Tenk Al-Khalid (Type 90-IIM / MBT-2000)


Tenk Al-Khalid (Type 90-IIM / MBT-2000)

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Al-Khalid tenk Main battle tank
(Type 90-IIM / MBT-2000)

Place of origin
People's Republic of China(Type 90-IIM)

Norinco, Factory 617 , Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)


* Type 90-IIM
* MBT-2000
* VT-1A


* Al-Khalid
* Al-Khalid I
* Al-Khalid II (under development)



* Type 90-II – Introduced in 1992
* P1 – Prototype incorporating a Chinese 125 mm gun, autoloader and fire-control system, German MTU-396 diesel engine and Renk LSG-3000 automatic transmission.
* P2 – Prototype incorporating a Chinese 125 mm gun and autoloader, Western fire-control system, Perkins 1200 hp Condor diesel engine and French SESM ESM500 automatic transmission.
* P3 – Prototype fitted with Chinese 125 mm gun and autoloader, Western fire-control system, Ukrainian KMDB 6TD-2 1200 hp diesel engine and French SESM ESM500 automatic transmission.
* P4 – Prototype export variant incorporating German NATO standard 120 mm gun, Western fire-control system, German MTU-871/TCM AVDS-1790 diesel engine and Renk LSG-3000 automatic transmission.

Production variants

* Type 90-IIM, MBT-2000 – Type 90-IIM introduced in 2000 with Ukraine's KMDB 1,200 hp 6TD-2 diesel engine. Export version MBT-2000 introduced in 2001 at a defence exhibition in Abu Dhabi. MBT-2000 selected by Peruvian Army in late 2009.[29] The contract was canceled in 2010[

* Al-Khalid – Based on P3 prototype, operational as of 2001. Has an ammunition capacity of 39 125 mm rounds, 500 12.7 mm rounds and 3,000 7.62 mm rounds.

o Al-Khalid I – Upgraded variant in testing as of April 2009. Ammunition capacity increased to 49 125 mm rounds, 1,500 12.7 mm rounds and 7,100 7.62 mm rounds.[1] Incorporates modifications made to the fire-control system, sensors, IBMS, side-skirts, track pads, auto-loader (rate of fire increased to 9 rounds per minute), Ukrainian Varta electro-optical jammer (disrupts laser rangefinders, laser designators and anti-tank guided missile tracking systems), Sagem third-generation thermal imagers and improved air conditioning system.

o Al-Khalid II – In early stages of development and believed to incorporate re-designed turret, upgraded modular armour package and sensors, improved ammunition and new powerpack developing 1,500 hp.[31]

Cancelled projects

* Type 90-IIA – Development project by 201 Institute and 617 Factory to improve reliability and performance of the Type 90-II by installing an advanced foreign power-pack. The 1,500 hp V-series diesel engine from France was considered initially. Cancelled after France joined the international arms embargo on Pakistan after that country's 1998 nuclear tests.

Comparable vehicles by market share

* T-90 (Russia)
* Type 98 (China)
* T-84 (Ukraine)


Composite armour, RHA, ERA

Primary armament
125 mm smoothbore gun, 39 rds

Secondary armament
7.62 mm coaxial MG, 3000 rds
12.7 mm external AA MG, 500 rds

KMDB 6TD-2 6-cylinder diesel
1,200 hp (890 kW)

Power/weight 26 hp/tonne
Transmission SESM ESM500 5-speed automatic
Suspension Torsion bars, hydraulic dampers
Operational range 500 km (combat range)
Speed 72 km/h

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Pakistan -

Planned- AKII

1st rate- AK, T-80UD [t84 , some of the T-80UD turrets supplied to Pakistan are of all welded design with K5 secondary armor, kinda like the same as your T-90S tanks ]

2nd rate- AlZarrar, T-85IIAP upgraded
3rd rate- Type 59 and 69 (reserve formations and infantry support)

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Russian translation about MBT 2000/ Al Khalid.

Pakistan's new tank near China 99G

According to the Russian armored vehicles, net October 9 reported that Pakistan's military plans for its fleet of "Ali Vivienne" main battle tank to conduct a comprehensive improvement, including the installation of more sophisticated fire control systems, and optoelectronic countermeasures systems. Pakistani military experts believe that the move will significantly upgrade the tank first-hit targets.

