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Koliko znam to je oprema firme Ruska avionika a nikako Tadiran i Thales.

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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MiG-35 passes all tests under MMRCA tender
Arrow http://en.take-off.ru/news/102-feb2011/524-mig-3502-2011

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Jos interesantnih slika, neke su signurno vec bile Very Happy









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VITEZFOREVER ::ali vremena se što se političkih dešavanja i vojnih naruđbina kod nas menjaju. Izleda da ostajemo verni MIG-u ! I posle MIG-a ... MIG... ali SMT-ica ili 35-ca !

Ovo nije zamo tvoja, moja zelja ?

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He nece biti ni jedno ni drugo. Dobro je ako dobijemo i Laste.

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zixo ::Zasto si stavio sliku izraelskog radara?

Ako mislis na gornji radar isti je de fskto ruski i radjenen u saradnji i sa farasncuskim i izraelskim elektronicarima. Rusi to nikada nexe priynati! Ko je bio na Maksu i 2007. i 2009. yna da je saradnja medju strucnjacima bila intenzivna. Rezulytat je nova paleta Zhuk radara ! Donji radar na slici je elektronska baza za novi AESA radar na Migu 35.
/ Rusija je godinama ... decenijama kaskala u sgeri avio elektronike i saradnja je bila nuznaQ Ruski ponos ti nece priznati!
... Odlican sistem OLS je proizvod iskljucovo ruske pameti nakog visegodisnjeg aktivnog istrazivanja otoelektronike gde su sa ovim sistemom detekcije dometa oko 40.km u pasivnom modu bez konkurencije u svetu.
... Da bi covek znao validne informacije mor da bude na izvoru desavanja ...tj, najveim svetskim eromitinzima i predsavnicima ljudi iz marketinga i struke,

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Prijatelju bio sam na MAKS 2009 i nigde nisam video da su Rusi razvili svoj radar na bazi ELTA 2052.

Daj neki link koji to potvrdjuje.

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- Šta je to bitno inovativno doneo Mig 35 i sta daje osnovu da biro-fabrika MIG ponovo oživi:

Zhuks radars :
N-010 Zhuk (9.15 and 9.31 MiG-29M/K),
Zhuk-27 (proposed scaled up version of N-010 for Flanker. Never built),
Zhuk-ME (improved Zhuk for MiG-29SMT 9.18 and MiG-29K/KUB),
Zhuk-MFE (phased array version of Zhuk-ME),
Zhuk-A (first prototype of Zhuk AESA shown at MAKS 2005 as FGM-29),
Zhuk-MAE (current prototype for MiG-35, not final version, derived from Zhuk-A),
Zhuk-MSE (Zhuk-ME scaled up for Su-30MK3),
Zhuk-MFSE (phased array version of Zhuk-MSE).

But from the most beginning almost nobody has paid attention to some new features in the overall view of the plane. Only most attentive experts have spotted the new shape of the onboard OLS (optical locator station) and some new elements on the plane. It says a lot for the specialists. MiG corporation team didn’t make a secret out of it - on the airshow in Bangalore MiG-35 has presented completely new Russian product - OLS. It has attracted a lot of specialists’ attention, today in the world there is no similar systems.
It looks like the development of such a system took dozens of years. But current project has started only several years ago. It has begun from the visit of MiG specialists to the NII PP - Federal space agency science and research institute of the precise instruments
Viktor Shargorodsky, NII PP general designer: “One day we met RSK MiG deputy chief designer and he has asked us a simple question: “Do you know avionics?”. We answered him that in general yes, but never had such developments. He said that it is very good and gave us several technical task definitions to check. And asked us not to discuss it with professional avionics designers.”

Such unusual request was explained very easily. MiG engineers were looking for people who could do OLS development from zero, ignoring existing experience. Only this way it was possible to make a completely new system in short time period.

MiG engineers have defined basic points of the optical locator system development:
- multispectrality. System should work both in visible and IR ranges
- integrity. TV and IR systems, laser ranging system should be united in one solid construction
- system should work on wide angles, up to 360 and identify shapes of aerial and ground targets
Before this meeting with MiG specialists, NII PP was dealing mostly with space technologies - it was developing devices for the communication and instruments for the space vehicles movements parameters measuring.

Viktor Shargorodsky, NII PP general designer: “By that time we had good experience. Our orbit ranging systems for the tasks of mapping were in space for about 50 times already. It was built the net of laser stations to detect changes in space vehicles evolutions. We had a very good progress in laser space communication systems too.”

