Akcije i operacije specijalnih jedinica


Akcije i operacije specijalnih jedinica

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КОТА 776 / ВЫСОТА 776 (са српским преводом)

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Specijalci munjevito savladali maloletnog otmičara


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*KGB Spetsgroup "Zenit"-30 men (special reserve officers of the KGB and graduates of the KUOS-Advanced training courses officers School- under the Command of J. Semyonov and supervised by Colonel G. Boyarinov ,himself commander of the KUOS)

Шторм 333

Operation Storm-333 (Шторм-333, Shtorm-333) was the codename of an operation on 27 December 1979 in which Soviet Special Forces stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and killed Afghan President Hafizullah Amin and his 100–150 personal guards.[2] His 11-year-old son died due to shrapnel wounds.[3] He was replaced by Babrak Karmal.

Several other government buildings were seized during the operation, including the Ministry of Interior building, the Internal Security (KHAD) building, and the General Staff building (Darul Aman Palace). Alpha Group veterans call this operation one of the most successful in the group's history.
I remember the Operation that started the Soviet-Afghanistan War like it was yesterday. Storm-333 it was called, our objectives were simple, eliminate the Afghanistan President Hafizullah Amin, and any of his three hundred guards that dare stand in our way. I remember the casualties, the victory, and the chaos. I remembered those faithful words that were shouted over the radio...

A small radio (zabranjeno)led over the loud noise of the Mi-24 HinD's propellers,"Storm-333 is a go! I repeat, Storm-333 is a go! Alfa group is cleared to engage and eliminate any hostiles and proceed to target!"

Starshina Aleksandr gave a wide grin, "That's our signal comrades!" the Sergeant-Major then gave a small hand signal towards the cockpit. The pilot responded with a small nod and pressed forward on the throttle, slowly moving the gunship out of it's hovering state and towards the drop zone.

"You know your objectives men, after our target has been eliminated, get to the rendezvous point immediately, the whole country will probably be after us the moment we hit topside, now check your gear, safeties off and rounds chambered comrades,"

Starshina Aleksandr quickly placed a magazine into his AKS-74u and pulled the chamber back, locking a 5.45x39mm round into position. Aleksandr then did the same with his Tokarev, pressing in a eight-round magazine into the grip before pulling the slide back and then holstering the pistol.

Aleksandr looked outside the window of the Mi-24 Hind and spotted several targets mobilizing at their designated target zone. Turning his head towards the cockpit once again, "Their setting up machine gun positions down there!" he warned.

The pilot simply laughed, "Don't worry comrade, their petty machine guns are no match for Soviet air power! We have the flying tank on our side!"

Aleksandr watched as the targets on the ground began to fire upon the helicopter, their rounds glancing off of the heavy armor of the Mi-24. The gunner casually, but effectively pivoted the 23mm cannon mounted under the chin of the helicopter towards the hostiles on the ground and fired. The large rounds of the cannon exploded upon impact with the ground, throwing the corpses of the hostiles into the air. As the helicopter came to a hover above the drop zone, the pilot released the door locks. Aleksandr opened the passenger doors and six lines of rappel rope fell to the ground.

"Alright! Go! Go! Go!" The Starshina barked as he filed his comrades down the rappel. When all of the men were down the rappel, he locked his waistband onto the rope.

The pilot gave a snort, "See? What did I tell you Mr. Starshina, nothing can stop Russian flying tank!"

"Don't let your overconfidence overcome you comrade," the Starshina responded as he jumped down the rappel.

When the Sergeant-Major hit the ground, he turned to his squadmates,"On me comrades," the Starshina Aleksandr ordered as he began to move towards their objective. As the squad moved about a hundred and fifty meters from their dropzone, the Sergeant-Major noticed a small projectile, followed by a steam of smoke that flew towards the helicopter.

"Get down!" Aleksandr shouted as the projectile flew into the open passenger bay. The Mi-24 instantly erupted into flames as it crashed to the ground in an instant.

"God damnit, Brezintzko, Ibrahimovich! Get over to that downed Mi-24 and see if those damn pilots made it out okay! If their alive and capable of moving, get back over to us, the rest of you, on me!"

The Starshina fired several more shots from his AKS-74u towards the enemy positioned along the rooftop. His rounds connected with one of his targets, bringing his corpse to the ground. Aleksandr turned towards his next target firing two more rounds from his weapon until the weapon gave off a small 'click' as his magazine was empty. Aleksandr crouched to the ground behind cover as he removed the magazine and began to replace it with a fresh one when he noticed three more targets coming down the central hallway. Quickly the Starshina unholstered his TT-30 Tokarev handgun, raising it and firing randomly down the hallway until the magazine was empty. His rounds connected with two of the three targets and killed them. The last target charged him, bayonet at the ready, the Starshina frantically pulled his NR-40 Combat Knife out of the sheath placed on his combat vest and ducked under the safety of his cover. When the Afghanistan was right on top of him, bayonet at his throat, he stabbed violently into the neck of the charging attacker, his blood drizzling to the floor and onto the Starshina's face.

The Starshina grunted, placing a hand on his face as he wiped the blood off, "God.... Damnit!"

The Starshina reloaded the magazine on his Tokarev and holstered the handgun, he then picked up his AKS-74u and placed a magazine into the feed, pulling the bolt cover back and locking the chamber into a firing position before staggering back to his feet, returning fire towards the enemies positioned on the balcony.

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Dagestan, ciscenje


(dosta snimaka iz akcija hapsenja -SAJ i Zandarmerija)

najinteresantniji deo je od 21:00

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Neznam dali je ovde pravo mesto?
Zanimljiv prikaz rada specijalaca Belgijske vojske.

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  • zidam zgrade i fasade ........... i armiram-betoniram, utovaram-istovaram i nikad se ne odmaram
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Prvi poznat slučaj oslobađanja aviona nakon otmice u SSSR.

2. novembra 1973. četvoročlana grupa je otela Aeroflotov Jak-40 na relaciji Moskva-Brjansk. Po zahtevu otmičara avion se vratio na aerodrom Vnukovo gde su otmičari tražili novac i obezbeđen let za Švedsku ...

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Americka knjiga o "lovu" na vodje pobuna i terorista - prikupljena iskustva :

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Hvatanje El Capa

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^Komentari,analize? Smile

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