LPRS Igla-S i Verba


LPRS Igla-S i Verba

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Игла-С, која је конструисана после распада СССР-a убитачнија је од сваког Стингера. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%98%D0%B3%D0%BB%D0.....A%D1%81%29

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Problem je kod IFF što ne možeš koristit npr. protiv apača, jer koliko znam te rakete su čipovane, tako da bi ja radije uzeo Iglu.
Igla-s ima i veći domet.


The difference between the Igla-S "from the prototype is to increase the effective range (up to 6 km), the increased power of the warhead (such as the mass of explosive, and the number of fragments), with nearly constant weight of the rocket itself, the effectiveness of vysokozaschischennnym from anti-aircraft air targets.

Using a homing head (GOS) of the two photodetectors operating in different spectral bands allowed for selection of thermal noise. In addition to the homing head introduced the so-called "pattern shift" in order to develop the control commands to the steering rockets on approaching targets so that the missile deviates from the target point is located in the nozzle to the center of the target, ie in the most vulnerable of its units.

In the Igla-S "for the first time in a rocket of this class is used proximity sensor target, providing erosion of the warhead in flight near the end, what happens when shooting at small targets. in this case is solved not only the introduction of non-contact sensor target warhead, but the best of his work with a contact fuse. This is achieved by introducing a certain delay to destroy the warhead after non-contact sensor actuation purposes. If during this time delay contact sensor is triggered, the work of non-contact sensor is blocked, and the warhead is undermined by the algorithm of the contact erosion. For example, when firing on the plane (large area targets) delay is set intentionally high, because during the flight of the rocket on the structural elements of aircraft proximity sensor is triggered, but the undermining of the warhead in this place will be ineffective during the same time delay, the rocket approaches the airframe and the warhead would undermine the operation of the contact sensor, if this does not happen, then after a time delay warhead undermine. It should be noted that the time delay in the rocket set automatically, depending on the operating modes.

Dimensions missiles and weight restrictions require the use of a relatively small warhead with maximum efficiency. Improving the defeat of air targets achieved by the recessed contact undermining military equipment to the adaptation level of penetration to the speed of the meeting with a purpose. Russian specialists have solved this problem by creating "smart" fuze, which received information about the impact of the missile on the target, waiting for information from the sensor penetration (there are such) warhead to trim the aircraft and, given the time of receipt of these signals gives the command to destroy. As a result, a small warhead MANPADS caused great damage to the aircraft.

To increase the combat part of the charge of solid propellant sustainer engine is made from a material that can explode from the detonation of the warhead. This decision, which, despite its simplicity has not yet been reproduced abroad, allowed to sharply raise the efficiency of fire MANPADS in the opposite course in the impact zone of 1 ... 3 km, ie the most likely area to meet the rocket.

Following the departure of a rocket launcher tube begins to work the powder control engine, unfolding a rocket to the point anticipation unattended.

In addition MANPADS introduced detachable night-sight (PNV) 1PN72M "Mowgli", which allows use of MANPADS in the night-time conditions, providing detection and proxy authentication purposes, anti-aircraft gunners shot, aiming and target tracking to the missile launch. Given that in recent years during combat operations night raids became commonplace, the availability of night vision devices greatly expands the possibilities of the complex.

The structure Igla-S "traditional for the Russian systems. It consists of:


rocket packed in a launch tube, which is docked to a one-time land-based sources of electrical power and coolant for cooling the photodetector homing (second source comes with a rocket of a single set of spare parts and can be easily installed to replace the used, if for any reason arrow-antiaircrafter overturned start);

trigger multiple applications, providing ground prelaunch and launch rockets;

maintenance facilities for periodic monitoring of combat means complex:

mobile checkpoints;

complete checkout equipment for bases and arsenals.

training aids, including training packages posters, split face and weight, size dummies.

Maintained a strong continuity in the operation of "Igla-S", "Igla-1" and "Needles". The dimensions of the new MANPADS, seating for its fastening and dimensions of packages remain the same. The missile complex "Igla-S can be laid in the available space laying earlier missiles and installed on the previously established under the missile complexes" Igla-1 "and" Needle "starters. Starting mechanism for Igla-S missiles, provides start Igla-1 "and" Needle "and trigger complex" Igla "practically without limits - the Igla-S". PNV "Mowgli" is composed of fasteners, allowing installing it on the Igla-1 "and" Needle ".

