikanci. Da im nema Tanfa sve bi to išlo mnogo jednostavnije.

Okolina Idliba


BM-30 on the outskirts of #Idlib

HTS šalje velika pojačanja u Hamu.


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ISIL-ova oaza unputinji Sirije

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pein ::BREAKING: #ISIS’ Furqan issues new video showing leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, marking the first time he is shown in a video since his July 2014 sermon at the Great Mosque in #Mosul

Свака сличност је случајна. Smile

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Citat:So this is the 1st time we have seen the fugitive leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 3+ years.
For his appearance, a very familiar gun was chosen- a post-1986 AKS-74U. Importantly, it has a very large RPK-74 45 rnd mag

This is _very_ on brand.

The AKS-74U has huge significance, from the "Original" Osama Bin Laden appearing with it so often, to the leader of AQI, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Al-Baghdadi is referring back to this "trend", harking back to the AKS-74U being captured from the Soviets back in Afghanistan.

Whilst the AKS-74U is certainly a useful provider of large quantities of fire in a submachine gun sized package, it actually isn't the most practical weapon. We've seen the current leader of AQ, Ayman al Zawahiri prefer the AKS-74 with a GP-25 UGL, a very practical "update".

However, the AKS-74U with RPK mag were rare and valuable in Afghanistan, signifying victory over the Soviets, in particular officers, which were thought to carry these guns, along with Heli Pilots, for it's compact size/rifle cartridge. This gun has important Jihadi heritage.

Actually, Al-Baghdadi has access to newer weapons, which are also short and are status symbols, such as the M4 symbolically shown at the end of their last Baghuz vid. But it doesn't have the history of capture from the Soviets.

HTS's Al-Jolani carries one too, as does guards.

The selection of the AKS-74 multiple times in the latest footage (The same gun appears in different positions, the video is VERY edited) is a fashion statement & a throwback to jihadist history. It's entirely deliberate, representative of international action, a status symbol.

And for the guns that not so much attention was paid to- the sidearms of the ISIS acolytes, we can spot the very Iraqi HS.9, sold to Iraqi Police, ISOF, and likely others. There's also possibly a Glock 19 Gen3, very popular in Iraq.

Још једна од анализа снимка багдадија, ова о могућој локацији на основу мало трагово које нам снимак нуди.
Citat:Where is Baghdadi ?
During the battle of Mosul and as a result of the confusion of ISIS, al-Baghdadi spoke on the walkie talkie for 40 seconds, and almost this error leads to reveal his position, so did al-Baghdadi repeat the mistake in the last video?
Al-Baghdadi appeared with three men whose faces were hidden but wore a Shemagh "head cover" type used in eastern Syria and western Iraq popularly.

Shemagh was not the only sign. In the video appeared the so-called "Arab Jalsah\mattress", and a type of fabric was used, which is popular in the area Mosul and north\east Syria. This type of fabric was imported from Aleppo, but factories have stopped production since 2013.

Now we are able to determine the location of al-Baghdadi in a radius of 100 km.
In the video, al-Baghdadi has been shown when he spoke about the fall of the regime in Sudan, but he spoke by voice about Sri Lanka attacks. This means that the video was filmed between 12-22 Apr 2019

al-Baghdadi wore heavy winter clothes, indicating the cold weather in that period.
According to the weather map, we found that there are two cold areas in that time, the area between Tel Afar and the mountains of Sinjar and the second is al-Shadadi desert south of Hasaka.

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Sigurno imaju obuku "kako se puška prislanja uza zid prilikom izjava za medije" Smile

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