Egzoticna tehnologija buducnosti!

Egzoticna tehnologija buducnosti!

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Zao mi je sto nemam zivaca da prevodim za one kojima Engleski nije jaca strana ali u biti radi se o Coveku koji je navodno radio u AREA 51 na naprednoj vanzemaljskoj propulziji i nastjao da odgonetne njene tajne kao i stotine drugih koji su radili na drugim delovima letelice. Bilo ih je 9 ukupno a Groom Lake ili AREA 51 je poznatija kao baza gde su Ameri ispitivali svoje X-serije avione i crne projekte poput Tacit Blue, SR-71, F-117A, B2, U-2 itd.
Dobila je na vaznosti samim tim sto je Air Force oduzeo ogromnu povrsinu drzavnog zemljista bez dozvole vlade i Kongresa i time jos pojacao sumnju da se radi o necem jos tajanstvenijem nego sto su hipersonicni projekat Aurora i sl.
Robert Lazar-ov intervju sam gledao nekoliko puta i bio sam zaista zadivljen njegovom smirenoscu i inteligencijom kao i nacinom ophodjenja.
Razlog zasto je odlucio da izadje pred kamere je taj sto su mu neki agenti koji rade za te ultra tajne van-vladine organizacije pretili smrcu i njemu i njegovoj familiji i prijateljima.
Inace, njemu su tesko mogli da otkriju i potvrde gde je radio ili se skolovao jer su mu detalji nestali navodno. Kao da su pokusali da mu satru identitet, sto moramo da priznamo ljudima koji rukovode zemljom nije problem.
Radim, pa cu nastaviti sutra. Malo da odmorim prste.

kad odmoriš prste , prvo navedi izvor teksta ili postavi link

Area 51 is where Francis Gary Powers and the other U-2
pilots were trained in the 50s. And, where the U-2 itself was
developed. The SR-71 spy plane that spotted Soviet missiles in
Cuba in the early 60s were also developed at 51. 51 is where
Stealth technology was nurtured, where Star Wars devices are
still tested, and where all manner of CIA [unknown] business has
been plotted and refined. It's the perfect place for secret
things, but of course, that's no secret. 51 is ringed by the
forbidden vastness of the Nevada test site; by the looming Groom
Mountain and by sparsely populated desert expanses. But the
people that do live out here have no love lost for the military,
but they're conservative, patriotic and they mind their own business.

Interviewer questioning a nearby resident of Area 51: "Ever see
something that you can't explain?"
Resident: "Sure, lots of times."
Interviewer: "Care to elaborate?"
Resident: "No." (Laughter).

On any given night at the Rachel Bar and Grill, you might
find three or four people who work at Area 51. They are among
the flowing Budweiser and the cowboy hats. You might find them,
but they are not going to talk to. Not about the things that
they have seen over the mountain. A steady trickle of curiosity-
seekers flows through here; strangers, drawn by strange stories
of lights in the night sky. Their questions also go unanswered.
No one who has worked at Dreamland has ever publicly acknowledged
what so many people have suspected for years: That alien
technology is being tested in the Nevada desert.
The speculation first surfaced in documents obtained by UFO
researchers. Documents about something called Project Aquarius.
The document allegedly prepared for an organization called MJ-12,
states that a program to fly recovered alien spacecraft was
established in 1972 and is continuing in Nevada. The National
Security Agency has confirmed it does have a Project Aquarius but
denies that it has anything to do with flying saucers. NSA will
not say what Project Aquarius is.
Speculation was heightened in 1984, when the Air Force
seized nearly 90,000 acres around Groom Lake. The action was, by
most accounts, illegal. During Congressional hearings about the
land grab, Congressman John Siberling grilled the military about
the legal authority used in the action and was told the authority
was at a much, much higher level than the Air Force.
Siberling asked what authority is higher than the laws of the
United States? The Air Force official said he could respond, but
only in a closed briefing. In 1987, when the Air Force sought to
renew its stranglehold on the Groom range, news articles once
again mentioned the talk about alien spacecraft and subsequent
articles in national magazines quoted un-named sources about
things of alien origin flying in Nevada. Things that would make
film-maker George Lucas drool. Despite the speculation, no one
who knew Area 51 from the inside ever talked publicly about the
saucer story.

