Rat Rusija-Ukrajina 2023 - komentari


Rat Rusija-Ukrajina 2023 - komentari

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Jedan tekst koji se tiče dronova, neki misle da je to zadnji i najveći adut u rukama ukra. Da ne prepisujem cijeli tekst, navodno ukri na veliko rade na fpv jatima (swarm) dronovima, a sa zapadnjačkim novcima su navodno pokupovali sve što se moglo na kineskom tržištu, od 50 do 100 tisuća dronova

Citat:Drone swarm attack.

Disturbing news comes from my sources. Recently, Arestovich boasted that before the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, just a huge number of drones would fly, and the Russian army would be defeated.

Of course, his job is to broadcast horror stories, what has been said must be divided into many. However, this does not solve the core of the problem.

So, briefly about the prospects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As I already wrote, and many signals were received that now is the last attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike, and by autumn the focus of attention on the planet will shift to the east. Therefore, according to the logic of the General Staff of Ukraine, the last chance should be for sure. Their goal is to strike as hard as possible, inflict unacceptable damage and agree to negotiations.

But what to strike? The APU no longer has such a numerical superiority as it was at the end of the summer. By the number of equipment is not so dense, the latest tanks are crumbs. Little aviation. And our fortifications were prepared in a few months.

It seemed to be a dead end. But no, they have one trump card. Recently, it has become known that, in terms of completing drones, buyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have bought up almost the entire market of fpv components in China, according to indirect estimates, by 50-100 thousand units. They have already trained more than a thousand operators of these models. They massively make them kamikaze with a cumulative grenade from RPG-7, or with a fragmentation grenade. And all this accumulates before the offensive.

Then the scenario of the plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appears. The truly massive use of such drones should terrify our positions, knock out our equipment. And hunt down to individual fighters.

For understanding, even 10 thousand kamikazes released in one day, and let the efficiency be only 20%, only one in five, nevertheless, estimate the potential ...

The threat is quite obvious.
What can we do to reduce efficiency and how to fight?

Unfortunately, we will not have time to make the most necessary funds. Our EW installations have such a minus - there are not many of them, they are large, piece, and in themselves interesting targets. You need a lot of small EW installations so that they are everywhere on the LBS.

For good, low-power laser systems show excellent results against such swarms at training grounds. In the West, there are already quite a few working samples, and they are already putting them into small series.
We don’t even have prototypes of this dimension, although the developments in laser technology are good, but we need such a trifle to work on sparrows.

Anti-drone guns, but they are also few.

What helps from what is available? Certainly not a panacea, but at least something.

According to the responses of the fighters, a shotgun helps specifically against such fpv, the same Saiga 12 gauge. They fly at low altitudes, and a good shooter may well shoot down this drone.

Disguise. The camera on a kamikaze is usually not of high quality, its task is still one-time. Therefore, skillful disguise simply will not allow you to detect positions.

For camouflage, in case of a shortage of masks, agrotextiles can be used. It is very inexpensive, affordable and, in addition to camouflage, it can be useful for triggering a fuse long before the optimal location.

Shelter of equipment and positions with netting. The Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly practice this, at least it is possible to reduce the effectiveness of the defeat.

Another option, already tactical, given that drones have a short flight range, up to 5 km maximum, it makes sense to stretch the gray zone so that they cannot work in the depth of positions.
Of course, this is best done with your army of drones, not allowing the enemy to raise his head.

And, if possible, pull the equipment as deep into the rear as possible, so as not to make targets out of it.

Such measures can at least partially neutralize the threat from the new tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, in fact, the opportunity to create this swarm effect will be practically one-time for the APU. Their accumulation is an extremely long process, and the stock is enough for a couple of three attempts. Nevertheless, in history it has not yet reached the use of a swarm in battle, how exactly this will pass, no one knows yet. And on our side there are a couple of ways that will also be a surprise for the APU, so it's not so bad. But this threat must be taken seriously.

Russian engineer


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Gde ih je posetio....???

Zelensky travelled to the Bakhmut area today to issue state awards to some of Ukraine’s bravest soldiers holding the line against the Russian invaders.

Putin will never have the guts to go this close to the frontlines…

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Интересантна идеја. Аутор текста је непознат?
А шта ако су Руси купили сто хиљада дронова од Кинеза а не Украјинци?

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"According to the responses of the fighters, a shotgun helps specifically against such fpv, the same Saiga 12 gauge. They fly at low altitudes, and a good shooter may well shoot down this drone."

Ehh kad je cika Koridor ovo govorio https://www.mycity-military.com/viewtopic.php?p=2524356&highlight=#p2524356

A I sve ostalo

Sta glupaci u Kievu i na zapadu ne kontaju je da Rusija ne moze izgubiti. Nek posalju dronove pa ce se susresti sa strateskim snagama RF i ABH oruzjem. Ovo ce vjerovatno biti prvi pravi primjer borbe do zadnjeg "nekog drugog".

  • Pridružio: 24 Nov 2021
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Navodno Rusi večeras napadaju Lastockino, poslednji put za avdejevku

  • Pridružio: 21 Okt 2020
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Napisano: 22 Mar 2023 19:40

Toliko masovnu upotrebu dronova još niko nije praktikovao u ratu....
Zvuči zanimljivo, još samo da se vidi delotvornost

Dopuna: 22 Mar 2023 19:41

Navodno po izvorima bliskim Ribaru, Ukri su ostvarili određeni napredak kod grada Pologovski u Zaporoškoj oblasti

  • Pridružio: 02 Apr 2011
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ovo za 55 tice gledajuci da moderniziraju na veliko 62 ke pola djelova pase od 55mozda samo voze da bi jih kanibilizirali

  • Pridružio: 08 Dec 2011
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  • Gde živiš: Novi Travnik - ex Pucarevo

Dobro, evo ruka gore za T-55, super su, sjajni i sve pet.

'Ajmo zaključiti ovo jer bi mogli doći u napast pa početi o tome kako tenk T-34, a pogotovo samohotka SU-152 mogu znatno doprinijeti u ovom sukobu....

  • Pridružio: 14 Jun 2022
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Читава конструкција је настала на основу једног клипа на твитеру.
Слично је било и са т-62 пре неколико месеци.

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Кажу да Т-55 иду за Сирију.

Ја се ипак надам да ћу видјети Т-55 против М55 или Т-55 против AMX 10.
Кад је бал, нек и хала гори.

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