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Ruske vazduhoplovne snage

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Bice interesantno sta ce prodati Siriji.

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Arrow Do 2020, godine Rusija obnavlja flotu vojno-transportne avijacije


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Prebrzo mi to zvuci..

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Nije prebrzo u casopiu "odbrana" je pisalo da je Medvedev naredio da se jedan tresportni avion pokrene u serijsku proizvodnju.
Trenutno mi casopis nije pri ruci ali sutra cu ga neci.

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Dobar link: Arrow

Dopuna: 14 Jul 2010 12:36

Intervju Vladimira Popovkina, zamenika ministra odbrane.


(na engleskom)

Citat:In defense minister appeared first deputy, who will take over all matters relating to the rearmament of the army and navy, and will oversee the civilian component of the military department. Presidential Decree to this post by Vladimir Popovkin. His first interview in the new position, he gave the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Vladimir Alexandrovich, as now will be delivered to the army and navy of the new Arsenal?

Vladimir Popovkin: The decision to separate the administrative and operational functions of the Ministry of Defence. It creates a civil barrel, which will provide troops. A second barrel - to engage them in combat training, the conduct of all military activities related to the operation, the use of armaments and military equipment. It was decided to withdraw all purchases of the duties of chief of logistics and the chief of weapons and to appoint a person responsible for this trend.

RG: That is, in fact you will be responsible for the implementation of the State Arms Programme from 2011 to 2020. What are the objectives set in the Defense Ministry in its formation?

Popovkin: First of all, it is an attempt to correct in the army and navy the situation with weapons and military equipment. For various reasons it does not suit us. For a long time armed forces underfunded, and lack of resources affects primarily in our defense arsenal. Contemporary models of weapons and military equipment today catastrophically low. If we have some time to live on the mobilization stocks unchanged, yet the Soviet army, but now this potential has been exhausted.

RG: Can you name the percentage of our army of new and old technology?

Popovkin: This is - floating characteristics, in different forms and types of troops it is different. For example, the RVSN all weapons actually meets today's needs. Or take the Space Forces. There machine its time in space worked, it is necessary to run the next. Launch vehicle has completed the task and raise the satellite into orbit - we buy the next one. So naturally the process of renovation.

But what about the Navy, Air Force, Army, the share of modern weapons there really is catastrophically low. Take, for example, the Air Force. Until 2007, the Ministry of Defence has acquired no more than a dozen planes and helicopters. In 2008, began to overcome the situation, in 2009, conducted the first large-scale purchases. This year, shipments reached just fifty aircraft and helicopters. But this is not enough.

WP: retrofitting the entire army with new weapons is unrealistic even for two five-year period. The program of 2020 laid down certain priorities? For example, the first step to modernize the fleet and land arsenal?

Popovkin: The first priority - the strategic deterrent forces. They have two components: the strategic nuclear forces, as well as a system of missile warning, missile defense and aerospace defense.

Second priority - a long list of high-precision weapons, whose use is based on the information support of space. Third - automated command and control. In the next two to three years to link all species in a single automated control system. To modernize it so that it was with an open architecture and allowed to build the capacity in any direction.

Another priority is linked to the armed forces. When million-man army, we can not keep the factions of equal strength in all strategic directions. It is therefore important to have the means transferring personnel and equipment. In the first place - a modern military transport aircraft.

RG: With the types of aircraft already defined?

Popovkin: This AN-124, whose production should resume in Ulyanovsk. In addition, continued development of Russian-Ukrainian An-70 aircraft. It is also about a series of transport helicopters. In particular, we begin to purchase new Mi-26. For a long time, we are only repairing the old ones.

RG: But that - providing the Air Force fleet. And as with the war?

Popovkin: Over his update too hard. Long-term contracts for 80 Su-34 and Su-35C. To expedite work on forward-looking complex tactical aviation - PAK FA - have provided additional funding of tests.

A separate problem - re-marine general purpose forces. This is very long to implement and very capacious funding problem. It can not be accomplished within one to two years and even five years. Too many in the Navy should be restored. Therefore, a new program for the fleet lay up to five times more money than, say, the cosmos.

RG: You mentioned a promising system for tactical aviation. Purchase of the five new program provides?

Popovkin: With this machine, such a sequence. No experience is one unit. By the end of this year should see another plane. During the years 2011-2012 are planning to complete all trials airframe PAK FA. And in 2013 signed a contract for the installation batch of ten aircraft to test the whole range of weapons the aircraft. To confirm its performance characteristics you need to do about 3 thousand flights. If the work was only two machines, it would take ten years.

WP: pilots so can not wait?

Popovkin: None. Therefore, the first phase of testing we hope to complete by the end of 2013. And from 2016 the first batch will start procurement of vehicles have already been tested with air attack and ground technological equipment.

RG: How many planes you think to buy?

Popovkin: While the Air Force assess the needs of 50-100 cars. How much can buy, is difficult to say. Everything will depend on funding. But in any case, such orders in the new program are registered.

