Su-57 novi ruski lovac


Su-57 novi ruski lovac

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@zoran MKD
Zorane to je iz emisije Тыл, 3 epizoda. Evo ti RuTube link:

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Кад те душман нахвали
217 км
и погдак Р-37 М
Citat:Specific details about the longest air-to-air shots in history haven't been publicly disclosed in official news sources. Military organizations typically keep such information classified for operational security reasons. While occasional reports surface regarding successful engagements or missile tests, they often lack specific details such as the exact distance of the shot. Despite the challenges in accessing classified data, occasional glimpses into these feats emerge through unofficial channels, such as claims from various sources. While these accounts lack the precision and verification of official disclosures, they offer intriguing insights into the capabilities of modern aerial warfare. In this exploration, we delve into the 7 longest air-to-air shots in history, pieced together from fragments of information gleaned from diverse sources.

malo staro ali vredi izgledati

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Ко може доказати поготке на тако великикм даљинама? Smile

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само Базз
а нико није споменуо МИГ 25 ирачки кои је атомизирао Ф18 са- р-40 ?

Налетео на ову слику

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јошједна у безброј анализа

и то добра -препорука
не везано за претходно.........................................................

И нешто око нових Мотора..

Citat:Stealth coatings and materials are engineered to minimize radar reflections and infrared emissions, enhancing the aircraft's stealth characteristics and reducing its detectability by enemy sensors. In the Su-57 engine, specialized coatings and materials are applied to external surfaces, including engine components, to reduce radar cross-section and thermal signature, thereby improving survivability in contested airspace.

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Militari Vatch magazin

Citat:Twenty-two Su-57s are currently reported to be in service, forming less than full strength regiment, with 12 delivered in 2023 up from six in 2022. Deliveries for 2024 are expected to rise to over 20 airframes, with the goal of forming three full regiments each of 24 aircraft some time in 2027. These delivery rates will make the Su-57’s production scale by far the greatest of any Russian fighter class, although still well below the Chinese J-20 at over 100 and the American F-35 at over 130. Since the participation of the Su-57 fifth generation fighter in the Russian-Ukrainian War was first reported in March 2022, a number of reports have emerged regarding the roles it has fulfilled. The aircraft was initially reported to be engaging in strike and later air defence suppression missions. The initial report of Su-57s being deployed for air to air combat was supported by a later report in January 2023 by the British Defence Ministry that the fighters were “launching long range air to surface or air to air missiles into Ukraine,” with the fighters reports to have been involved in operations “since at least June 2022.”

su -57 radi po ukraini
u pratnji su 35

22 Serijnih u upotrebi

Россия стала чаще применять истребители Су-57 для нанесения ударов


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Мало нових слика

Dopuna: 22 Maj 2024 11:12

Надамсе ове године да че мо видети
су-57 са изделије 30 и биче права звер...

Citat:Russia’s Rostec State Corporation is set to deliver Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft featuring the advanced Izdeliye-30 (Product 30) or Second Stage engine.

Although not confirmed, it is anticipated that all future Su-57s will be outfitted with the Izdeliye-30 (AL-51F-1) engine, marking a crucial step towards fully realizing the stealth capabilities of the Su-57 in serial production.

The Izdeliye-30 engine boasts an afterburning thrust of 18,000 kgf and a maximum thrust of 11,000 kgf, resulting in a 1.2 times increase in the thrust-to-weight ratio. This enhances climb rates to 330-350 m/s and agility during maneuvers. It also elevates the service ceiling and supersonic cruising speed to 2150-2200 km/h, with a maximum speed of 2600-2700 km/h.

The AL-51F-1 (Izdeliye 30) is an advanced turbofan engine featuring a two-shaft, low-bypass, afterburning design. Noteworthy improvements over its predecessor, the AL-41F1, include glass-fiber plastic IGVs and convergent-divergent nozzles with serrated flaps to minimize radar visibility. The AL-51F-1 engine also boasts a 19% increase in thrust-to-weight ratio, a 6.4% enhancement in specific thrust, and a 9% reduction in specific fuel consumption.

In terms of power, this turbofan engine’s thrust reaches 107.9 kN (24,300 lbf) without afterburner and 166.8 kN (37,500 lbf) with afterburner engaged. Equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system, the AL-51F-1 ensures reliability across various operational conditions.

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било је и пројект МЕТРИЛО

дали долзи су -57 М
Citat:Finally !!! Russia shows off its 6th generation SU-57 fighter aircraft

Citat:Russian Su-57 Will Feature '6th Generation' Engines in 2024
Russia will launch the Su-57 fighter jet with new engines starting in 2024.

суперкрус 2маха Милина Су 57М
значи 2 генерација

Citat:27.5.2024 #Su57M #SukhoiSu57M #RussianSu57M
This year, United Aviation Corporation UAC will begin delivering Su-57 fighter jets to the Russian Air Force. New shipments of Su-57s will be equipped with upgraded engines. The new machine is known as the AL-51F1 or previously known as the Izdelie 30.