It is learned that, in order to enhance "Ali Vivienne" tank night fighting capabilities, the Pakistani side will install the French Sagem company's third-generation thermal imaging discussion. In addition, the tank main guns of the firing rate would be raised.

In addition, the Pakistani military also plans to Ukraine Order "VARTA" type optoelectronic countermeasures devices (from Russian "curtain" system evolved). After the installation of the equipment can significantly enhance the tank in the event of a half-led guided weapons to attack the enemy when the survival rate.

Should be noted that the Russian side has suggested India to buy Russian-made tanks for the military installation of the "curtain" system, but it was the latter refused.

At the same time, taking into account the summer desert areas in Pakistan when the surface temperature may reach 50 degrees Celsius, Pakistani military also plans to "Ali Vivienne" tank installation of high efficiency air conditioning. In addition, tanks installed within the display system will also be replaced.

In addition to improving the existing fleet of tanks, the Pakistanis also in the process develop a new generation of "Ali Vivienne II" main battle tanks. New tanks will be equipped with more powerful main gun fire, while defense capability will be more complete. Expect, "Ali Vivienne II" will be closer to China in the form of 99G. In addition, "Ali LEADER II" of the mobility will also be stronger, its engine power to reach 1500 hp.

"Ali Vivienne" is Pakistan's help in China and Ukraine developed a more advanced main battle tank, based on the former Soviet Union developed T-72. The tank full weight 48 tons, member 3, the main weapons include a 125 mm smoothbore gun, one 12.7 mm and a 7.62 mm caliber machine gun.

The tank fitted with a 1,200-horsepower power system of Ukraine 6TD-2 engines, a maximum speed of 70 km / h, and sustainable travel 400 kilometers. It is said that at present, "Ali Vivienne" tank production has reached 300.

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The turret is more spacious than any t-64/80/90 variant and this has allowed for additional weapon carriage. The Pakistani tank crew rates mbt 2000/ Al Khalid very highly in terms of performance, survivability, crew comfort and electronics. They prefer AL Khalid over T-80 or any other mbt in service.


alkhalid vs mbt2000 by nabil

I have been following Chinese and Pakistani military developments for many years now and i can tell you that Peru have had a very good deal in mbt 2000/vt1-a. This history goes back to 1990 when China built their first third generation mbt under the designation type 90 II. The initial version did not fulfill their requirements but Pakistan had a close look at it and recommended many modifications for it especially fire control system and the power plant hence it emerged as the type 90 IIM. Pakistan began to invest in the project more than $20 million dollars with radical enhancements in fore control, optics, gun, tracks and the engine. They are manufacturing it indeginously in Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). The actual type 90 II and present Al Khalid/ mbt 2000 are radically different mbts having only external similarities. The engine is Ukrainian 6td-2 developing 1200 hp diesel engine coupled with sesm esm 500 automatic transmission, automatic tracking facility (as in french leclerc), a powerful western fire control system with ballistic computer, Sagem matis third generation thermal imager, 125 mm auto frettaged chrome plated smoothbore gun (48 cal), full electric controlled turret function, remote firing capability with the hatch closed, gps and ins functions, water fording upto 5 meters with preperation, indeginouly developed ATCOP LTS 1 laser threat detector that can detect all kinds of laser threats and warns the tank crew within milli seconds, Fully 360 turn capability, Panoramic hunter killer sighting system, Battlefield Management System with active datalink for all tanks as well as other vehicles nearby and new armor that was developed with Ukrainian and Chinese co-orporation that defeated all types of conventional tank ammunition. Remember that Pakistan already has the Ukrainian T-80 ud tanks that were bought as a stop gap measure until Al Khalid was inducted. India bought the T-90S mbts to counter the T80s and Al Khalids but now they are going to buy improved T90 M to counter Al Khalid after realizing that their Arjun is far from induction and Al Khalid in current form is more than a match for T-90S.