Fighter at reasonable prices

RG: When a document is discussed in the Duma, your deputy general Frolov said that all previous weapons program underfunded. There is a danger of a recurrence of this problem?

Popovkin: The problem is that the weapons program in spite of their importance are not binding. Relatively speaking, this is - strategy of development of arms, prepared by the Defense Ministry and approved by the President. But this is not budgetary obligations, what is the state defense order. Then, unfortunately, getting into the act does not depend on our processes. As practice shows, based on the financial capacity of the state each year the amount allocated for armaments and military equipment, less than the state program of armaments. Not the best way to implement it affects and laid Ministry of Economic Development for the fiscal year forecast deflators. Typically, they are not supported by actual inflation rate. In the end, after 5 years of the program is so unbalanced, that level of under-funding reaches 30 percent.

RG: What to do?

Popovkin: We offer the absolute majority of armament to conclude on the basis of the state program long-term contracts - for the entire period of its validity. Then the document will be a tough commitment to the state before executing.

RG: The need for state defense order in this case are no longer?

Popovkin: state defense order will detail the program to change the prices, perhaps refine the quantitative parameters of orders. And not from the wishes of the financial and economic bloc, but from the global changes of a defensive nature. For example, in terms of new views on the armed struggle.

RG: In this approach, probably, and defense industry is interested?

Popovkin: The so-called co-operation of the first level - large defense holdings and concerns - already have long-term contracts. But under the holding company "sits" the second co-operatives, private enterprises. And when it comes to the annual order, for example, ten blocks, a large interest to make them from a private to be seen. By order to adjust production base. To get involved in this process, when there is no guarantee on new contracts, small producers unprofitable. Suddenly, with this order to him for the last time approached.

RG: The military, I think, is present here and our own interest?

Popovkin: When the Defense of exploring contracts Cy 35 and Su-34 c Sukhoi, managed to reduce the initial price of the aircraft by 25 percent. Due to the fact that this long-term contracts, it was easier to negotiate with its subcontractors, including - with engine manufacturers and various aviation equipment.

Moreover, we said: 80 percent of the work will advance. This means that producers do not have to take loans from banks. Moreover, with the first real advance purchase accessories for the entire game. Of course, it is profitable enterprise. There in fact begin to see tomorrow, to understand how to develop, when and what to upgrade.

How much does a military threat

RG: This scheme works well for full funding. And what will happen if instead of the amount you are requesting a program in 2020, will allocate less money?

Popovkin: Let me first explain where did needful option allocations. When we calculate the new program is commended all the forces that oppose Russia in various military and strategic directions. There is a forecast of the General Staff to develop military-political situation in the world. It lists the real threats, the potential conflicts that may affect us until 2020. To oppose them, Russia should be in strategic deterrence force of 100 per cent of modern weapons, and the forces of normal use - 70 percent. These are the criteria referred to by the president and chairman of the government.

RG: Why do economists in the government insist on a lesser amount? Consider a different scheme?

Popovkin: They operate their assessments: how will collect taxes, a percentage of GDP should be spend on defense - 2,6 or 3? Incidentally, the Americans this is significantly higher. Although I do not think there is more threats than we have. When we brought the volume of appropriations, what we have done a version of the program. But it had to purchase a number of weapons dropped.

RG: If not a secret, from what?

Popovkin: Mainly it concerns the nomenclature of arms purchases for the general purpose forces. But not all. For example, the priority in the delivery of tactical Iskander-M does not change. Talking about aviation, the worst case situation in the army with helicopters. Therefore, their purchases, despite everything, we will implement to the maximum. The same applies to the new air defense systems, including S-400 and C-500. But we have to slow down the development of modern platforms for armored vehicles, tanks and vehicles.

RG: From research on prospective weapons will not refuse?

Popovkin: The new program is a list of works on the basic military technologies. All of them remain.

The armored car was following the example of Toyota

RG: No such works are some samples we have to buy in the West?

Popovkin: We in the Soviet times, something bought abroad. For example, all hydrographic vessels for the Navy did in Poland or in Germany. Our cadets flying training aircraft L-39 and L-410 Czech production.

Should emphasize the following. The new program does not say what weapons will be bought abroad, as may be necessary to produce in Russia. It only lists the nomenclature and characteristics necessary for our military armament and military equipment. No program and addresses specific performers orders.

RG: But you prefer the way - domestic or foreign?

Popovkin: Of course, the Ministry of Defence for the fact that all the buying in Russia. But be guided solely by patriotism in this matter impossible. There is a requirement, the criteria that should satisfy the equipment. If satisfied, buy. If not - speak Russian producers: create, we are ready to finance your work.

Worst of all, when the company takes the money, but nothing good poses. I have often cited an example where several billion rubles for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles have been wasted. I repeat: I am not a supporter of arms purchases abroad. It is better to buy there technology and based on them to create something from us. Incidentally, when we bought the party drones in Israel, our government has enacted a number of decisions on the development of similar technologies in Russia.

WP: Do not rejecting the use of others?