In the Igla-S "to maintain order: the training of agents to the shooting of an operation when combat work, maintenance. Thus, prepared by the arrow, anti-aircraft gunners do not need to be retrained to work with the new complex. In the educational training of new shooters, anti-aircraft gunners to fire "Needle-C may be used in training simulators, designed for the Igla. At the same time for the Igla-S ", a new class universal simulator" The Cone "for teaching and training skills of the shooters, anti-aircraft gunners to detect, aiming and holding of rockets being fired on different types of goals at the counter and chasing courses. In its structure - learning tools not only for the missile complex "Igla-S", but the Igla-1 "and" Needle ".

Igla-S operates reliably in extreme temperatures and high humidity (98%), with sharp drops in temperature of the environment and a roll of condensed precipitation, after immersion in water (to a depth of 0.5 m for half an hour) and recovery unsealed cabin to an altitude of 12 km, after a long transportation by any mode of transport, including vehicles and tracked vehicles, by any type of road and off-road. In the packed allowed agents fall from a height of 2 m on a concrete base, while they remain eligible for further operational use. Attack tools allow the complex impact of broadband random vibration and repeated mechanical shocks (up to 35g). They are resistant to dust, frost, dew, salty sea mist, temperature cycle (with an instantaneous drop from +50 ° C to -50 ° C and vice versa), solar radiation, rain and low atmospheric pressure, they are not afraid of the impact of mold , Marine, ants, termites and rodents.

The missile can be launched anti-aircraft gunners shot-shoulder with any unprepared open area of the trench, the body of a moving car, with the railway platform and even from the reservoir.

PINE 9S520

To improve the efficiency of Igla-S developed a set of tools for obespechniya shooting night (pine) 9S520. This kit can be used for all types of man-portable air defense systems. This enables the squad shooters, anti-aircraft gunners to alert aircraft to, conduct tseleraspredelenie between the arrows and then after the detection of air targets, aiming to implement, support, seizure homing head and launch rockets. PINE 9S520 provides:

Reception telecode information warning of control points such as: "Build" (9C-80M), "Rankings" (9C737), IP-12 (9S482M6, M7), MP-22R, radar P-19 (1RL134SH3);

LEDs display on a portable tablet elekttronnogo (ROT) position goals with signs gosprinadlezhnosti and composition;

Introduction to PET topogeodesic bindings, including space;

orientation of the reference devices in the magnetic azimuth;

converting the current target coordinates displayed on the ROT, to the point of finding the shooters, anti-aircraft gunners;

Address transmission cable for distances up to 50m tseleraspredeleniya information and the current value targeting arrows, anti-aircraft gunners on the azimuth and distance to the target;

search, detection and aiming MANPADS air targets at any time of day;

increase the likelihood and range of target detection at any time of day;

physical and psychological relief arrow-anti-aircraft gunners in combat duty and in the battle;

PINE 9S520 contains:

portable electronic board, which includes radio and microelectronic terminal for conversion had come from the control room type 9S482M4 telecode information displayed on the display location with signs gosprinadlezhnosti goals and objectives of the (single-group), and the issuance of tseleraspredeleniya targeting 9TSU) on the supporting device;

group separated by a distance of 50m from each other supporting devices, each of which is designed as a folding tripod stand, and with fasteners of MANPADS and provided with individual means of targeting, connected by individual lines of communication with the microelectronic terminal;

Personal ZU having an angular position sensor, electronic control units, night-sight 1PN72M. This allows you to bring to the arrow-antiaircrafter information about the appearance of an airborne target, the direction of its motion and range;

special packaging for storage, carrying and transport (all modes) Parts Pines.

Time of continuous operation from one set of independent power supply for at least 12 hours of flight - without restrictions.

Igla-S is associated with musculoskeletal-launcher "horseman", complete set of control equipment and launchers modules "Sagittarius", turret installation "Mosquito."

Mislim da je i Mistral-2, bolji od stingera.

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Игла-С у наоружаљу Азербејџана.

