Rat u Siriji, 2017. godina


Rat u Siriji, 2017. godina

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veoma rado čitam tvoje postove, veoma poučni , vidi se da nisi neki napaljeni klinac , koji favorizuje neku stranu.

Želim da te ispravim oko jedne "sitnice", naime u USA postoji privid demokratije , odnosno "dramska sekcija" za neupučeno stanovništvo iste, u kojoj je presednik samo "Public Realitions" manager , odnosno lice gupe ljudi. A ta grupa ljudi je podredila sistem sebi i isključivo svojim dugoročnim ciljevima.

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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Turci uzeli Al bab. Počelo povlačenje iz onog džepa, jer Tigrovi nastupaju prema Eufratu, i nastojaju odseči Al bab.

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Jel to sad 100% za Al Bab ili ce opet biti kontre isilovaca i povlacenja turskih snaga?

EDIT: vidim po tviteru geolocirane fotke, stvarno su se crni povukli. Znači da uskoro i Kabasin pada u turske ruke. Čisto sumnjam da su se crni povukli iz Al Baba, a svoje iz Kabasina ostavili u okruženju.

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Pera Ždera ::"Mekejn tajno posetio "srce Islamske države"
Senator iz Republikanske partije SAD Džon Mekejn prošle nedelje je tajno posetio Siriju, piše "Volstrit džurnal", pozivajući se na neimenovanog američkog činovnika."

Kakvog li keca iz rukava vadi CIA.
Takođe, Makejn je boravio i u gradu Raki, nezvaničnoj prestonici Islamske države, gde je razgovarao s kurdskim borcima. WTF?

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renoje2 ::https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkish-forces-full-control-al-bab-state-media/

Turci uzeli Al bab. Počelo povlačenje iz onog džepa, jer Tigrovi nastupaju prema Eufratu, i nastojaju odseči Al bab.

Aha, znači izgleda da je pao neki dogovor:
Citat:Islamic State (ISIS) has agreed to retreat from al-Bab to Der Hafer following agreement with Turkey-backed EuphratesShield forces - reports

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tatarata ::Americka populacija kontinuirano raste, sa pozitivnim natalitetom i velikim brojem useljenika. Rusi su u debelom minusu, iako se situacija malo popravila. Odnos rodjenih-umrlih je pozitivan samo u islamskim regijama Rusije.

Држи се ти Курда, о Русији си веома слабо информисан, и о Америци колико видим.

Кина је превеслала Америку и њихов систем, још коју годину/деценију и довиђења Амери.

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pein ::Na meti SAA zaokruženo.

Jos jedno selo

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Турска држава наставља по старом, нове батине су неминовне.

Geneva talks doomed: Turkey’s changing position in Syria is pushing Russia into more aggression
Citat:The US- Russia relationship over Syria will be blown apart and pushed into opposition
Erdogan is hiding behind Saudi Arabia and mimics the US hostility towards Iran
The Sukhoi return is expected more aggressive than ever

After the collapse of 9 months of peace negotiations, Geneva hosts today a meeting about Syria amid differences between the main regional influential players and an unclear US stance, which will inevitably be reflected in the results of the talks. The main player, Turkey, with troops on the ground in northern Syria, is constantly changing position and plans, creating not only confusion but renewing hostility in the country: a warning of the pessimistic outcome to come.

The US stand:

President Donald Trump’s foreign policy is still unclear, and towards Syria in particular. The US administration has expressed its will to fight terrorism, but mentions only the “Islamic State” (ISIS) group in Syria, and disregarding al-Qaida who are represented by “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (ex-Nusra). Moreover, Trump is expressing his wish to form “safe zones” in the north, asking the Gulf countries to pay for these “zones”. He is also sending military equipment and special forces support for training and guidance to the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). His aim is to push the Kurds, working alongside and leading the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), towards the ISIS Syrian capital in north-east Syria: Raqqah. Nevertheless, the US plan is unclear and doomed for several reasons:

1. Declaring “war on terrorism” can’t be limited to ISIS. Al-Qaida is well-established and announced its presence in all the Syrian fronts with two-thirds of the forces on each front. The group is against democracy or any election run by the UN or any other establishment. It is also against any peace talks and has already attacked and split the Syrian rebels, leaving these no choice but to join its ranks or join Ahrar al-Sham, the second biggest rebel groups in Syria.