и 5 генерација ракета Вв -РВВМД2

I famozni Podvesni Kontejner

ali na su 57 ne na su 34

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Citat:THE SUKHOI Su-57 fighter has begun tests with the new 101KS-N targeting pod. The 101KSN has been developed by the Uralskiy Optiko- Mekhanicheskiy Zavod (UOMZ, Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant) at Yekaterinburg and is currently the most advanced Russian pod of its type. The complete 101KS Atoll electro-optical suite for the Su-57 includes a range of sensors, among them the 101KS-N – the N suffix stands for Nazemnyi, or ground (targeting).

The Atoll reportedly draws heavily from the Lockheed Martin Sniper XR pod. It contains a stabilised platform with TV and thermal imaging cameras (within a common optical package, including the scanning mirror and automatic tracking unit), a laser rangefinder/ target indicator, as well as a laser spot tracker.

UOMZ is also developing a lighter version of the pod for the Yak- 130 combat trainer.

Dopuna: 28 Maj 2024 19:22

Guglaju;i pod naletih na ovo staro ali dobro

Dopuna: 28 Maj 2024 22:43

Navodno nova transha!!!

Russia's New Fighter Jet Take Revenge Israel For Rafah Attack

Following a complete series of manufacturing and performance tests, the report stated that these aircraft had been officially passed to the military.
Denis Manturov, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade, has also confirmed the aircraft's delivery.
Manturov emphasized the excellent production momentum achieved by Russian aircraft manufacturing businesses, as well as their continuous commitment to providing cutting-edge combat weapons to the country's armed services.
He praised the smooth coordination and performance of Rostec's firms, particularly the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant's successful delivery of another batch of Sukhoi-57 and Sukhoi-35S aircraft to the Russian Aerospace Force.
The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the issues associated with meeting the Russian Armed Forces' requirement for durable and highly effective equipment were being resolved rapidly, due to the efforts of the coordination council acting under the Russian government.
Despite the fact that the crisis in Ukraine is still ongoing, putting further strain on Russia's military arms complex, the country continues to produce sophisticated weapon systems such as the Su-57.
The Su-57 program was originally scheduled to begin serial production in 2017. Despite this, the first aircraft was not delivered until 2021, following a test flight disaster in 2019.
Russia currently has a limited number of fifth-generation Su-57 combat jets. However, in recent months, Moscow has actively sought ways to increase the manufacturing of this modern aircraft.
Yury Slyusar, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation, said in December 2022 that the aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russian Far East, had reached mass-production capability for the Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighters.
He also stated that the corporation is committed to increasing the production quantities of these modern aircraft.

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I novi šlem

Citat:Новый шлем, созданный для российского истребителя пятого поколения Су-57, дает летчику преимущества в воздушном бою. Он сможет расширить его поле зрения благодаря нашлемной системе индикации. Эта система интегрирована прямо в защитный шлем летчика и выводит изображение любой сложности на его визор.

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СААБ -340
и ко че га ловити , доказ јесте 5 генерација или не
The Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter is now preparing to hunt down the Ukrainian SAAB 340 AEW&C

Citat:The Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter is now preparing to hunt down the Ukrainian SAAB 340 AEW&C Recently, Chinese military analysts suggest that Sweden’s recent contribution to Ukraine’s military could inadvertently benefit Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 Felon jets. Sweden has decided to donate two SAAB 340 AEW&C early warning aircraft to Ukraine, which will undoubtedly boost Ukraine’s Air Force capabilities.

Dopuna: 10 Jun 2024 8:31

Dali na kraju ispade d aje samo patka...

očito da figuri aviona nije nišat a falilo

NATO Flew Into A RAGE: Ukraine's Claims That Its Drone Hit Russia's Su-57 Fighter Have Been DEBUNKED

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Citat:Украинские и западные паблики распространяют спутниковые снимки высокого разрешения нашей авиабазы в Ахтубинске после попытки удара дронов укронацистов по Су-57.

Сильная у них спутниковая группировка, что и говорить. Строительство укрытий для самолётов должно быть массовым, по всей стране. Только так обеспечим скрытность и защитим технику.

Из того, что нашел в СМИ,, массовое строительство укрытий анонсировалось в 2021 году.

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Eto mi se ubismo zadnjih godinu dve pokusavajuci da ućarimo di po koju sliku Su-57 sa proizvodne linije, i svadjamo se oko koliko ih ima kad se sve sabere, a MAXAR ih ocigledno prebrojava bar dva tri puta nedeljno, i prati gde ih stacioniraju, preparkiruju, itd. Uskoro cemo moci i mi da se pretplatimo na MAXAR servis i da ih sami trazimo pod vedrim nebom!

Što je najgore, nacrtali su siluetu Su-57 kao da privuce paznju i zeznu krstarece rakete, ali su ipak odmah pored parkirali i bar tri prava Su-57. Da covek ne poveruje ocima. Ja polako pa odustajem od trazenja logike i izgovora gde ih nema.

Izgleda da je nivo korupcije i nediscipline totalno izjeo nekadasnji ruski čvrst osecaj za odbranu svojih vojnih objekata.

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i sad i ovo
150 komada
AL -51 FN
i vek 4500 ;asa naleta

Citat:Канал в Дзен:
Характеристики двухдвигательного реактивного самолета Су-57: максимальная скорость истребителя, производство нового двигателя, поколение, сравнение с конкурентами — сколько выпущено в России в 2024 году?

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