Bolnice skotskih zena - Scottish Women's Hospitals

Bolnice skotskih zena - Scottish Women's Hospitals

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Danas se skoro i ne secamo vise njih, a dale su mnogo ovome narodu. Pomogle su nasem narodu kada mu je to bilo najpotrebije, najveca medju njima je bila dr Elsie Maud Inglis.

Istorija medicine:

Flora Sandes, An English woman-sergeant in the Serbian Army:

Monica M. Stanley My dairy in Serbia 1915:

Zena koja je radila u kuhinji poljske bolnice u Kragujevcu, opisala je u detelje, iz dana u dan, svoj boravak u Srbiji, knjiga je na engleskom, ali svako ko razume neka procita ovo. Ima tu raznih mnogo zanimljivih cinjenica iz tog perioda...Steta sto ovakve stvari nisu prevedene na nas jezik....

Bolnicarka Evelin Haverfild:

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Jos jedan video, o ovim zenama:

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Jos malo:

Dopuna: 13 Apr 2012 5:30

Iz knjige, The Quality of Mercy..... Monica Krippner

We finally got away from the hospital about noon, joined the main road and became part of what was to become known as the Great Retreat. The road was a moving mass of transport of all kinds - motor-wagons, bullock-wagons, horse-wagons, men and guns, besides the civilian population, men, women and children, all intent on escape. This procession had been passing continuously for days, stretching from one end of Serbia to the other, and one realised that this was something more than an army in retreat; it was the passing of a whole nation into exile, a people leaving a lost country.

... One of Dr. McGregor's staff, Caroline Toughill, was riding in one of the few motor lorries when the edge of the narrow road caved in and the lorry tumbled down into the river below. Mrs Toughill was so seriously injured that she died soon after. In a curious prophetic remark to a friend the day before, Caroline Toughill seemed to have foreseen her own death. A deeply religious person, she was moved by the splendour of the scenery along that wild valley to exclaim: 'Oh to be allowed to rest forever on such a hill and to be alone with God.'

... Another disaster struck the units. Between Mitrovica and Pec, one of the nurses, 'Ginger' Clifton, was accidentally shot. Two soldiers had quarrelled over a rifle which went off, the bullet hitting Nurse Clifton and penetrating both lungs. It was a dangerous wound necessitating immediate medical attention and hospitalisation. Dr. Mary Iles and Dr. King-May did what they could and made one of the ox-wagons into an ambulance, but after thirty-six hours in the springless cart at zero temperature the doctors became very anxious, realising that their patient must be taken to a hospital quickly or the wound would be fatal

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