Teske avionosne krstarice klase Kijev


Teske avionosne krstarice klase Kijev

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Aircraft carrier Novorossiysk

Citat:January 1996 With just 14 years old, the aircraft carrier "Novorossiysk" the South Korean company sold for scrap, led off the port of Busan and then dismantled for scrap.

Citat:The story of a third-Soviet aircraft carrier cruisers perfectly ordinary. First, it does not envisage construction. Moreover, along with the development of the project SIC 1143 in the Soviet Union carried out research on the development of traditional aircraft carriers with aircraft catapult launch and landing on the arresting gear (R & D "Warrant"). But with the mission in 1976 to the post of defense minister, DF Ustinov, a famous supporter of aircraft vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), the main effort as before, it was decided to send "to the forthcoming improvement of ships — VTOL aircraft carriers." Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers on February 1, 1977 was approved by the building of the third (deadline — 1979), also 4th RCC (deadline — 1982) with some izizmeneniyami (increasing to 30 the number of LAC, the rejection of torpedoes) and the largest introduction of documentation lead ship (project 1143M).

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