Pakistanske Oružane Snage/Pakistani Armed Forces


Pakistanske Oružane Snage/Pakistani Armed Forces

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Chinese navy Arrow

Chinese aircraft carrier Arrow

Ballistic missiles...only Russian thread Arrow

And others like are Luna, Tomahawk...

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You can open your thread about cruise missiles, since there is no thread,besides these two

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Napisano: 28 Jul 2011 9:28

thankyou , i will post in the chinese frigates thread and open a missiles thread -- pakistan has more than 10 missiles now , and it will be an interesting thread

Dopuna: 28 Jul 2011 9:50

THE two turkish 33 METRE Fast Patrol / Attack Craft with pakistan

Pakistan Navy Constructing 40 Fast Attack Craft Missile Boats

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How many Pakistan have soldiers

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Active personnel 617,000(ranked 7th)
Reserve personnel 513,000

pakistan is 7 times smaller as compared to india in terms of land
pakistan is 3 times smaller to india in terms of army

more links on the first page of this thread

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Very nice thread lot of info videos

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ANTIBODY ::PN is getting 6 QING class submarines from China,as well as 2 Type 054A

Shouldn't Pakistan acquire SSK instead of SSN? Do you have requirement for such submarine?

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these ssk are aip capable -- the european technolgy is transferred via pakistan to china

thus they will be able to keep under water for longer periods -- also diesal subs are stealthier and less noisy

these subs are coming with transfer of tech-- last 2 will be completely be made in karachi shipyard

karachi shipyard has also built missile boats , agosta90b, f22p

baber cruise missile version will be fired by them -- these are very large subs , capable to block indian trade routes effectively

these 6 subs will be produced very quickly

the 4 f22p were produced in under 18 months!

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OK, I thought they were nuclear powered submarines. My mistake. So it's somewhat bigger SSK. Cool Very Happy

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Napisano: 30 Jul 2011 14:10

more videos here

Dopuna: 06 Aug 2011 7:11

PN is getting 6 QING class submarines from China,as well as 2 Typ 054A
It falls in between a conventional and Nuclear sub category. Fulfilling a sophisticated "Stealth" role with a punch of ballistic CMs, coupled with a powerful AIP battery, greater diving depth than our A-90b and Chinese Yuans, range, though falls short than SSNs and SSBNs, it is still more than twice the range of A-90Bs that we have, a highly integrated, high speed combat data suit based on latest Chinese ZJK-05 series of combat data system which is operational on many Chinese naval platforms but has not been exported yet. Even more advanced than the one fitted on our F-22ps that has ZJK-03/ modified to 04 standard. (Thales Tavitac derivative though higher in speed due to more powerful processors)This weapon system will be a decisive factor between the two rivaling navies in the Arabian/ Indian ocean.

Dopuna: 06 Aug 2011 7:14

A hefty new, quieter submarine is in the works in China’s shipyards, this time for export. Recent reports in the Pakistani and Indian online community hint at the sale of six “Qing” class submarines to Pakistan. The Qing-class would be larger than the Yuan (or Type 041) and, supposedly carry cruise missiles with a range of about 900 miles, putting most of India’s interior at risk of strikes from the sea. The missiles are designed to carry nuclear warheads and would “complete” Pakistan’s nuclear triad. Each of China’s domestically produced submarines has a dynastic name (the Ming, Han, Song and Yuan-class) the Qing class would fall into this sequence. It is difficult to find information on the Qing submarine program, but this does not mean it is not real. China has been able to successfully conceal its stealth program and parts of its carrier program from the mainstream media. Exporting hardware increases the number of units made and brings down the cost per unit, making production more affordable. The tough question remains: what happens when China runs out of dynastic names for its subs?

Dopuna: 06 Aug 2011 7:17

J-10A domestic prices close to $ 30 million, J-11B about 54 million, about 24 million A Flying Leopard. FC-1 take-away prices 1500-2000 Wan
last May when Gilano met Wen Jiabao, surprisingly they discussed J-20s prospects, form and payment these aircrafts even if acquired by Pakistan will not be available until 2020 but discussion seem to have begun.
Pakistan will be about 100 JF-17. After that batch, is expected to make large improvements, such as stealth modification, facelift AESA, IRST and other installation. The swash plat based AESA radar for JFT was ready before PMs visit to China. RCS of J-10B is less than 1m ˛, is a military aircraft in service in the RCS has the smallest models.

In fact, there are rumors that Pakistan has been involved in the development of J-10B. .2 j10b prototypes are flying and both Chinese and Pakistani teams are testing both the air frame and avionics.

Dopuna: 06 Aug 2011 7:19

Some sources have claimed thet Yang Weihuai, Chinese aircraft designer of JFC-1, J-10B, and the F-20 has been dividing his time between Chengdu and Kamra. Reason is open for speculation but seems to be that PAF may be far more involved than known.

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