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in croatian--

Al-Khalid tenk glavni borbeni tenk
(Tip 90-Ijim / MBO-2000)

Mjesto podrijetla
Pakistan (Al-Khalid)
Narodna Republika Kina (Tip 90-Ijim)

Norinco, Tvornica 617, Heavy Industries Taksi (HIT)


* Tip 90-Ijim
* MBO-2000
* VT-1A


* Al-Khalid
* Al-Khalid sam
* Al-Khalid II (u izradi)



* Tip 90-II - Uvedena 1992
* P1 - Prototip uključuje kineski 125 mm top, autoloader i požara sustav kontrole, njemački MTU-396 diesel motora i Renk JLS-3000 automatskim mjenjačem.
* P2 - Prototip uključuje kineski 125 mm top i autoloader, Zapadna požara sustav kontrole, Perkins 1200 ks Condor dizelski motor i francuski SESM ESM500 automatskim mjenjačem.
* P3 - Prototip opremljen s kineskim 125 mm top i autoloader, Zapadna požara sustav kontrole, ukrajinski KMDB 6TD-2 1200 KS dizelski motor i francuski SESM ESM500 automatskim mjenjačem.
* P4 - Prototip izvoz varijanta uključuje njemačkom standardu NATO 120 mm top, Zapadna požara sustav kontrole, Njemački MTU-871/TCM AVDS-1790 dizel motor i Renk JLS-3000 automatskim mjenjačem.

Proizvodnja varijante

* Tip 90-Ijim, MBO-2000 - Tip 90-Ijim uveden u 2000 s Ukrajinom u KMDB 1.200 KS 6TD-2 dizelskim motorom. Izvozna inačica MBO-2000 uveden u 2001, na obranu izložbi u Abu Dhabiju. MBO-2000 bira peruanski vojske krajem 2009. [29] Ugovor je otkazan u 2010 [

* Al-Khalid - Na temelju P3 prototip, operativan 2001. Je streljiva kapacitet od 39 125 mm granata, 500 mm, 12,7 krugova i 3.000 7,62 mm rundi.

o Al-Khalid I - Nadograđen varijanta testiranja u travnju 2009. Streljivo kapacitet povećan na 49 125 mm granata, 1.500 komada i 12,7 mm 7100 mm 7,62 krugova. [1] Sadrži izmjene napravljene na vatru sustav kontrole, senzori, IBMS, bočni-suknje, pratiti jastučići, auto-utovarivač (stopa od požara povećan na 9 minuti), ukrajinski Varta elektro-optički Jammer (ometa laserske daljinomjera, laserskog designators i anti-tank navođeni projektil praćenje sustava), Sagem treće generacije toplinske kamere i poboljšane klima uređaj.

o Al-Khalid II - U ranim fazama razvoja te se vjeruje da sadrže redizajnirane kupola, nadograđen modularni oklop paket i senzora, bolje streljiva i novi razvoj PowerPack 1500 KS [31].

Otkazani projekti

* Tip 90-IIA - Razvoj projekt 201 Institut i 617 Tvornica za poboljšanje pouzdanosti i performansi Tip 90-II ugradnjom napredne stranih power-pack. 1.500 KS V-serija dizel motor iz Francuske smatralo početku. Otkazan nakon što je Francuska pridružila međunarodnoj embargo na uvoz oružja Pakistanu nakon toga zemlje 1998 nuklearnih testova.

Usporedni vozila tržišni udio

* T-90 (Rusija)
* Tip 98 (Kina)
* T-84 (Ukrajina)


Kompozitni oklop, RHA, ERA

Primarni naoružanje
125 mm glatkim pištolj, 39 granata

Sekundarni naoružanje
7,62 mm koaksijalnim MG, 3000 RDS
12,7 mm vanjskog AA MG, 500 RDS

KMDB 6TD-2 6-cilindarski dizelski
1200 KS (890 kW)

Snaga / težina 26 KS / tona
Prijenos SESM ESM500 5-brzinski automatski mjenjač
Ovjes Uvijanje barovi, hidraulički amortizeri
Operativni raspon 500 km (borbe raspon)
Brzina 72 km / h

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Pakistan je novi spremnik za kraj Kina 99G

Prema ruskim oklopnim vozilima, neto 9. listopada su izvijestili da pakistanske vojne planove za svoju flotu od "Ali Vivienne" glavni borbeni tenk za provođenje sveobuhvatne poboljšanja, uključujući uvođenje više sofisticiranih požara, sustava optoelektronički sustavi protumjere. Pakistanski vojni stručnjaci vjeruju da će značajno unaprijediti potez spremnik prvi pogodak cilja.

