Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina


Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina

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Pa ako uzmemo zadnjih mesec dana kao pokazatelj prema količini artiljerijskih udara i nagomilavanja trupa, neće još dugo čekati (prema opoziciji). Tviteraši (opozicioni) tvrde da uskoro kreće ofanziva na Idlib pa se krenulo sa licitacijama koje će mesto prvo pasti, istočna Hama sa JisrShougurom i al-Ghabom, zapadna Hama sa frontom kod Abu Duhura ili zapadni Alepo. Kvota nema ali stavljam pare na istočnu Hamu najviše zbog skorašnjeg napada sa dronovima koji je čini mi se odatle došao. Ne verujem da će pre početka leta nešto pokušatu, ne znam ako neko zna kada je sledeći sastanak u Astani.

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Astana sredinom februara.


Bivsi sef izraelskog vazduhoplovstva upozorava: ne postoje vojne sposobnosti kojima je moguce izbaciti Iran iz Sirije. Jedini ko moze izbaciti Iran iz Sirije je Rusija. Ali, (kaze dalje) plasim se da postoji velika sansa da Rusija okrene politiku protiv Izraela.

Citat:“There is no military capability of getting them out of Syria. The only one who can get Iran out of Syria is Russia,” Eshel said.

However, he warned that “there’s a very great chance that the Russians will do an about-face on us.”


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Inace, visoka ruska delegacija tri dana u Izrelu. Putinov izaslanik za Siriju Lavrentijev i zamjenik Ministra spoljnih poslova Versinin.

Sastali se sa svima, ukljuciv i Bibija i ministarstvo vojno.

Citat:“Among the issues discussed were Iran and the situation in Syria, and strengthening the security coordination mechanism between the militaries in order to prevent friction,” the PMO stated. “The Russian representatives reiterated Russia’s commitment to the maintenance of Israel’s national security.”


Izraelska stampa se plasi zaokreta u ruskoj politici prema izraelu.

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Rusija optužila kurde da blokiraju pomoć za Hajin


Citat:Russia accuses Kurdish forces of blocking aid to Hajin (link: http://dlvr.it/Qxr5gQ) dlvr.it/Qxr5gQ #Syria #Hajin

Rusi iznad Idliba

Russian jets stalk Turkish-backed rebels along Idlib-Hama axis (video) (link: http://dlvr.it/QxrKwp) dlvr.it/QxrKwp #Syria #Hama

Svaki dan neko novo skriveno skladište se pronadje, istočna Guta


Citat:Weapons and ammunition were found in East Ghouta.

Još se češlja Mordor


Pravo pitanje je sledeće, da li su to oni koji su tu došli iz Tanfa još dok su držali celu Al-Safu i kad su upali u Suvediu ili je ovo nova/sveža tura. Da su neki novi teško je za poverovati, znamo da su Rusi negde u blizini otvorili vojnu bazu, tu ih verovatno čuvaju SAA i razne paravojne jedinice koje nadgledaju Tanf. Tako da su to ostatci onih koji su preživeli ili se nisu izvukli na vreme.

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Нема те војске која би ово преживела на овако малом простору где су сабијени, бомбардују их у последњем џепу само тако.

Citat:Satellite imagery analysis of US airstrikes on #ISIS and destroyed structures in Mazraat Safafinah south of #Marashida, #Syria. Images are from January 20, 25, and 30 respectively. Charting bombed sites over time indicates that ISIS forces retreated south towards Baghouz Fawqani.

Citat:Surrounded, under constant artillery and air bombardment, IS are still putting up a determined and well-executed defence

Citat:The SDF advance is supported by the heaviest Coalition air presence I’ve yet seen, usually 3 or 4 jets circling overhead at any one time

...сила Бога не моли...

Citat:6 Reaper drones and 3 Beechcraft ISR planes captured on a satellite image southeast of Hajin on 11 Jan 2019
forgot to add to the overview above, incoming 6th Reaper in the desert near the Iraqi border
a B-1B bomber was in the area too that day, captured on satellite image while flying south on the Iraqi side of the border

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Trabl in peredajs?

Vrdhovni komadant Hurras al-Dina osudio HTS zbog predloga za rešavanje situacije i problema oko Idliba otvaranjem autoputa Alepo-Damask, formiranjen vojnog veća na čelu sa Faylaqom. Hurras sada traži totalno rasformiranje HTS-a, nastavljaju da Jihadom, traže od drugih grupa da urade isto.


Citat:Hurras al-Deen top cleric and military commander slam HTS for suggesting Idlib solution by agreeing to open Aleppo-Damascus highway, forming Military Council headed by Faylaq. Hurras now demanding total break with HTS, pledge continuation of Jihad, urge others to do the same.