Right now you may see the newest laser communication system. Soon this exact device will be delivered to the ISS and will provide Russian spacemen with stable wide data channel with Earth. Space devices from the GLONAS (Russian global navigation system) net are equipped with NII PP instruments.
Even on the satellites of the GPS and Galileo systems there are deflectors created here, in the NII PP.
Viktor Shargorodsky, NII PP general designer: “And then it started. When the first test flights took place, everybody started to believe in us because of results we have shown.”

Viktor Sumerin, NII PP deputy general designer: “New OLS is much more effective. Two-three times only by range. Old OLS didn’t have TV channel, so it means no picture at all - no TV, no IR. That’s why some of the functions just was impossible to implement
OLS, as well as radar, allows to detect targets and aim weapon systems. But, unlike the radar, OLS has no emission which means - can’t be detected. OLS works like a human eye - it gets picture and analyzes it. Usually it’s been said radars are the eyes of the plane. But to be exact, it’s more locator device, like whales has. But OLS is really the eyes of the plane and they are very sharp.

OLS works not only in visible bands. Very important part of “plane vision” is IR picture. NII PP engineers has chosen more short-wave bands for the matrix, which has increased sensitivity of the complex in several times and has increased detection range greatly.

MiG-35 OLS may see USAF stealth planes very nicely as well. Today it’s impossible to hide the plane from the complex of powerful optics with IR vision.

New OLS is intelligence system of technical vision to work in realtime of fast combat environment. In air combat complex allows:
- detect not-afterburning target on the 45km range and more;
- identify this target on 8-10km range;
- estimate aerial target range up to 15 km
Viktor Sumerin, NII PP deputy general designer:
“Information about coming missile is being analyzed from the three stages of its progress: the missile launch, the work of main propulsion unit and on the distances less then 5 km missile can be detected by the warm head.”

The effective missile launch detection range is more then 50 km.

Viktor Sumerin, NII PP deputy general designer: “Our system allows to evaluate the level of missile danger - on the distances more then 5 km we need to detect, if this missile is dangerous for the plane.”

More info from MAKS :It's ... MiG-29 (9.25) for both the MiG-29M2 and MiG-35!
Universal interest was toward the latest radar. "Zhuk-ae, with the active antenna array (AFAR). ,Thanks to the cooperation of RSK MiG and corporations is the Fazotron-niir MiG-35 first Russian fighter jet, which has a BRLS, associated with the fifth generation aviation technology .

Another 'miracle' is-engine (St. Petersburg) RD-33OVT (with thrust vector) . By allowing aircraft to go to such regimes that is beyond a conventional machines , the engine with a nozzle that can rotate in any direction, provides fro "mig" supermaneurability : complete control at the limit, at the lowest (200 to 0 km / h) speed

To Note also that the new "jet" is differs from its predecessors in the new unified family fighter (Mig-29k, Mig-29m2) is not only sonar equipment and the latest optiko-elektronna equipment. The particular interest of the Deputy Prime Minister was rised by the fact that for the first time in history, for both fighters the optic equipment was made by the leading institutions of the Russian space industry. Details of the new equipment has never publicly announced. Moreover, the apparatus has been closed by covers!
The MiG-35 is capable of the following:

Winning an aerial dog fight with the best fighter aircraft in the world!
Successfully counteracting existing and future attack aircraft and missiles!
Destroying ground and sea-surface targets with high-precision weapons without the need to enter the enemy’s air defense zone!
Conduct aerial reconnaissance using optic-electronic and radio technical equipment!
Participate in group actions and acting as the “control unit” for groups of aircraft !
By maintaining the best qualities of the MiG-29 (defined by its integral aerodynamic configuration and other structural features), the unified family of fighters has a number of key strategic features including improved combat effectiveness and survivability, open architecture avionics, improved operational performance and an expandable weapons suite !
The increased number of weapons the aircraft can carry and the larger fuel capacity have led to an increase in the maximum take-off weight of the MiG-35, the aircraft is best described as being in the medium fighter category rather than the light fighter category !