To je saznao da, kako bi se poboljšala "Ali Vivienne" spremnik mogućnosti noći borbe, pakistanske strane će instalirati francuske tvrtke Sagem treće generacije toplinska imaging raspravu. Osim toga, spremnik glavni topovi plamena stopa će se povećati.

Osim toga, pakistanska vojska također planira u Ukrajinu red "VARTA" tipa optoelektronička protumjere uređaja (od ruskog "zavjese" sustav razvijao). Nakon instalacije opreme mogu značajno poboljšati spremnika u slučaju pola vodio vodio oružje za napad neprijatelja kada stopa preživljavanja.

Treba napomenuti da je ruska strana je predložila Indiji kupiti rusko-od spremnika za vojne instalaciju "zavjese" sustav, ali je potonji odbio.

U isto vrijeme, uzimajući u obzir područja ljeta pustinji u Pakistanu kada površinske temperature može doći do 50 stupnjeva Celzija, pakistanska vojska također planira "Ali Vivienne" spremnik instalacija visoke učinkovitosti uređaj zrak. Osim toga, spremnici instaliran unutar display sustav će također biti zamijenjen.

Osim poboljšanja postojećih flota tenkova, Pakistanci također u procesu razvoja nove generacije "Ali Vivienne II" glavni borbeni tenkovi. Novi spremnici bit će opremljena snažnijim glavni paljbom, dok obrambene sposobnosti će biti potpun. Očekujte, "Ali Vivienne II" će biti bliže Kini u obliku 99G. Osim toga, "Ali LEADER II" u mobilnosti također će biti jači, njegova snaga motora do 1500 KS.

"Ali Vivienne" je Pakistan pomoć u Kini i Ukrajini razvio više naprednih glavni borbeni tenk, na temelju bivšeg Sovjetskog Saveza razvili T-72. Spremnik pun težine 48 tona, član 3, glavna oružja su 125 mm glatkim pištolj, jedna 12,7 mm i 7,62 mm strojnica kalibra.

Spremnik opremljeni 1200 konjskih snaga elektroenergetskog sustava Ukrajine 6TD-2 motora, maksimalnu brzinu od 70 km / h, i održivog putovanja 400 km. On je rekao da u ovom trenutku, "Ali Vivienne" spremnik proizvodnja dosegla 300.

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al-khalid tank is a different tank . alkalid has further versions -- The basic alkhalid version is superior to the t-80ud/t-84 used by pak army -- alkalid1 and alkhalid2 will have technology from type99

some basic classification--
type85-->Type 85-IIAP / Type 88 -->type90-->alkalid[type90-2] , type 96 [china] --> alkalid1 , alkalid2 , type 98, type99

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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This is an excellent tank,i think

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Ово је одличан тенк, тврдим Smajli

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my guess--

type85-->Type 85-IIAP / Type 88 -->type90-->alkalid[type90-2] , type 96 [china] --> alkalid1 , alkalid2 , type 98, type99

t62->t64->t72->t90 /T-72BU





Dopuna: 05 Jul 2011 22:02

t72 top,type98 below

it looks like type 90-2,type 98 is a mixture of t90/t80 -- more t80

English to Croatian translation
to izgleda kao tip 90-2/type 98 su mješavina t90/t80 - više T80
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^ i am not sure if the last picture is alzarrar or alkhalid

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you really like this tank arent you

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these pictures are of the year 2004 -- actually we are very excited about alkhaled-2 to be released soon

alkhalid2 would be one of the best tanks in the world

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Alkhalid I is in service-- below video is of ak1

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Malo lepih slika/ Some nice pictures

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Ovo treba prebaciti u diskusije na Engleskom

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alkhaild , alzarrar, saad

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The rock ::Ovo treba prebaciti u diskusije na Engleskom

i requested the moderator to keep it here as i have started it for my new friends! no one will read it in english section

English to Croatian translation
Zamolio sam moderator da bi ga ovdje kao što sam ga počeo za moje nove prijatelje! nitko neće pročitati na engleskom dijelu

Замолио сам модератора да би га овде као сто сам га почео За Моје нове пријатеље! нитко неце прочитати на енглеском дијелу

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OK I understand/razumem

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