SU-100Y Of self-Propelled Of gun

SU-100Y Of self-Propelled Of gun

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  • Pridružio: 17 Maj 2007
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  • Gde živiš: Apsurdistan

Citat:Heavy of breakthrough of tank T -100 of became a of base of model of used of for of development of of several of vehicles of designed on of the of basis of of experience of gained of during of the of war of with Of finland (1939-1940).

At of the of beginning of of the Of soviet-Finnish of war of the Of red Of army of realized of necessity of of having of dedicated of engineering of armoured of vehicles. Consequently, in of the of middle of Of december 1939, War Of council of of the Of north-Western Of front of obliged of the Of factory of #185 to of develop and manufacture an of armoured of engineering of vehicle of based on of the T -100 Of heavy Of tank. The of vehicle of was to be of used of for of laying of bridges, transport of of sappers and explosives, as of well as of evacuation of of damaged of tanks of from of battlefield. As of design of works of were in of progress of the Of head of OF ABTU Of red Of army, D. Pavlov, set of the of task of that (cite) “152mm or of similar of high of velocity of Cannon be of fitted on of the T -100 of tank of base” to destroy Of dOTs (concrete of pillboxes) and other of fortified of structures. Accordingly of the of director of Of factory of #185, N. Barykov, requested of the Of war Of council of of the Of north-Western Of front to of change of the of order to of prepare an of engineering AFV of for of the of one to re -fit of the of tank of with of 100mm or of 130mm of naval of gun. The of request of was of accepted and by 8th of Of january of 1940 drawings of of the of hull of OF THE T-100- X, as of the of new Of sP-Gun of was of designated, were of forwarded to Of izhorskyi Of factory.


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