Pustinjska oluja-vazdusna kampanja


Pustinjska oluja-vazdusna kampanja

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Ovo nije SCUD

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Obaranje dva A-10

Campaign to award Medal of Honor to A-10 pilot

Citat:On February 15, 1991, Demarest says his friend Steve Phillis and his brand new wingman Lt. Rob Sweet were tasked with attacking Saddam Hussein’s elite Republican Guards Division. After making several successful passes, a surface-to-air missile was fired at Sweet’s plane. He deployed flares to escape it. A second missile hit him from behind, blowing off part of his wing and sending his plane into a steep spiral. Sweet ejects and when his parachute opened, he was left dangling over the elite Iraqi armored division he had just finished bombing. Steve flies an orbit over the division to draw fire away from Sweet’s descent. He fired flares to draw attention, making his A-10 a target. It’s at this moment he knows he’s not coming back.

“He keys the microphone and using the codeword for the day, transmits ‘Enfield 3-7 is bagged as well,'" says Demarest. "And it’s the last radio transmission he makes, unbeknownst to his family, his fiancée, his friends, his fellow fighter pilots. Moments later he is engaged, shot down and killed by another Iraqi surface-to-air missile system.”

In that moment, Steve Phillis decided to put his wingman’s life before his own. His last act being that of heroism.

“He didn’t have to stay there," said Demarest. "He didn’t have to drop flares and make himself a target. He didn’t have to stand over those 10,000 angry troops now emboldened by their success. Yet, the thought of leaving, never crossed his mind. When you look at bravery above and beyond the call of duty, to save a fellow airman, to me- that checks all the boxes that we look for in our Medal of Honor recipients.”


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