Ruske bespilotne letelice


Ruske bespilotne letelice

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Tayfun-5 UAV

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Napisano: 05 Dec 2012 20:03

Russian military tests drones launched near Tula

To date, intelligence complex "Finder" UAV "T-4" - the only short-range unmanned complex that falls under the category of "wearable".

MOSCOW, December 5 - RIA Novosti. Service testing of compact razvedkompleksa "The Seeker" with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Russian production started in the Tula region, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, developer of the complex, the head of unmanned systems Omsk Radio Plant named after A. Alexey Popov Topehin.

"In the 106th Airborne Division began service testing of portable short-range unmanned complex" The Seeker ", developed by the Omsk AS Popov Radio Plant. In the test program - the execution of several training flights, as well as carrying the complex and its preparation for working with to determine the optimal form of wearable, one or two rucksacks, weight, layout container for landing and so on, "- he said.

Topehin noted that to date intelligence complex "Finder" UAV "T-4" - a single set of short-range drone that falls under the category of "wearable". According to him, the whole complex is ready for the state tests, but it will take some time to refine the product in accordance with the wishes of the Airborne Command.

"The commander of Navy has set the task - to develop a compact, wearable really complex unmanned spy who scout and autonomously acting on foot airborne division could take even in the mountains. This is a difficult, time consuming task, because of the complex weight reduction will inevitably lead to a deterioration transferred to them "pictures" area, flight times and other characteristics, "- said the official.

He added that the results of tests complex will be completed in accordance with the wishes of the paratroopers, and the next time the command, Navy only after implementation of refined requirements.

"In this case, depending on the decision of the Commander of Airborne" The Seeker "will be completed in one of two options: either by cutting some of the characteristics of the 'lite' facility will be carried and operated by one paratrooper and parachute in its individual shipping container SC-30, or the characteristics of the complex, including the duration of the flight, will be improved, but the complex will be carried in two backpacks two paratroopers, "- said Topehin.

He stressed that even in the second version of the complex total weight does not exceed 10 pounds, and an antenna for communication with the drone will, as now, stand straight out of the bag on the road, and not exposed to the ground, like all small complexes with UAVs.

To the question whether the complex is aimed only at the troopers, or general purpose forces in general, Topehin said that at the recent "Interpolitex-2012" "The Seeker" was demonstrated to the Army Chief of Intelligence Colonel Vladimir Marusino.

"He (Marusin) has expressed interest in our complex. Paratroopers also work for two reasons: first, probably no one in today's Armed cilah there is no combat experience, as the commander of the Navy General Shamanov, and secondly, if complex in its edited form, fit paratrooper, then, matches and the infantry, since airborne more stringent, "- said the developer of the complex.

Complex "Finder" consists of a base station, which is located in a backpack, a tablet computer (it is broadcast camera images drones and he also serves as the management console UAVs) and two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) "T-4" weighing 1.3 kg each. UAVs are launched "with hands", and the flight of the device - 40 minutes. Optimal image areas it passes from a height of 200 meters above the surface, but it can rise to a height of four thousand meters above sea level, that is to work in mountainous terrain. UAV is equipped with an electric motor, the wingspan of the device - 0.6 meters. The approximate cost of the complex "The Seeker" with two drones is about 3 million rubles.

Dopuna: 15 Dec 2012 13:43

Zavrseno je testiranje BPL komplexa "Искатель" ili Tragac

U cilju unapredjenja sistema,trazeno je da se:
- smanji masa sa trenutnih 9-10 kg na 6-7 kg
-promeni sistem navigacije sa GPS na GLONASS
-poveca vreme u kom je BPL u vazduhu za najmanje 1.5 put

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^^^^^^ Iz gornjeg teksta
Citat:Он је подсетио да су пре неколико година били купљени узорци беспилотних летелица Израела, јер домаћа индустрија није могла да представи војсци производ бољег квалитета.

Испитивања трају....
Децембар 212

Searcher Mk II

Citat:Испытания БЛА "Форпост" (IAI Searcher Mk II), собранного на ОАО «Уральский завод гражданской авиации» для Министерства обороны России. Салка, 25.12.2012 (с) ОАО "ОПК "Оборонпром"


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Пренео си нам цео сајт. Smile

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Da kao i u vecini slucajeva tj. tema na kojoj imamo ovaj bastion Karpenka .On je inace moj brat od tetke iz Rusije pa mi poslao ovo malo da citamo . Mr. Green


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Модел нове БПЛ Алтиус М.

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UAVs come the Russian Army

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as "Orlan" and "Granat" will come into service in the Army this year, said at the 11th International Defence Exhibition "IDEX-2013" Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"Receipt of the first UAV Army is expected this year. Laid adjustment in the procurement plan. It is a type of UAV "Orlan" and "Granat", created by the technical task of the Ministry of Defence ", - said the commander in chief.

V.Chirkin noted that near the Russian exposition at the exhibition demonstrates the impact created by the UAE UAVs. "There's a lot to say - they did it themselves or collected from imported components. And we have a stroke while it is not. We solve the problem until the UAV communications, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, "- he said.

"In UAV can not say that we are lagging hopelessly behind but very seriously. The last two decades have not done this at all. And the Americans in the summer of 2012 was in service with more than 36 thousand drones, and all - intelligence, communications and attack, "- said the commander in chief.

However V.Chirkin said: "We went to" Orlan-10 ", he passed the stage of the military operation."

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