With respect to combat, flight and operational performances the MiG-35 is the optimal combat aircraft for those countries operating fighter fleets based on heavy, medium and light aircraft!
The MiG-35 is a real air warrior designed for repeated heavy duty operations during times of war. During the development of the aircraft special attention has been paid to the improvement of the following aspects of its operational performance:

Considerable increase of the reliability of the aircraft, engine and avionics !
Service life extended to 40 years and 6000 flight hours!
Engine TBO increased to 1000 flight hours!
Cost per flight hour of the MiG-35 flight hour is almost 2.5 times lower than the MiG-29’s!
The MiG-35 is designed for on-condition maintenance with all the checking and servicing procedures to be performed directly by the operating unit, which adds to the combat readiness of the aircraft.!
The setup of a dedicated service support center and consignment depot, which are due to become part of the integrated logistic support system, will dramatically increase the after-sales support for MiG fighter aircraft in India !

A big factor contributing to the improvement of the combat effectiveness and survivability of the MiG-35 is the airborne radio-electronic equipment based on new-generation technologies:

The MiG-35 is the first Russian fighter equipped with onboard radar which has active phased array radar (AESA radar). This radar has been developed by the “Phazotron-NIIR” Corporation as part of the “Zhuk” family of radars. RAC “MiG” is the world leader in operating phased array radars. The MiG-31, inducted by the Russian Air Force in 1981, was the first fighter with phased array radar in the world. The multifunctional “Zhuk” family AESA radar allows for a substantial increase in the detection range of aerial and ground targets as well as augmenting the number of simultaneously tracked and attacked targets.

A revolutionary feature of the MiG-35 is the integration of the most advanced optic-electronic sighting and targeting systems. The developers utilized unique technologies from the Russian space program when creating these systems. The MiG-35 is equipped with in-built multi-channel surveying-and-sighting optic-electronic system which has an extended range. The multi-channel optic-electronic station to be fitted to the aircraft in a pod allows for round-the-clock navigation, detection, sighting and reconnaissance.
The MiG-35 self-defense system includes the most up-to-date radio and optical devices ensuring timely detection and counteraction of enemy fighters and air defense.
The MiG-35s high combat effectiveness is predetermined by the following structural innovations:
Compared to MiG-29 the MiG-35 has a considerably increased fuel capacity, augmented by a number of external fuel tanks (up to 5) and an in-flight refueling system. The MiG-35 is capable of acting as a tanker-aircraft if equipped with the PAZ-МК refueling pod.
The increased number of external load points allows the aircraft to carry various weapon configurations in combination with the external fuel tanks.
The feasibility of integrating into the avionics and weapons suites the perspective systems of Russian design (which were earlier offered only for export), as well as ordnance and avionics of ADVANTAGE:
Reduced radar signature!
A complex of technical and technological systems (e.g. onboard oxygen-generating station) ensuring self-sufficient aircraft deployment!
The incorporation of technologies to prevent corrosion of the airframe and main systems. These meet the highest standards of protection for ship-borne fighters, which can substantially facilitate aircraft operation in tropical climates!
A program of technical training is in place which consists of interactive computer-based training and a range of simulators which include a mobile full-mission simulator. The training system has been developed to be utilized for all aircraft in the unificated family of fighter aircraft!

The MiG-35 fighter is a state-of-the-art aircraft designed by RAC “MiG”. It was rolled out on the 9th of January 2007 in the presence of Sergey Ivanov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, Defense Minister, and General Vladimir Mikhailov, Commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force.
According to Vladimir Mikhailov, the MiG-35 will be in demand by both the Russian Air Force and international customers. The fighter will be offered to the Indian Air Force for the MMRCA tender (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft). !
The program of development and production of the MiG-35 envisages a large-scale technology transfer and further cooperation with the Indian industry. In particular it is planned to:
Involve Indian companies in the design and manufacture of avionics including the one pertaining to the new generation!
Set up licensed production of the MiG-35, along with all its major systems, at HAL. There will be no limits to the transfer of technology !
Utilize the industrial infrastructure created for operation, overhaul and series production of “MiG” and “Su” aircraft
Develop future joint programs for combat aircraft upgrades !

Arrow http://kuku.sawf.org/Articles/56789.aspx
Arrow http://vitalykuzmin.net/?q=node/232

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I? Gde se ovde spominje izraelski radar?

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zixo ::He nece biti ni jedno ni drugo. Dobro je ako dobijemo i Laste.

Sto si takav. Kupicemo najmoderniji MiG-29 nasim pilotima doduse Nemacku verziju:


Za to imamo pare, a verovatno kosta kao Lasta Mr. Green

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