FFG(X) tender za novu američku frigatu

FFG(X) tender za novu američku frigatu

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Arrow https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2017/07/.....ign-shift/

Citat:The U.S. Navy would like for the ship to be able to:

• Kill surface ships over the horizon
• Detect enemy submarines
• Defend convoy ships
• Employ active and passive electronic warfare systems
• Defend against swarming small boat attacks

The U.S. Navy is looking to limit the number of ground-breaking technologies that go into the ship, looking for engineering and combat systems that are already common in the fleet.
The U.S. Navy lists several capabilities, among the most important including:
•A fixed, phased-array radar
•An "AEGIS-derivative" combat system that uses a common source library
•The ability to launch a single MH-60R Seahawk helicopter
•Four canister launched over-the-horizon weapons
•MQ-8C Firescout

Other capabilities in "tier two" include various sonar equipment such as variable-depth and towed-array sonar, Cooperative Engagement Capability to be able to share target data with other ships and aircraft in the fleet, rigid-hull inflatable boats, Next Generation Surface Search Radar, and a MK 110 57mm gun and related systems.

Arrow Fincantieri’s FREMM frigate design bulks up for the US FFG(X) competition
Citat:“We did, like all the competitors, monthly technical exchange meetings with the government to make sure we were as compliant as possible going into detailed design and construction,” he said. “One of the things that the Navy wasn’t going to budge on, and we agreed, was the toughness of the ship. So we added about 300 tons of steel on the design for the FREMM.”
Italijani dodali 300 kila čelika.

Citat:Fincantieri, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works with a Navantia design, Huntington Ingalls Industries and Austal USA.
Svi kandidati.

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General Dynamics ima najbolju ponudu ,mada imam neki osecaj da ce Austal ili Ficantieri dobiti posao.

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