Bob Lazar: "Well, there's several uh, actually nine uh flying
saucers, flying disks that are out there of extraterrestrial
origin." The live interview with the shadowy "Dennis" drew
international attention. Portions were broadcast by radio in six
European countries, and in a nationally televised TV special in

Despite numerous inquiries and "feelers," "Dennis" has
remained anonymous until now. His real name is Robert Lazar. A
young scientist with eclectic interests. The choice of "Dennis"
was an inside joke -- he says that's the name of his superior at
Groom Lake. It wasn't a joke to Dennis.

Lazar: "He called right after and said, 'Do you have any idea
what we're going to do to you now?' and I said no, and he hung up the phone."

Lazar's story is by any standard, fantastic. He says he's
telling it in order to protect himself. He said he was hired to
work in area called S-4 which is a few miles south of Groom Lake.
At S-4, he says, are flying saucers, anti-matter reactors and
other working examples of technology that is seemingly beyond
human capabilities.

Lazar: "Right. This stuff came from somewhere else. I know it
is hard to believe, but it is there and I saw it. I know what
the current state-of-the-art is in physics and it it can't be done."

Checking out Lazar's credentials proved to be a difficult
task. He says he holds degrees in physics and electronics, but
the schools that we contacted say they've never heard of him. He
says he also worked as a physicist at Los Alamos National
Labs where he worked with one of the world's largest particle
beam accelerators, a half-mile long 'behemoth' capable of
generating seven-hundred million volts. Los Alamos officials
told us they have no record of Robert Lazar ever working there.
They were either mistaken or were lying. A 1982 phone book from
the Lab lists Lazar right there among the other scientists and
technicians. A 1982 news clipping from the Los Alamos newspaper
profiled Lazar and his interest in jet cars. It, too, mentioned
his employment at the Lab as a physicist. We called Los Alamos
again, and an exasperated official told us he still had no
records on Lazar. EG&G, which is where Lazar says he was
interviewed for the job at S-4, also has no record. It's as if
someone has made him disappear.

Lazar: "Well, they're trying to make me look non-existent to the
places that I called...."
Interviewer: "Explain. Called where?"
Lazar: "Well, the schools that I went to; the hospital that I
was born at; past jobs, and nothing comes up with my name on it."

He smiles, but out of futility, knowing the whole thing must
sound ridiculous. According to Lazar, his employer was the
United States Navy. He says he and other government employees
would gather near EG&G, fly to Groom Lake, then a very few people
would get into a bus with blacked out or no windows and drive to S-4.

Interviewer: "You get off the bus, what do you see?"
Lazar: "A very interesting building. Its got a slope of
probably about 30 degrees which are hangar doors, and it has
textured paint on it, but it looks like sand. It's made to look
like the side of the mountain that it is in, whether it's to
disguise it from satellite photographs or what...."

He says he was never told exactly what he would be working
on, but figured it had something to do with advanced propulsion.
On his first day he was told to read a series of briefings, and
immediately realized how advanced the propulsion really was.

Lazar: "The power source is an anti-matter reactor. They run
gravity amplifiers. There is actually two parts to the drive
mechanism. It's a bizarre technology. There is no physical
hookups between any of the systems in there. They use gravity as
a wave using wave guides that look like microwaves."

It took awhile, Lazar says, before he actually saw one of
the flying disks, however there were hints everywhere.

Lazar: "Right. They had a poster, and it looked like a
commercial poster, like it was lithographed, like you could buy
it at K-Mart or someplace, but they were all over the place and
it had the disk that I coined the term 'the floor model' which
lifted off the ground about 3 feet out at the area, in the Dry
Lakes area, and the caption on it said 'They're here.' These
posters were all over the place."

Later, he got to see the real thing.

