Vought A-7E Corsair II


Vought A-7E Corsair II

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Citat:A-7A Corsair II from VA-37 squadron on its way to attack during Vietnam war, January 1969

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A-7 ja tada imao prvi pravi HUD a koji je omogucavao i prikazivanje slike sa FLIR kontejnera

Citat:Looking back at the A-7's AN/AVQ-7(V) HUD, which was made by Elliott Flight Automation along with Marconi, it is amazing what they pulled off in the mid-1960s. Much of the HUD's general layout and symbology is still in use today, and just how deeply integrated the HUD was with the jet's radar, navigation, and other systems is absolutely remarkable. Flight data 'tapes,' velocity vector, pitch ladder, steering cues, targeting points, bomb azimuth guides, AoA E-bracket, and much more are all there, just as they remain on so many tactical aircraft HUDs today.

The aircraft's HUD and the avionics and sensors that were tied into it greatly helped the A-7 become renowned as an incredibly precise weapons delivery platform in an age that predated the widespread use of precision-guided weapons. Various reports state that the A-7 improved the accuracy of weapons delivery by a multiple over the aircraft that came before it, most notably the plane it was meant to initially replace within the U.S. Navy, the A-4 Skyhawk. The A-7 would go on to serve in the USAF and Hellenic Air Force, as well as with Portugal and Thailand.

The A-7 would continue to make history in terms of pilot visual and targeting aids with the introduction of the first raster scan/CRT HUD that allowed for video imagery, as well as HUD symbology, to be projected in front of the pilot. As such, video from a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) pod could be projected into the pilot's forward field of view, giving them a degree of night vision. When tied to terrain-following radar, precision all-weather, day-night attack capability was had. The FLIR pods could also be used to verify targets via a zoom function. This program was known as the A-7E Target Recognition Attack Multisensor (TRAM) configuration.


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