Popovkin: When we, for example, are interested in a particular class of equipment - light armored vehicles that are not produced in Russia, we said: "ready to buy abroad in the same way, for what today we buy cars, BMW or Toyota. Move production into Russia, with a term of localization up to 80 percent for 4 years, and we are ready to start purchasing. It is important that the country came to the modern defense technologies. To then our KB to a new technological base to start its modernization. And after some time - to develop the next generation of weapons.

WP: Find, buy, put into production. After such a chain of gold production will not? Do you already eternal problem - pricing for military production.

Popovkin: This is really a sore point. Trying to put it in order. This is done in two ways. The first - the company prescribed price structure, explain, from what cost it is formed. Defense considers these calculations with the help of military representatives and their department pricing. Then we define: in our view, the price should be less than stated on such and such a sum. After this record prices with our prisoners to the Federal Service for Tariffs. Their experts estimate the cost based on their predictions and give total figures for the price.

The second option - to force all businesses to accounting is not part of the overall balance, and separately - for the cost of military products. That is, calculating how much money went for materials, expended on the manufacture of our order electricity and so on. To the military through the state defense order does not contain factory hockey team, state, resorts, motels, etc. All this is already done. But the process, frankly, is painful.

RG: In your opinion, actually increase in ten years the share of modern weapons in the Army to 70 percent?

Popovkin: In order to reach this figure, it is necessary to maintain the pace of renovation of arms within the 7-10 per cent. Why such a framework? Unfortunately, some samples of the life cycle is small. This spacecraft, missiles. Something does not become obsolete by time, and on characteristics. This is especially typical of ACS, navigation systems. Knowing that will soon be a new model of the device is easier and cheaper to buy it in plastic, not metal casing. We are no longer interested in long - 15 years - a guarantee of its operation.

To give a concrete example. If you lay in the GLONASS navigation equipment all the requirements for strength, interfaces, etc., then it will pull on 5,5 thousands of dollars. But after a couple of years no one will need. Today the main issue discussed - without any weapons, we will survive, but without no? The Ministry of Defence has already been defined, on what can be saved, where - poduzhatsya.

RG: And what can not survive without?

Popovkin: Without all. Because a lot of things have already been abandoned. For example, from general industrial equipment, from research on media software. Say, did not develop the army kitchens and baths. We speak manufacturers: you have this. Who will make the following tests will buy 1,000 sets. The same approach to the automotive industry. Create the necessary military machine - will purchase about 50 thousand. It is now a worldwide practice.

Missile shield around Moscow

RG: When they say "new plane" and "modern aircraft," refers to different machines?

Popovkin: If its ability to meet the requirements of modern warfare, if he can withstand the same means of the enemy, it is a modern aircraft. Even when he was fifty years old. Take strategic Tu-160. All of them in the Soviet period have been made, but so far it advanced weapons. And he has no analogues. Why do we need something new to buy? A new - is what has not created a 30 per cent of resources. New we are not trying to buy. We try to take contemporary.

RG: You talked about modernization resource technology. He too has its limits.

Popovkin: why in the aviation industry began to make forward-looking complex. While the PAK FA shall bring to mind, have little to pull the current fleet. Upgrade that can be upgraded in parallel to create a new aircraft. Will improve the Su-27 that he reached 2020. We signed a contract to supply up to 2015 forty-eight Su-35. More of the same contract is - for the next five years. Because, unfortunately, the rate of departure of the old fleet is higher than the rate of re it with modern technology.

RG: The plane of the fifth generation has the potential to replace the entire fleet of tactical aircraft?

Popovkin: Theoretically can. But it makes no sense to fire a cannon at sparrows. We must consider not only the combat capabilities, but also the economic feasibility of the aircraft.

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Nerazumem Popovkina prvo prica da ce nabaviti 50-100 aviona PAK FA,a onda dole prica da ce mozda ako se ekonomski isplati PAK FA da ce zameniti celu flotu.

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moze da prica sta hoce ali ni rusima se nebi isplatilo da imaju samo PAK FA, on jeste mozda dobar avion ali nemoze sve da radi

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T-50 bi mogao sve da radi, ali to nije ekonomski isplativo. Za pocekat 50 do 100, odnosno pre toga prvo predserija. Kako ja vidim letece i Su-34/35 i MiG-29K/35 jos dosta dugo...

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Mig35 bi trebao ako prodje na tedru u Indiji i u Rusiji da udje u upotrebu ali neka ojacana verzija kao laki lovac.

T50 moze sve da radi a ako bude jeftin sto da ne,zameni sve samo neznam prica se da ce MIG31 i Mig25 zameniti Su35Bm i MIG31Bm sto mislim da je dobro jer imaju vecu nosivost ne brinu mnogo oko stelta i imaju dobar radar.

Su34 je odlican avion kao neka vrsta lovac-bombarder.

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Zar SU24 nije bolji od PAK FA za bombarderske misije, izraz visenamenski avion je izmisljen za male drzavice koje nemogu da priuste razlicite borbene avione

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