Lazar: "When I was led in, it was the first time that I saw the
'floor model' in the hangar sitting down, and I was told they
could have walked me in the front door but they purposely wanted
to walk me by it. I was told not to say anything and to keep my
eyes forward and walk past the disk to the office area. And I
did. And as we went by it, I just kinda stuck my hands on it,
just to run it alongside the thing and uh ....After that I got to
see actually lift off the ground and operate."
Interviewer: "You actually got to see more than one?"
Lazar: "Yeah. The hangars are all connected together. There
are large bay doors between each one. There were nine total that
I saw, each one being different. Like they had the assortment pack."

Security at S-4 was oppressive Lazar said, and his superiors
used fear and intimidation almost as a brainwashing tool.

Lazar: "They did everything but physically hurt me."
Interviewer: "They put a gun to your head?"
Lazar: "Yeah."
Interviewer: "You mean they actually put a gun to your head?"
Lazar: "They did that even in the original security briefing.
Guards there with M-16s. Guys there slamming their fingers into
my chest, screaming into my ear, they were pointing weapons at
me. Like I said, it's not a good place to work."

That fear factor would surface later. Lazar agreed to
undergo a polygraph exam as part of this report. Polygrapher Ron
Clay asked about the technology that Lazar had seen.

Polygrapher: "Did you knowingly lie when you had actually seen
anti-gravity propulsion in operation?"
Lazar: "No."

The results of this exam were inconclusive. Lazar appeared
to be truthful on one test; deceitful on a second. Clay
recommended that a second examiner be brought in. Polygrapher
Terry Tabernetti (sp?) runs a corporate security operation and is
a former Los Angeles police officer. He put Lazar through four
tests and concluded there were no attempts to deceive.
Tabernetti sent his test results to a third polygrapher who
agreed the results appeared truthful. The charts were then sent
to a fourth examiner who did not agree suggesting that Lazar
might be relating information he'd learned from someone else.
The polygraphers concurred and decided they would not issue a
final statement on truthfulness until more specific testing can
be conducted. And that's where it stands.

Tabernetti believes the difficulty in determining Lazar's
truthfulness stems from the fear that was drilled into him.

Lazar: "Well, I am telling the truth. I've tried to prove that.
What's going on up there could be the most important event in
history. You're talking about contact, physical contact and
proof from another planet, another system, another intelligence.
Thats got to be the biggest event in history, period. And, it's
real and it's there. And I had an extremely small part in it.
I'm convinced that what I saw is absolute proof of that. There
is no way that we could have created those disks. There is no
way we could have made the disks, the power supplies, anything
that goes with it."

Lazar says he has no intention of going on any UFO lecture
circuit. He is not looking to do any additional interviews. In
fact, he was not too crazy about doing this one. He did it after
certain unfavorable things started happening in his life, and he
did it because he feels that whoever is running the show up at S-
4 is perpetrating a fraud on the American people and the
scientific community.

Isecak sa

Robert Lazar-ov site na koji na zalost nemamo pristup jer trazi lozinku i user name. Ocigledno pravljen samo za uzi krug prijatelja Sad

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
  • Emil Beli
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Bilo je o tome na History Channelu bas pre neko vece.
Niko ne zna sta je Lazar radio i da li je radio, a vecina ih veruje da je covek vojske koji sluzi da laze da tamo postoji nesto sto ne postoji.

E sad, kome verovati...

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Ah Robert "Bob" Lazar story:D Ne zaludjujte se haha! Prazne price!

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@Belli, ne kapiram sta bi vojska dobila s'tim da postavi nekoga u takvu ulogu i uvlaci sebe u takve XXXX bez potrebe?!

@djnik, predpostavljam kada "znas" da su price za decu da imas clearance za ulaz u AREA 51 i uvid u druge top-secret projekte u US armiji kada to tvrdis? Molim te da izneses neki dokaz koji podrzava tvoju pricu.

Da vidimo sta je tu po nama sporno pa da krenemo odatle da bi znali kako da nastavimo dalje!