Citat:English translation from Jihadology

All praise is due to Allah, and peace be upon His chosen worshippers. And henceforth:

Amid what the liberated areas are experiencing of international conspiracies, the striking of enemies, and the siege of the mujahideen in a limited area, we are surprised in the past few days of what the leaders in Hayat Tahrir al-Sham are proposing and especially their military supervisor. The most important issues of this proposal:

To form a military council under the leadership of one of the dissident officers of the regime who are part of the Free Army or Faylaq al-Sham, and the most likely from Faylaq, and this council will have the decision of war and peace in the liberated areas!

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham will not object to the opening of the international highway of the regime.

We are surprised by the proposal of the Hayat leaders, as we know their previous views and directions, and we know that this will lead to negative results on the scene, especially at such time and circumstances.

This matter leads us to emerge from our silence and delay in our demand for our weapons and our rights from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, which we have not received after the split with brother Jolani. As the issues have reached this point, we believe that we cannot remain silent about our rights and our weapons.

Therefore, today we are demanding our weapons and our rights, as the these are among the issues which were disputed between us previously, and which were unresolved until now.

We are in need of our weapons and our rights to complete our jihadist path, pursuant to the method and the way we have agreed upon. We have seen its blessings and good effects previously, away from projects that only add to the area more weakness, devastation, and scattering, especially after we saw the results of confiscating the weapons from the Mujahideen at the hands of the State Organization, Jaysh al-Islam, and others.

It is the time for a general mobilization and recruitment, a time for seeking to break the regime and its allies away from the influence of regional powers, and submitting to their directives.

It is the time for exhausting the regime economically and cutting off its supply routes, not to open them, and helping it get rid of its economic and political crises.

It is the time to unify the efforts of every Muslim towards one project, which is to push away the regime and break its military stature, and not to engage in projects that kill the jihadist spirit in the souls.

We ask our honorable sheikhs – may Allah preserve them and increase their power – such as Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Sheikh Abu Qatada al-Filistini, Dr. Hani al-Sibai, Dr. Tarek Abdul-Halim, Sheikh al-Sadiq al-Hashimi, and Sheikh Na’il Masran, and others, to be the judge between us, and to apply the Shari’ah concerning our rights.

We declare that we will accept what they judge. Allah said: “And in whatsoever you differ, the decision thereof is with Allah.” {Ash-Shura 10}

Here we say to our brothers in Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham: We still hold to our convents of doctrine, methodology, and jihad, and you are our brothers in faith, regardless of our differences.

We call on all brothers and groups who denounce the proposal put forth by some of the Hayat leaders today, to reject this proposal, to claim their rights through legitimate means, to demand the honorable sheikhs judge between us, and to adopt and fulfill these demands and this statement so that we complete our jihadi march on the approach of those who preceded us in this path.

The road is long and the enemies are waiting for us and wish us to overlook and abandon the sources of our strength, our honor, and our weapons.

Allah said: “Those who disbelieve wish, if you were negligent of your arms and your baggage, to attack you in a single rush.” {An-Nisa 102}

The humble worshiper Abu Hammam al-Shami, former military official in Jabhat al-Nusra

Dr. Sami al-Uraydi, former Shariah official in Jabhat al-Nusra

24th of Jumada al-Ula 1440H

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Tri jezida su spašena danas u istočnoj Siriji nakon što su bili taoci ISIL-a skoro 5 godina.


Citat:Some uplifting news: three Yazidis were rescued in eastern Syria today after being held hostage by ISIS for nearly five years.

14 februara samit u Astani, teme:

-Turska bezbednosna zona
-Ekspanzija HTS-a u Idlibu
-Politički zatvorenici

Astana Peace Conference is being moved to February 14th. There are some crucial topics being discussed:

1) Turkey’s proposed safe zone
2) HTS expansion in Idlib
3) Political prisoners
4) Constitution

Ameri žele bezbednosnu zonu koju bi kontrolisali kenguri, britosi i petlovi


Citat:US wants Australia, UK, France to setup northern Syria safe zone

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После 8 година демобилисан...
Citat:After being conscripted in 2011, my cousin and his unit have been finally discharged from the Syrian Army. They spent the entire war in Aleppo and were besieged at the Central Prison for a long period of time.

His unit was never on the offensive and were later based in the Al-Zahra’a Quarter where they lost a lot of soldiers during the big attacks by Jabhat Al-Nusra (later Jaysh Al-Fateh and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham), Harakat Nouriddeen Al-Zinki, Jaysh Al-Mujahidden, and the FSA

Him and his father had bad luck when they got in the army. His father graduated university and was then conscripted. His unit charged Mount Hermon during the 1973 War. His son graduated with his law degree and had no idea a war was about to break out when he was conscripted.

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Eksplozija u Kamišiliju

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Hezbollah se povukao sa svojih pozicija kod Qalamouna, njih je preuzeo NDF, i zauzeo pozicije u Daraa-i u Suvedi-i


Citat:Hezbollah leaves positions in #Qalamoun taken over now by #NDF and redeploys In #Deraa and #Druze #Sweida @almodononline

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