2. The US can’t combine a support for the YPG and the Turkish forces and an interest in Syria at the same time, specially in relation to the forthcoming attack against Raqqah. Turkey considers the YPG to be a Syrian affiliation of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). This organisation (not the YPG) is considered terrorist by Turkey as well. The PKK is waging a ruthless military campaign against Ankara, claiming the right to a Kurdish autonomous state within Turkey.

3. The US plan to “liberate” Raqqah with 10.000 or 20.000 Kurds and Arabs is not a feasible plan. In Mosul, Iraq is pushing forces between 50.000 to 60.000 strong, supported by Iraqi and coalition helicopters and jets to retake Mosul. The battle for Mosul is far from being a piece of cake, any more than Raqqah, even if that Syrian ISIS city is much smaller than the Iraqi one and holds less than half a million civilians.

4. The US is promoting “safe zones” for immigrants to stay in Syria and refrain from travelling to Europe or the US. Actually, there is no need for a safe zone or zones because the number of displaced Syrians is no longer increasing and quite static at the moment, following the battle of Aleppo. Any safe zone is considered to be part of an American plot to occupy the north-east of Syria and to establish military bases in the country. Such a step will be faced with a harsh response from Damascus and its allies who would be more than happy to revive the 1983 Beirut barracks and attack the American forces, similar to the 2003-2011 Iraq occupation.


Several months ago, the key for the success of any political talks in Syria was the Turkish involvement, due to Ankara’s influence over rebels and jihadists. This is what pushed Iran and Russia to restore their relationship with Ankara and bring it into the Asatan (Kazakhstan) negotiation. Nevertheless, Turkey was unable to bring to the table one of the biggest rebel groups in northern Syria, Ahrar al-Sham.

Following the coup of al-Qaida against groups who participated in the Astana talks, the rebels are more divided than ever, afraid of any move that could increase their partition and make them easy to overwhelm by the Syrian Army and its allies. Nevertheless, Turkey continues its attack on al-Bab (the ISIS stronghold), unable to get a quick victory. But Turkey is changing position and turning its political guns against yesterday’s allies. Ankara understands today that Trump is aggressive toward Iran and gave his blessing to Saudi Arabia. Therefore Erdogan is taking a new position: hiding behind Saudi Arabia, mimicking the US hostility towards Iran and, in consequences, declaring himself once more against the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

1 Turkey has harshly attacked Iran, considering it to be the source of terrorism in the region. This shows a real u-turn in Turkish policy that will definitely be reflected in the situation on the ground in Syria. In fact, Damascus and Iran, along with their allies, are pushing forces to counter al-Bab and prevent any expansion of territory of the Turkish forces toward Raqqah.

2. Turkey is applauding the US plan of “safe zone(s)” only to offer its forces inside the US Trojan horse. This upsets Russia and Damascus, confirming that Turkey, no longer a partner, is disrespectful of the previous commitment to keep Syrian away from partition. Establishing safe zone(s) can only lead to dividing Syria and disrupting the Russian plan to establish itself in a stable united country. Such a move will have serious practical repercussions on the advance of the Turkish forces and their allies in Syria.

3. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that his forces “will liberate the Syrian town of Manbij”, already liberated from ISIS by the US-backed SDF and YPG Kurdish forces last year. Erdogan’s verbal intention is considered “a pipe dream” by the Syrian government and Russia. Russia considers the Syrian Kurds as potential allies and Damascus is certain that, once the war is over, it will be possible to reach a win-win deal with the Syrian Kurds, keeping the country safe from partition. Damascus will, not only oppose Turkey in this manoeuvre, but is ready to fight back any force advancing towards its army in the north of Syria, particularly the Turkish forces and their proxies at this moment since, as we have seen, Turkey is shifting its policy, veering towards the unknown.

