Pannonia Pilot School FI course

Pannonia Pilot School FI course

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Dear Students,

We are organizing a FI course starting form 15th of January 2012.

Theory classes will be held by Dr.doc.Predrag Zarevski, Mr Vedran Sprčić and Mr Ricardo Tremols Verges as assistance on the following address: ZTK grada Velike Gorice, Cvjetno b.b Velika Gorica Zagreb. The Practical part will be held individually according to the wishes of each student.

For the practical part candidate can choose the instructor form the list.(see attachment).

The student can choose several locations for the practical part: Airfield Lučko, or Airport Osijek (home base).

Price of the complete FI course will be 5500 Euro (all included).There is no option of extra costs that can be produced during the training. No additional payment will be required from the students by our company.

Payment of the training will be as follows: Student has to pay (around 700 Euros) before he starts taking classes in theoretical part and the rest of the amount will be paid in accordance with the mutual agreement with the school.

The rest of the payment can be split into few rates or student can pay partial amount by each flight hour. We must emphasize that our goal is to achieve high number of FI candidates, depending on the number of the students we will try to modify the asked price and come up with a more attractive one. Our school will try to secure to all our candidates at least two students for the PPL training.

On this way our candidates will receive unrestricted PPL/FI as soon it would be particle..

An applicant for a flight instructor rating shall:

- be at least 18 years old. PPL(A); or CPL(A) with completed at least 200 hours of flight time of which 150 hours as pilot-in-command;

- should have completed night rating.

- meet the knowledge requirements for CPL(A)

- have completed at least 30 hours on single engine piston powered aeroplanes of which at least five hours shall have been completed during the six months preceding the pre-entry flight test set out at paragraph below;

- have received at least 10 hours instrument flight instruction of which not more than five hours may be instrument ground time in a FNPT or a flight simulator;

- have completed at least 20 hours of cross-country flight as pilot-in-command, including a flight totalling not less than 540 km (300 nm) in the course of which full stop landings at two different aerodromes were made

- have passed a specific pre-entry flight test with an authorized FI(A) qualified as in JAR–FCL 1.330(f), based upon the proficiency check as set out in Appendix 3 to JAR–FCL 1.240 within the six months preceding the start of the course.


Approved Slovenian FTO 016.

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