Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina


Rat u Siriji, 2019. godina

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Ostaci rakete u severnom Libanu za vreme IAF vazdušnog napada na Masyaf u Siriji. Na slici vidimo repni deo rakete 3M9M koja pripada Sirijskom PVO sistemu 2K12 "Kub" (SA-6 Gainful) ispaljenu na Izraelske vazduhoplove ili projektile.

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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Uspeo sam, sutra kreće, u četvrtak gotovo. Preko skypa je. U petak izveštaj.

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Jazidi, deca Starog istoka

Autorka je profesorka na Odseku istorije Filozofskog fakulteta u Beogradu.
Peščanik.net, 17.04.2019.

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Navodno koriscen Rampage ali nije IAF nista rekao...
#BREAKING: On 13/04/2019, #Israel Defense Force carried-out an airstrike against missile factory & warehouses of #IRGC & Syrian #Hezbollah in #Masyaf, #Syria destroying multiple artillery rockets and ballistic missile launchers. ImageSat Intl. released its sat images now:

Citat:It is believed that the #Israel Air Force's F-16Is successfully tested the Rampage Artillery rockets against #IRGC & #SAA related targets in this airstrike in #Masyaf, #Syria. The Rampage rockets are coming from the first production lot.


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Irak i Sirija će uskoro otvoriti medjunarodni autoput na graničnom prelazu AbuKamal (Al Bukamal). Sa iračke strane prelaz i put će biti štićeni od stane Iračke PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) dok će sa sirijske strane tu ulogu vršiti SAA i pro-vladine snage. Vojni konvoj SAA je pristigao u T-2 stanicu kako bi osigurali autoput.

Massive convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements arrive near the T-2 Pumping Station in eastern Syria. This coincides with the recent influx of Hashd Al-Shaabi fighters on the border. Looks like the international highway is about to be opened.


Citat:Syrian Army Launches Large-Scale Combing Operation Between Raqqa, Homs & Deir Ezzor

Ukoliko se prelaz otvori to će biti od velikog značaja za Siriju ali i pobeda za Iran čime Tanf gubi na značaju.

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Искандер поново на отвореном у Латакији, вежба или допуњавање.

Велика криза због недостатка горива у Сирији на територијама под контролом Дамаска. Колоне су километарске, Сиријци кукају да им је горе него икад. Иран шаље танкер као помоћ.

Citat:fuel crisis in Assad-held areas reached an unbelievable level. Video from Tartus
same situation in the Capital, Damascus, with endless queues to get fuel. This #FuelCrisis is mostly due to #ISIS "inheritage", corruption & crippling sanctions.
This picture is from Damascus, the economic situation is unbearable due to sanctions on Syria

Citat:Had many of the armed groups & civilians still been occupying enclaves around Damascus, it unlikely that the Eco sanctions on petroleum products would be in effect today

Ironically, it was conclusion of those military operations that triggered the sanctions on #Syria ‘s Govt

Citat:Fuel Crisis Paralyzes Damascus Syria

I prefer to walk instead of wasting time waiting for a bus to drive me to university every day,” said a university student, adding that many girls are being sexually abused in the packed taxis”

Citat:Prior to the fuel crisis in Syria, one liter of gas cost approximately 225 Syrian Pounds. Today, it costs 600 Syrian Pounds.

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Pronađeno skladište u Dari

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Marko Marjanović за checkpointasia

Sitting on Syria’s Oil, US Cuts Lifeline From Iran, Plunges Syria Into Fuel Crisis
Citat:An Arab oil-producing nation has been forced into a fuel crisis by US occupation of its oil fields, and shipping blockade

used to consume over 200,000 barrels of oil domestically, but that has gone down to 100,000 or less, with majority of that being shipments from Iran on a credit line that both nations understood was unlikely to ever be paid back in full.

Now the US has succeeded in cuting off that lifeline as well. It is blacklisting tankers which deliver the Iranian fuel and having Egypt block them from ever crossing the Suez.

Данас је прошао један танкер, видећемо да ли ће у Сирију да стигне.

Иначе ивај као да је испратио постове на форуму од данас. Very Happy

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Navodna lista imena o borcima ISIS-a koji se bore u redovima TFSA.
-Ne sumnjam da se ISIS-ovci bore u redovima TFSA, i to u stotinama, medjutim ovaj članak mi deluje kao čista pro-kurdska propaganda.


Citat:Bab-centered ISIS organization by the Turkish state


Citat:Both the SDF and Syrian Army are getting hit daily by ISIS sleeper cells. At some point, there needs to be coordination between the two sides because there is a network of ISIS fighters still operating inside their territories. They are likely linked as well.

^ dokle god Al-Tanf postoji ISIS će preživeti bilo kakvu kordinaciju izmedju SAA i SDF-a. Kao i u Manbiju i na severu Sirije pod SDF-om, primali su crne u svoje redove, Arapi ih ne vole plus im upadaju (crni) sa TFSA teritorije.

Šiptar-Sluga SAD

Albanian ISIS terrorists from Kosovo and Metohija were Clinton’s assistants before, during and after the illegal NATO war against Serbia.
Lavdrim Muhaxher was a commander of hundreds of Albanians from Kosovo fighting with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.




Iranian oil tanker Stark I crossed the Suez Canal and is on its way to western Turkey and this is a big delivery.

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Египатске власти не блокирају иранске нафтне танкере да прођу кроз Суески канал, објавила је у четвртак веб страница поморског саобраћаја Марине Траффиц.

Ако је Иран у стању да испоручује нафту у западну Турску, они су у могућности да транспортују нафту у сиријске обалне градове Тартоус и Латакију.


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