Stratolaunch Model 351

Stratolaunch Model 351

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13.04.2019. godine najveći avion na svetu napravio je svoj prvi let.
Stratolaunch Model 351 dizajniran je za lansiranje raketa u orbitu iz vazduha.

Osnovni podaci:
dužina: 73 m
raspon krila: 117 m
visina: 15 m
sopstvena težina: 226,796 kg
max poletna težina: 589,670 kg
spoljna nosivost: 250,000 kg
motori: 6 × Pratt & Whitney PW4056 turbofan, 252.4 kN
maksimalna brzina: 853 km/h
dolet: 1,852 km


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Nosivost aviona je 250t (226.796kg na linku) korisnog tereta, tj. raketu te težine. Najmoćnija raketa nosač, imena MLV-Heavy može izbaciti 6.000kg tereta u orbitu 400km.

Sojuz 2 (2.1a, 2.1b...) je težine 312t i može izbaciti 9.200kg u orbitu ?, sigurnih 7.250kg koliko je težak Sojuz TM na 400km.

Falkon 9 v1.0 težak 333t nosi 10.450t u NZO.

Deluje krajnje skromno onih 6.000kg s obzirom na sasvim solidnu početnu brzinu i nešto visine.

Ako može neko da razjasni ovaj nesklad...

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Ja uz ovu sliku nađo slične podatke.

Nosivost je 359 tona,
namena mu je iskljuciva podizanje teskih tereta odnosno sistem za vazdusni start raketa i kosmoplana.
Sam je tezak 226,8 tona sa rasponom krila od 117,3 metara.
Slika i tekst su od drugara sa fb grupe Fanovi RV

Dopuna: 14 Apr 2019 14:02

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... реализација старе идеје, Conroy Virtus средина '70-их...

... због смањења трошкова требало је да буду искориштени трупови Б-52, али и поред обећавајућих тестова у НАСА ваздушном тунелу у Ленглију, све је остало на томе. Пројект је на крају одбачен због трошкова развоја као и непостојања адекватне инфраструктуре за летелице таквих димензија, односно трошкова које би изискивала изградња исте...

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Propala firma, sve je na prodaju...

Stratolaunch Reportedly Shuts Down Leaving World's Largest Plane With An Uncertain Future

Citat:Space launch company Stratolaunch, which the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had founded nearly a decade ago, is reportedly in the process of closing down for good and will be selling off all of its physical assets and intellectual property rights. The news comes less than two months after the firm's massive Roc aircraft, the largest plane ever flown, took the sky for the first time.

On May 31, 2019, Reuters reported that Vulcan, Inc., an investment firm that Allen had also established to support Stratolaunch and many other projects, had decided to shutter the space launch unit, citing multiple unnamed individuals familiar with the plans. The War Zone also heard this earlier in the week. Allen died in October 2018 after a battle with cancer.

Founded in 2011, Stratolaunch hoped to offer low-cost and flexible access to space, using the Roc aircraft, named after the mythical bird of prey capable of carrying off an elephant, to air-launch expendable and reusable space launch vehicles. A cost-effective air-launched space access concept would allow customers to get payloads into space on shorter notice than with traditional rockets and launch them from the best possible location, a potential game-changing capability that you can read about more here.

Scaled Composites, a part of Northrop Grumman, had actually designed and built the aircraft. The plan had been for Roc to conduct its first test launch of a Pegasus XL space launch rocket, another Northrop Grumman product, in 2020. Stratolaunch and Northrop Grumman both declined to give comments to Reuters for its story and it is unclear whether or not the test program will continue under the latter company's direction, but it seems unlikely at this point.

There had already been serious questions about Stratolaunch's future after Allen's death. In January 2019, the company publicly announced that it was canceling work on a family of space launch vehicles, including a reusable space plane known as Black Ice, as well as new rocket motors to power them.

"Stratolaunch is ending the development of their family of launch vehicles and rocket engine," the firm said in a statement at the time. "We are streamlining operations, focusing on the aircraft and our ability to support a demonstration launch of the Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL air-launch vehicle."

One of Reuters' sources said that Stratolaunch was already working with a skeleton staff of only 21 people by April 1, 2019, down from nearly 80 just four months earlier. These individuals reportedly were focused on supporting the Roc's first flight. Another source told Reuters that Judy Allen, chair of Vulcan, a trustee of the Paul G. Allen Trust, and Paul Allen's sister, had let the flight occur to honor her late brother's wishes, but had already decided to close down Stratolaunch afterward by that point.

It's unclear what may have led to Stratolaunch's demise. Dramatic drops in the cost of launching payloads into space, driven in no small part of by space launch firm SpaceX's pioneering work on its Falcon series of reusable booster rockets, had also called into question how cost competitive the air-launched option might be in the end. Development and construction of the Roc alone had cost at least $200 million.

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