Amerikanci traze udomitelja za 13 000 MRAP-ova

Amerikanci traze udomitelja za 13 000 MRAP-ova

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Ukoliko se u odredjenom vremenskom roku ne nadju zemlje koje bi zelile kupiti "skoro nove" (baba vozila) MRAP-ove za kojim vise nema potrebe pentagon planira otpisati ova vozila...

Searching New Home for 13,000 MRAPs

While pentagon planners are hoping to save money by scrapping thousands of mine resistant armor protected (MRAP) vehicles bought only few years ago for over US$25 billions, defense contractors could bear heavy losses if those vehicles are not maintained in operational use somewhere around the world. Wall Street Journal Robert Tita reports that the Pentagon plans of scrapping 13,000 Used MRAPs would cut into replacement-parts business at Navistar, Oshkosh and BAE.

The Army, Marine Corps and other services intend to keep about 11,000 MRAPs. About 6,500 trucks are still being used in Afghanistan, but the bulk of those will return stateside by the time the U.S. military withdrawal is completed late this year. About 6,000 trucks—many of them, older models used in Iraq—already have been returned to the U.S., Another 1,600 or so are in Kuwait. Many of these vehicles will be scrapped, if new users aren’t found.

Scrapping unclaimed MRAPs would be a blow to truck maker Navistar International Corp., which built nearly 9,000 of the 27,000 vehicles bought by the Pentagon. Navistar’s defense-related revenue fell 51% last year to $541 million as demand for trucks and replacement parts dried up. The company wants the U.S. Army to repurpose MRAPs for other uses, such as vehicles for battalion commanders.

Oshkosh predicts that defense sales could fall by about 40% this year, after dropping 23% in 2013. The Wisconsin company cut 900 employees from its military-truck assembly business last year. Production of an all-terrain MRAP for Afghanistan kept Oshkosh afloat when sales of its commercial and public-safety vehicles crashed during the 2008 recession.

BAE is closing a truck plant in Sealy, Texas, for lack of work and is fighting to keep a York, Pa., plant afloat with low-rate refurbishment work the Bradley tracked armored fighting vehicle.
Pardon ima jos:
There is some interest stateside with police agencies. Almost 200 trucks have been distributed to police departments since August and requests are pending for an additional 750 trucks. The vehicles, many of which feature machine-gun turrets, are off-limits to private citizens and businesses.

Lucky recipients include the Fort Lee SWAT teams FL, – local police bought the vehicle from the U.S. Department of Defense for just $2,000. Ohio State University campus police force and Florence County, S.C., also replaced an armored vehicle from the 1970s that the sheriff department’s SWAT team had used for about 15 years. A new armored truck would have cost at least $188,000, they say. “The price was right because it was free and it fit with what we need it to do,” says sheriff’s Capt. John Crouse. “It stops bullets. It keeps you from getting shot.”

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Tekst o tome sto je ostalo od MRAP-ova iz Avganistana, koliko ce ih zadrzati, koliko to kosta a sta ide na aukciju.

Citat:The US Army estimates it will need to spend $ 1.7 billion in supplemental wartime dollars over the next several years to modernize and retain 8,585 mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles, while divesting itself of another 7,456 MRAPs it no longer needs.

Citat:A full 5,036 of the 8,585 MRAPs the Army plans to keep will be stored in prepositioned stocks all over the world, with another 1,073 assigned for training activities. The remainder will be spread among the active force.

The Army will keep 5,651 Oshkosh-produced MRAP all-terrain vehicles (M-ATVs) out of the 8,700 DoD has bought since 2009, along with 2,633 Navistar-made MaxxPro Dash vehicles and 301 MaxxPro ambulances.

Citat:And the price to reset the vehicles isn't cheap. The service estimates spending about $ 150,000 to reset each vehicle at the Red River Army Depot in Texas, and about $ 87,000 per vehicle at Livorno, Italy - the two depots that will see the majority of the work over the next three years.

Other recent Army estimates of the costs to bring MRAPs home from Afghanistan and repair them have hovered closer to the $ 250,000 to $ 300,000 mark.

An Army spokesman said the remaining MRAPs will be made available for use to other US government agencies and posted for Foreign Military Sales opportunities. If there are no takers, "the vehicles will be de-militarized and the raw materials recycled."

It costs $ 12,000 to demilitarize each MRAP in Afghanistan before shipping it out of the country, so even if there are no buyers, the US will still have to pay tens of millions of dollars to clean and ship all the of the 11,000 MRAPs that it has deployed there.

As Defense News reported Dec. 4, the US has put about 2,000 MRAPs in Afghanistan up for auction on the international market instead of sending them home or destroying them in place - provided the foreign buyers pay to ship the trucks out of the country.

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