Batajnica Open Day 02. August 2009

Batajnica Open Day 02. August 2009

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first let me introduce myself.
My name is Marcus and I am originated from Greece. The last years, I am living in Germany.

I found your forum, through searching in google about informations for Batajnica airshow in September.
Currently, I am trying to translate a few topics, especially about the G-2 Very Happy

Now to my questions regarding the open day on 2. August in Batajnica:
1. Is photographing allowed for everyone?
2. Because of your experience from the last years, with how many planes can I count (static)?
3. How is the whole procedure? You are going simple in the morning to the gate, they let you in and then you can go walking through the static and maybe enjoying some flying activities?
4. How long it takes from Belgrad to Batajnica? How are the roads?
5. Is the Air Force Museum in Belgrad open this days?

I know, a lot of questions, but I am really glad about any answer I can get!!! Very Happy

Keep up the great work and hope to see soon my first Yugoslav/Serbian planes from near Wink Unfortunately, I lost them in Tanagra 2005 ...

Thank´s a lot in advance

P.S.: Any rumours about Serbian Air Force participations this year abroad (Volkel, Piestany, Zeltweg, Reims, etc.)?

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Hi to you to.

Welcome to MyCity Military Forum. I hope that this was only your first of many visits to this forum.

Currently we are in process of posting some of topics that are in Serbian here in English.

There will be more themes here for members like you to read in English.

Now to answer to your questions:

1. Yes, photographing is allowed for everyone.

2. List of participants is not yet complete, so I can't give you exact data yet.

3. This also is not yet defined by the organizer, stick around for updates.

4. This depends how do you travel (car, taxi, City bus), from 30-60 minutes.

Roads are good enough for you to arrive in one peace. Mr. Green

5. Working hours of museum

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thank you very much for the quick answers and the welcome!
I also hope, that I will find time and subjects for many new visits to this forum Wink

Good to hear that it´s almost sure that I will arrive safely Mr. Green

Also thank´s for the museum link!
Hope to hear soon good news about this years shows in Batajnica Very Happy

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Here is an update for you. Only open days will be for AIRSHOW Batajnica 2009 on 13. September.

Flight program - 13. 09. 2009. 10:00- 17:00 hours

Exhibition - 13. 09. 2009. 10:00 - 17:00 hours

On 02. August is only Airman's day celebration, and there won't be an open day for visitors.

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