1. Da li su to tvrdnje miliona ljudi da su videli UFO-e a medju njima se nalaze i bivsi predsednik USA, Mohamed Ali, vise senatora i kongresmena, profesora, pilota... Tu ima dosta ljudi sto bi se reklo u Engleskom jeziku beyond reproach, ljudi koji imaju ogroman autoritet i koji su izuzetno cenjeni u svojoj branch-i.
Ti ljudi ne mogu nista da dobiju sa takvim pricama osim da im se "razbije o glavu"!
Neki su ranijih godina izgubili i posao poput nekih vojnih i civilnih Pilota koji su kategoricki tvrdili da su videli i jurili UFO ili vise njih i objasnili jednostavnim jezikom da na zemlji ne postoji tehnologija kojom bi se te letelice i njihove performanse mogle duplicirati ili objasniti.

2. Da li ste skepticni oko tvrdnji da uopste postoji naprednija civilizacija ili uopste civilizacije na bilo kom stepenu razvoja igde u Kosmosu osim na ovoj maloj planetici koja se nalazi u repu svoje galaksije, ili sto bi se reklo u nasem zargonu u pizdincima?!
Samo na nasoj planeti postoji milioni zivotinjskih vrsta a da ne govorimo o biljkama i podvrstama.
Ako uzmemo nauku kao merodavnu a ne bibliju pisanu pre 2.000 godina od strane ljudi koji su se klanjali udaru groma i vatri (tako je nastalo verovanje da su bogovi na nebu) i ako podjemo od toga da se zivot na zemlji zaceo od udara asteroida koji su u sebi imali neke organske elemente koji su se u povoljnom vremenu na zemlji razvili u pletoriju flore i faune, sta nas sprecava da verujemo da se to bombardovanje planeta desavalo istovremeno ili i mnogo ranije svuda po svemiru i u svakoj od galaksija!?
Teorija ima ime i poznatija je kao Panspermia.
Ne zaboravimo da se to dogadjalo najvise tokom stvaranja galaksija i da je Kosmos vise od 15 milijardi godina star, i to je donja granica za koju se sigurno zna a mozda je i stariji.

Do sada je dosta teorija koje su se razvlacile matematickim formulama na papiru postale java, poput crnih rupa, Ajnstajnove teorije relativiteta, da brzina svetlosti nije najveca brzina u prirodi itd..

Da rezimiram, ako uzmemo zdravo za gotovo da postoje trilioni galaksija i pomnozimo to sa 300.000.000.000 zvezda u svakoj od njih a da svaka od njih poseduje 10-20 planeta dolazimo da zapanjujuceg broja planeta gde bi zivot mogao da se razvije i prilagodi raznim uslovima.

Frank Drake poznati atrofizicar je razvio i formulu koja je prihvacena u zvanicnim krugovima i koja pokusava da pokaze broj civilizavija u galaksiji i koje su dostigle tehnoloski nivo gde su u stanju da komuniciraju na medjuzvezdanom nivou.
Ona glasi:

N = R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L

N Present number of extraterrestrial races capable of interstellar communication
R* Mean rate of star formation, averaged over the lifetime of the Galaxy
fp Fraction of stars that have planets
ne Average number of planets in a planetary system suitable for life
fl Fraction of suitable planets on which life actually develops
fi Fraction of life-bearing planets on which intelligent life develops
fc Fraction of intelligence-bearing planets on which the capacity for interstellar communication develops
L Average lifetime of a technological civilization

Na kraju svega izracunao je da postoji minimum 50 takvih civilizacija u nasoj galaksiji sposobnih da komuniciraju jedna sa drugom ali zbog udaljenosti sa kojim se susrecemo od 1.000-30.000 svetlosnih godina ta konverzacija bi mogla da potraje uz jutarnju kaficu.

Ja sam uveren da ima daleko naprednijih civilizacija koje su milionima godina ispred a isto tako i drugih koje su iza nas tehnoloski.
Te naprednije su se otisnule sa njihovih planeta isto kao sto i mi to tezimo da uradimo pa zasto ne bi dosli i kod nas u posetu?
Nije pitanje uopste da li ima drugih nego kada ce mo stupiti u kontak sa njima!