4. Turkey offered to the US to go to Raqqah: such a plan is far from being possible. The distance between al-Bab and Raqqah is over 200km, and the territory is controlled by the Syrian Army, ISIS and the Kurds (who are considered by Ankara to be terrorists). The performance of the Turkish forces and their proxies in al-Bab is far from being encouraging. Therefore, the Turkish offer to go to Raqqah is unrealistic and unrealisable.


The Syrian Army and its allies considered the Astana talks premature but went along with Russia, believing it was possible to reach a global cease-fire and split al-Qaida from other rebels who will join the peace talks. Turkey was unable to bring Ahrar al-Sham around the negotiation table and al-Qaida turned the table on everybody, forcing a return to the combat.

The Syrian Army is moving today on several fronts:

. from al-Bab toward deir-Hafer, to create a demarcation line with Turkey and its proxies and cutting the road toward Raqqah, preventing Turkey and its proxies from occupying further land in northern Syria;

. Palmyra (Tadmur) to regain control of the ancient city and push toward Deir-ezzour and Raqqah from the east. Again, the aim is to prevent any force from reducing the geographic seize of Syria as its is known today;

. Gathering forces on the rural Aleppo fronts to enlarge the control of its forces toward tel el-Eiss and Fua/Kefraya and move toward Idlib, the al-Qaida stronghold.

All this indicates that Russia will find itself engaged in a broad combat before forcing the rebels to sit at the negotiation table and shift Turkey out of its unrealistic “multi-front dream”. Turkey is showing that it is not an adequate partner for Russia and Damascus. It is unstable in its strategy in Syria and its shifting alliance making it untrustworthy. Therefore, a more aggressive Syrian Army will be seen in the coming months on several fronts with the return of the Sukhoi more active than ever. Russia is waiting to see how Trump’s policy materialises in Syria. The Kremlin is refraining from being the initiator of further hostilities so as to avoid a rapid US blow back.

The US policy in Syria seems frantic and far-fetched without efficient powerful allies on the ground, and is unable to retake cities from ISIS with its Kurdish proxies alone. And the “honeymoon” between Washington and Riyadh will certainly have a substantial negative effect on the war in Syria. This will increase the closeness between Russia and Iran, but the tension between US and Russia is also expected to increase: one side (the US) wants the partition and the other (Russia) wants a unified Syria without al-Qaida and ISIS, and without Turkey occupying the north of Syria and a Saudi Arabia return to the Bilad al-Sham. At this stage one can only speculate on what this clash of incompatible objectives will produce on the ground in Syria.

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slonic_tonic ::
e ovo se zove "opasno podcjenjivanje protivnika".
Primjer za udžbenike.

Ne podcenjujem ja nikoga, Amerika je dalje najjaca sila na svetu, ali na Bliksom istoku vlada sada Rusija,Iran i Turska to je i dokazano pregovorima, ovo primirje je najduze opstalo. Nema Amera tamo i niko ih za nista ne pita, dovoljno govori primer i proterivanje dela Amera iz Turske. Onog momenta kada je puc propao oni vise nemaju saveznika u tom delu sveta tj. ostao je samo Izrael i SA i to je to. Ameri se nista ne pitaju vise o ratu u Siriji sem kod Kurda.

Turska je velika drzava, sa velikim brojem stanovnika, sa jakom Armiom, sa velikim ekonomski potencijalom, i najvaznije sa strateskim polozajem koji ima pogotovu sada kada je Rusija preuzela sve od Alzira do Turske pod svoju upravu, tako da je Turska poslednje uporiste Amera i NATO-a ako nju izgube SAD gubi mnogo. Tako da se sada SAD ne pita nista i mora da trguje sa Turcima ako zeli da ostane sa Turskom mora da joj da nesto,ako ne, postoji drugi i ekonosmki i vojni savez tako da Turska moze da bira.

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Снимак Ал Баба, чини се велики град.

поређење са Алепом. Laughing

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