Elektronsko ometanje


Elektronsko ometanje

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New EW improve information security / Army and Navy

Concern KRET manufactures electronic warfare system "Moscow- 1", " Krasuha -2 " and " Mercury ".

In Russia, are being actively developed and production of electronic security (REB ) , designed to combat combat control systems . EW complexes suppress and incapacitate electronic warfare troops and arms control . In our country, the creation of 18 companies engaged in electronic warfare , of the Concern " Radio-electronic technology " ( KRET ) .

Electronic warfare systems are the technical basis for the conduct of information warfare . They neutralize the control system by suppressing , disabling and destruction of electronic means. EW complexes used in sky, on earth and in space.

KRET was established in early 2009 to lead the development and production of air , land and marine electronic systems as well as systems for military and civil purposes . Is part of the State Corporation Rosteh , which owns 100% stake in the concern .

TYPES OF SYSTEMS electronic warfare

Electronic warfare system can be divided into several groups. This suppressant (REP) , remedies ( REZ ) and reconnaissance ( SIGINT ) .

Tools REP create active and passive interference used decoys and traps for disrupting electronic systems and equipment.

REZ means eliminate or weaken the impact on its radio-electronic objects electronic means destruction and protect against unintended mutual interference of electronic intelligence .

SIGINT means intended to gather intelligence by receiving and analyzing electromagnetic radiation.

The use of all electronic warfare improves efficiency and increases the survivability of military equipment. Main buyer and customer EW systems produced by the concern KRET is the Ministry of Defense.


In accordance with the decree of the President of the country in 2020 in the Russian army should be not less than 70 % of new generation technology . In 2013, the Ministry of Defense has adopted seven unique complexes EW produced at KRET .

Station management and electronic intelligence " MOSCOW -1" is designed to scan the airspace . Finding radioelements equipped vehicles , the station transmits the data to electronic warfare , air defense and air force to neutralize targets. Unlike conventional radars "Moscow- 1" operates in passive radar - and captures the intrinsic emission targets , while remaining invisible to the enemy.

As part of the state order for 2013 were delivered to the Ministry of Defence 10 multifunctional complexes interference " KRASUHA -4 ." The system is available Bryansk Electromechanical Plant ( MESG ) . This complex is able to completely cover the radar detection of land in a few hundred kilometers , the inhibitory effect of aviation enemy radar and communications equipment.

KRET also put the Russian Armed Forces for more than 10 multi jammers " MERCURY -BM ." They are designed to protect personnel and equipment from defeat artillery shells and rockets equipped with radio controlled fuses . " Mercury - BM" developed the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute "Gradient" .

Moreover, were delivered several unique aircraft systems " PRESIDENT -S" and Jammer SP-14/SAP-518 . These systems interfere with aviation facilities homing missiles , causing the rocket released deviate from the target. "President -S" Research Institute developed and released the "Display" . The system is designed to protect helicopters, airplanes military transport aircraft .

Stations SAP-14/SAP-518 protect the fighter-bomber 4 + generation Su-34 jet super-maneuverable multi-role fighter of the 4 + + Su-35S and highly maneuverable all-weather multipurpose fourth-generation fighter Su-27SM . Universal chargers are made Kaluga Radio Engineering Research Institute ( KRRTI ) .

Means of electronic protection called " AVTOBAZA " designed Institute developed "Gradient" and released Novgorod NGOs "Quantum" . The complex is designed for passive detection emitting radar systems and automated transmission control point coordinates working radars , their class rooms and frequency range. Several of these complexes are currently in service with the Russian army .


In enterprises KRET constantly working on new systems EW . In development are 12 airborne and ground systems. In particular , commissioned by the Ministry of Defense carried out development work to create a unique complex " Hibino -U ."

The new complex will exceed all types of airborne electronic warfare , consisting now in service . They planned to equip frontline aircraft Air Force. During the development work will be placed on the complex multi-purpose fighter Su- 30cm .

It is planned that in the next five years the concern KRET put the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation about 20 new products individual and group protection from modern reconnaissance and precision weapons. Including scheduled delivery of space-based and man-portable air defense systems . The share of products of concern in the Russian market of electronic warfare is about 94%.

KRET share in the world market of EW - 3%. Company products comes third in 60 countries and abroad . Today, foreign customers are ready to buy the latest electronic warfare systems worth about $ 1.5 billion. Most orders received by aviation Jammer - Su-30MKI , Su- 30MKM and Su- 30MKA .

To coordinate the development and production in the field of electronic warfare exists as chief designer. The post was established by the Russian government . Who is the chief designer of all the Russian EW systems and facilities is representative of the concern KRET Yuriy Majewski.



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Nešta novo (šta još nema ime) je krenilo u inicijalnu proizvodnju ...

Russia has created a complex electronic warfare of the 4 +

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Jel ko ima više informacija o ovom sustavu "Murmansk"


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ceo tekst u pdf : https://www.mycity.rs/must-login.png

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Витебск,Красуха 2...

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«Убийцами ракет» оборудуют российские Ми-8

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Naletih na ovo i ne znam jel već bilo postavljeno ovdje ali, ako nije kad netko uhvati vremena i vollje pa da malo prevede o čemu se ovdje radi. Čini mi se zanimljiv tekst...

Elektronsko ratovanje i ometanje za vrijeme rata u Gruziji...


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zna li neko koji tip elektronskog ometanja su koristili u ex JSO?
iz knjiga i blogova sam saznao da su imali neke u to vreme moderne uredjaje, i da su siptarima mogli da blokiraju vezu i prisluskuju tokom borbenih dejstava?

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Electromagnetic weapon of Russia, English subtitles

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Руску авио-базу у Сирији чува „Краснуха-4” - ослепљује све у кругу од најмање 300 километара izvor fakti

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ljuba ::Руску авио-базу у Сирији чува „Краснуха-4” - ослепљује све у кругу од најмање 300 километара izvor fakti

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