Da se vratimo propulziji takvog nekog intergalaktickog spacecraft-a. Predpostavljam da nema mehanickih delova i kerozina jer je to potrosni materijal i da su vec poodavno savladali energiju koje ima na pretek svuda u kosmosu i da nju samu koriste kao propulziju. Nikakvi nuklearni reaktori ne dolaze u obzir. To su nasi projekti jer smo limitirani sa takvim izvorom energije.
Setite se gde smo bili samo 50 godina unazad a gde smo sada. Gde ce mo biti u narednih 10.000.000. godina?
Verovatno na tom nivou gde su ti drugi napredniji oblici zivota.
Ne treba zatvoriti oci i razum. Ima i druge lektire osim biblije.

Lazar je u njegovom svedocenju nastojao da da educated guess ili da pogodi na osnovu informacija koje je imao na kom principu ti reaktori rade ali kao sto i sam kaze tesko ce biti u stanju da se napravi reverse engeneering sa nasim materijalima i masinerijom cak i ako otkrijemo nacin na koji to sve fercera.

Molim clana da se uzdrzi od upotrebe ruznih i nepristojnih reci


  • Pridružio: 01 Jun 2006
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Ufff odosmo mi u X-FILES Smile
Truth is over there...

@Besotted drzi se ti modernizacije Orla Smile
Ovo je malko prejaka tema i cini mi se da zalazi izvan granica ovog foruma, iako je tema zanimljiva...
ili da se samo drzimo vojnog znacaja Area-e 51 i ostalih "tajnih" baza (za koje svako zna)koja provode istrazivanja u domenu vojske... Sve te sajtove mozes naci i na google earth-u...mislim da je to samo da se paznja odvrati sa pravih mjesta za koje nema ni imena nego nekakve skracenice za koje nemas pojma sta znace... a sta ce biti za 10 000 godina i ima li letecih tanjira ili nema, ili drugih civilizacija ja i ti necemo docekati u ovom zivotu da cujemo odgovore, nego da se mi drzimo ono sto znamo ili mislimo da postoji kao sto je projekat Aurora itd...makar ce pokazati gdje ide i u kojem smjeru avijacija i vojska uopste sredinom 21 vijeka...

  • Pridružio: 13 Nov 2006
  • Poruke: 4079
  • Gde živiš: Novi Sad

Thruth IS out there, tu si u pravu i kao svaki drugi Covek sam radoznao da saznam sto vise. Marsiranjem u mestu se ne stize nikuda.

[quote="zgembo"]@Besotted drzi se ti modernizacije Orla Smile quote]

Ja bih rado, ali ne smem. Kao i Robert Lazar ne smem da otkrivam previse pojedinosti inace, khm, khm.. Cool

BTW, pjoject Aurora nije ni postojao, nego se u bill-u za Kongres pojavilo to ime i na sta su se zakacili svi avioentuzijasti jer su se pojavile price o hipersonicnom izvidjackom avionu koji bi zamenio SR-71.
Opovrgli su to i visoki zvanicnici i ljudi iz vojske i medija kasnije.
Danas nema potrbe za takvim strategijskim avionima za izvidjanje jer je rezolucija satelita daleko uznapredovala i imaju ih dovoljno da pokriju celu kuglu a daleko je jeftinije od odrzavanja regimente takvih skupih aviona.
Samo legure koje bi trebale da se prave i kupuju iz Rusije (Titanijum) bi mogle da im zameni sve satelite u orbiti i to ukljucujuci troskove dostave sa Space Shuttle-om.
CIA projekt koji je postao SR-71 je pravljen skoro iskljucivo od CCCP titanijuma i to tajno odkupljenog preko neke leve drzave a sponzorisano i izvedeno od CIA-e.
Biti spijuniran od ljutih neprijatelja a avionom pravljenim ikljsucivo od tvojih materijala, kind of kinky Razz

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