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Singapur zainteresovan za Igla-S

Arrow http://itar-tass.com/politika/1141814

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Citat:Комплекс "Верба"
Переносной зенитный ракетный комплекс (ПЗРК). Разработан, вероятно, КБ Машиностроения (г.Коломна). В 2007 г. комплекс прошел летно-конструкторские испытания. По состоянию на 2008 г. планировалось принятие на вооружение до конца года. Государственные испытания проведены в 2009-2010 г.г. Войсковые испытания на стадии ОКР начаты на полигоне 726-го учебного центра сухопутных войск в г.Ейск Краснодарского края 9 июня 2011 г. В течение 2011 г. планируется завершить ОКР по созданию комплекса и закупить в рамках заказа на 2011 г. 250 ПЗРК для сухопутных войск.

Система управления и наведение - ракета оснащена новой оптической трехдиапазонной ГСН.

Двигатель - РДТТ

Масса БЧ - 1.5 кг

Дальность действия - 500-6400 м
Высота поряжения - 10-4500 м
Скорость цели - до 500 м/с

Время реакции ПЗРК - до 8 с

Статус: Россия
- 2011 г. 9 июня - начало испытаний ПЗРК.

Dalja modernizacija Igle, koja treba da zameni i Strelu-10.U oči pada ova rečenica

Citat:Система управления и наведение - ракета оснащена новой оптической трехдиапазонной ГСН.

Izgleda da je reaktiviran tragač FP-28NF koji je trebao da bude upotrebljen kod Strele-10M3 sa hlađenom InSb foto diodom, nehlađenim PbS foto rezistorom i nehlađenom Si foto diodom. Znači IC samonavođenje u dvostrukom spektru i fotokontrastno.

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Verba MANPAD se počela isporučivat Ruskim VDV-ovcima


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Google prevod:

Citat:New portable air defense missile system "Willow" began to enter the Russian Army

MOSCOW, August 22. (ARMS-TASS). In the Russian army began to enter a new portable air defense systems (MANPADS), "Willow". About this ARMS-TASS reported today in Kolomna Research and Production Corporation "KBM" (MSC), which was created by the new weapons.

According to the representative of MSC, in the moment, "Willow" is already armed Airborne Division and motorized infantry brigade of the Eastern District.

On their tactical and technical characteristics of the complex 9K333 "Willow" is superior to all existing in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation MANPADS: 9K310 "Igla-1" 9K38 "Igla" 9K338 "Igla-S", as well as their foreign counterparts - the American "Stinger unit -1 'and Chinese QW-2.

As explained in the company-developer of the complex, "Willow" - a new generation MANPADS, improved performance is based on the use of a fundamentally new trehspektralnoy homing (for "Needle-S" - dvuhspektralnaya) and a new instrument compartment. Had increased the sensitivity of the GOS increased its immunity. As a result, significantly expanded the affected area goals and increased efficiency of the complex at long range.

One of the main advantages of "Willow" - high probability of defeat maloizluchayuschih targets like cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, said the representative of MSC. These are the flying objects that are difficult to detect, but even more difficult to bring down.

"In combat effectiveness in the world is set equal to" recruit ", - said the representative of MSC.

The composition of MANPADS "Willow" includes: 9M336 missile, trigger 9P521, ground radar interrogator "- another's" 1L229V, mobile checkpoint 9V861, compact radar detector 1L122, 9S931 planning module, the module exploration and management 9S932-1, portable control module 9S933 fire (in the brigade included), built-in mounting kit 9S933-1 (on the division included) set automation gunners 9S935, training aids.

Significantly improved quality, reliability complex, simplify maintenance. There is no need to conduct periodic checks of the troops with cooling GOS nitrogen. This made it possible to abandon the additional equipment, storage of nitrogen, save manpower.

At the same time maintain a high continuity with previous MANPADS of the combat operation, operation, maintenance and training.

Kolomenskoye MSC entered into a long-term contract with the Ministry of Defense for the supply of "Willow" and launched a full-scale production of the new MANPADS.

Photo: 9K338 MANPADS "Igla-S" (pictured) is now surpassed by a new development of the MSC - MANPADS 9K333 "Willow", are adopted by the elite units of the Airborne Forces / Photos ARMS-TASS


Izgleda da Verba nema vise hlađenje azotom.

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Po ovoj slici nije tako Aco. Verba je poslednja.

Meni je interesantno koliko su smanjili uređaj za zaletanje žiroskopa GSN.

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