F-22P Zulfiquar class frigate

F-22P Zulfiquar class frigate

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The F-22P or Zulfiquar Class Frigate (Urdu: ذوالفقار English: Sword class), is a general purpose frigate being built by China and Pakistan for the Pakistan Navy (PN).

F-22P is an improved version of the Chinese Type 053H3 frigate - Type 054 frigate superseded the Type 053H3 frigates

The F-22P hull uses many of the radar cross-section reduction features of China's Type 054 frigate to help it evade detection by radars mounted on other ships, aircraft and anti-ship missiles

The 76.2 mm calibre main gun is a Chinese development of the Russian AK-176M, the main difference being that the Chinese variant adopts a re-designed stealthy turret to reduce radar cross-section. The gun is designed to engage ships, aircraft and anti-ship missiles. In front of the main gun are two 6-cell RDC-32 anti-submarine rocket launchers.

The frigate's primary surface-to-surface missile armament comprises eight C-802 subsonic anti-ship missiles carried in two launchers with four cells each, fitted between the foremast and the funnel. These containers are also compatible with the CY series anti-submarine rockets and may be loaded with a combination of anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons.

The FM-90N surface-to-air missile (SAM) system is fitted between the main deck and main gun. The launcher has eight cells each containing one missile and is fitted on a mount that can be elevated and traversed in the direction of the threat. The FM-90N can engage several targets, including supersonic and sub-sonic sea-skimming missiles, using different guidance modes simultaneously. The system is also designed to engage small targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

A close-in weapon system (CIWS), the Type 730B, is mounted on the aircraft hangar. Comprising two seven-barrel gatling guns of 30 mm calibre, the F-22P is believed to be the first ship armed with the Type 730B,which uses off-mount sensors such as the Type 347G radar and the OFC-3 electro-optic director. The guns are mounted side-by-side on the aircraft hangar, with the off-mount sensors in between. The CIWS can be upgraded with the FL-3000N fire-and-forget missile system by installing up to two single-round FL-3000N launchers on each existing CIWS gun mount.

The Harbin Z-9EC anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopter is equipped with a surface-search radar, low frequency dipping sonar, radar warning receiver, doppler navigation system and armed with torpedoes. The helicopter can be armed with one torpedo on the starboard side. A small antenna on the roof may provide a data-link, allowing the Z-9 to act as a relay for targeting data between the ship and long range anti-ship missiles such as the C-802

Picture of #4 Ship of PN F-22P

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ANZAC (modified MEKO 200)
F22P (modified Type 035H3)

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Row 1: JiangNan-class (retired), ChengDu-class (retired), Type-053K and Type-053
Row 2: Type-053H, Type-053H1G, Type-053H1 and Type-053H1
Row 3: Type-053H1S, Type-053H2, Type-053H2G and Type-053H3
Row 4: Type-054 and Type-054A

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pns aslat launched in 2011

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A close-in weapon system (CIWS), the Type 730B on f22p

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Are there plans to acquire chinese Type 054 frigates and what is your opinion about chinese takeover of Gwadar port?

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4 design F-22P frigates to be delivered to Pakistan
2013 02 28, 09:17 World Wide Web
[World Wide Web Roundup According to Canada, "Chinese Defense Review" magazine in March (ahead of publication) reported that the design for Pakistan, four F-22P missile frigates will be delivered to Pakistan Navy in April / May 2013 .

The article said that the fourth ship of F-22P frigates equipped with Chinese-made C-802 anti-ship missiles, this missile has a range of 120 km, in Pakistan carried out several tests, test results. Pakistan Navy confirmed that China and Pakistan in the modified F-22P's talk about the next stage, the Palestinian side, the design of the F-22P four years ago, Pakistan wants China to improve the lot of projects, including the design more recessive hull better air conditioning, improved combat management system, the more remote the ship-to-ship missile, part of the technology comes from the Type 054A stealth missile frigate. Pakistan is in the study made C-602 anti-ship missiles, this missile has a range of 280 km.

The article said that the news that the additional order of four F-22P frigates Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Navy said, If confirmed, these four warships built in Pakistan, the main problem is that Pakistan Navy's budget problems.


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^ pakistan's coastline is small, I think they will make an upgraded version of f22p--- as the next 4 f22p

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The handing over of a port to china is a good move -- now with chinese assistance, indian ships might have to take alternate 14 day route instead of 2 day route in times of hostility ---- the port maybe gaurded with chinese navy in times of war with india, so less chance of naval blockade of pak in case of war

Dopuna: 18 Apr 2013 9:52

Dopuna: 01 Apr 2015 8:59

4 new improved f22p , 8 modified yuan/s20 submarines capable of carrying nuclear warheads ----approved

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