Nova generacija helikoptera(Mi-X1, Ka-90, Ka-92, SikorskyX2)


Nova generacija helikoptera(Mi-X1, Ka-90, Ka-92, SikorskyX2)

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Još jedan par slika maketi Ka-92 i Mi-XI:


Ovaj Sikorsky X2 je pravi put, samo se bojim da če Amerikanci prestiči Ruse.

Dopuna: 05 Jun 2010 21:29

Slika iz prospekta

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Arrow Helikopter 5-te generacije - Rusija

Rad na stvaranju borbenog helikoptera 5 generacije počeće 2011. godine. Tada počinju naučno istraživački radovi i radovi na stvaranju zahteva za potrebnom tehnologijom koja će biti korišćena u izradi helikoptera a potom će slediti izrada prototipa.

U okviru naučno istraživačkih radova biće proveravane različite koncepcije aerodinamičkog oblika letelice. U razvoju učestvuje OKB Kamov.

Taktičko-tehnički zahtevi za novi borbeni helikopter razvijaće se na bazi vojnih koncepcija koje će biti aktuelne u budućih 15 godina kada se očekuje uvođenje u naoružanje ove letelice.

Letelica mora da ispuni sledeće zahteve :

1) Da razvije vertikalnu brzinu leta reda 250-300 km/h
2) Da razviej horizontalnu brzinu leta reda 450-500 km/h
3) Dejstvovanje po ciljevima iz zaklona,
4) Ispunjavanje borbenih zadataka u svim vremenskim prilikama
5) Povećana žilavost i smanjeni nivo detekcije helikoptera
6) Kokpit sa sistemom obrade i prikazivanja podataka po uzoru na T-50
7) Značajno povećana univerzalnost letelice za izvršavanje zadataka u poređenju sa postojećim tipovima helikoptera u svetu.

Izvor :

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Malo detaljnija razmišljanja nekih stručmjaka o tome koje bi karakteristike novi helikopter morao posedovati:

Citat:Date Posted 13 May 2010
Russia Begins Creation of Fifth Generation Stealth Helicopter

Vertolety Rossii ((Helicopters of Russia)) announced on Wednesday that they are developing a "fifth generation" helicopter. The Russian company is prepared to invest one billion dollars into its creation. They also are trying to create a rotary-winged aircraft of the future in the United States.
The Vertolety Rossii company's executive director, Andrey Shibitov, let the cat out of the bag at a press conference in Moscow regarding the fact that the Russian helicopter holding company is developing a future rotary-winged aircraft.

"We are hard a work on a concept of a new, fifth generation helicopter. Two aerodynamic layouts have begun wind tunnel tests - co-axial and classical. First results have been obtained. It will become clear in the first quarter 2011 on which project of the two we will decide," Shibitov noted.

The executive director didn't mention the helicopter's future parameters; however, he reported that its two variants are still undergoing work - with coaxial blades (as in the Ka-52) and with classical (as the Mi-24 has).

At the same time, according to Shibitov, the Mil' OKB (the Mi family of helicopters) is working on the classical layout - a large main rotor and small auxiliary ((rotor)), and the Kamov OKB firm (the Ka family of helicopters) on the coaxial. Vertolety Rossii will begin to invest nearly one billion dollars for financing the development from 2011, after which they expect that financing will come out of the budget.

They also didn't disclose the future aircraft's performance at the Russian Federation ministry of defense; however, military aviation leaders noted the mandatory qualities that a future helicopter must possess.
Lightweight, noiseless and stealthy

Former Russian air force commander-in-chief, General of the Army Aleksandr Kornukov, noted in an interview with GZT.RU that a "fifth generation" helicopter must possess at a minimum three new qualities - light weight, no noise and be invisible to radars.

"The high noise level is a serious deficiency of modern helicopters. The aircraft in fact gives itself away repeatedly during combat. Therefore, a low noise level is one of the main factors a helicopter of the future must possess. And of course, it must be invisible to radars, that is, built with stealth technology," Kornukov told GZT.RU. The former air force CinC also noted that two pilots should control the new helicopters, in which connection it is better if they sit behind and not beside each other.

X-Shaped rotor lowered Mi-28 noise level by 15 percent
Former Russian Federation armed forces military aviation commander, General-Colonel Vitaliy Pavlov, Retired, thinks that there are a lot of engineering solutions capable of making a helicopter noiseless.

"For example, when they installed the X-shaped tail rotor on the Mi-28, its noise level dropped about 15 percent in comparison with its Mi-24 counterpart, which has equally laid out blades," Pavlov noted. According to him, the helicopter's noise level also can be lowered owing to modification of the engine.

At the same time he emphasized that it is not possible to increase a rotary-winged aircraft's speed cardinally because of design peculiarities. "Well, let's allow its speed will be 350 kilometers per hours instead of 300. But for air defense systems and anti-aircraft systems this difference is not fundamental," Pavlov noted.

The coaxial system is more reliable, the classical - more stable

The former army aviation commander also noted that it is very complicated to chose between two principally different systems - coaxial and classical.
"Each has its own qualities and its own deficiencies. For example, I remember when an Mi-24 returned from being fired at and they counted 43 rounds had struck the blades. And it was nothing, the aircraft sat down successfully. It is hard to say how the Ka-52 would behave in such a situation. On the other hand, the Ka-52 is more maneuverable in narrows gorges and the mountains because of the absence of a tail boom," Pavlov noted.

"I have piloted helicopters with both systems - both the Mi-24, and Ka-52 and the Ka-26. In my subjective opinion, the coaxial system is steadier in control and the classical more reliable," noted Pavlov.

The fifth generation helicopter will wither without a state order

((Money stuff snipped.))

NEXT ((in English)) generation
The Mi-28, Ka-50 and Ka-52 being introduced now are fourth generation. The primary combat helicopter of military aviation, the Mi-24, is third. Its predecessor is the Mi-4 and it is second generation. And the very first aircraft - the Mi-1 - were the first, first deputy to Ivashov and first vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sivkov, explained to GZT.RU.

According to him, there still are no fifth generation helicopters in the world, development of similar aircraft has only begun in the United States. "The primary 'fifth generation' criteria are - increased flight range, intelligent weapons control 'fire and forget' system, ability to wage aerial combat with airplanes (contemporary helicopters operate, mainly, near the ground), invisibility to radar, a hard prop which will allow this aircraft to develop a speed to 500 - 600 kilometers per house and hyper spectral chemical surface analysis systems that allow 'seeing,' for example, a path along which drug traffickers have passed for a month.

At the same time, the expert noted that a decrease of noise for modern combat conditions is not principle. "Earlier they detected helicopters by noise of the blades at 20 - 30 kilometers." Today a modern radar can pinpoint a helicopter at a distance of 150 - 200 kilometers. Therefore, the question of noise is secondary for modern warfare," Sivkov noted.

He added that with a favorable succession of events, with steady financing and well coordinated work of the designers and manufacturers, it is possible to create a new helicopter in 5 years. In the worst case, the appearance of a fifth generation aircraft will drag out for 20 - 30 years.

Source: 13.05.10, Gazeta, Correspondent: Denis Tel'manov

I jedan članak koji pkazuje koliko su helikopterski motori napredovali i da su se skoro približili običnom avionu po performansama u ovom slučaju dostignut je plafon leta od 8.100m a pominje se i 9.000m.

Citat:Mi-8MTV with TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V Engine Undergoes Flight Tests

Flight tests of an Mi-8MTV helicopter with a TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V engine took place today at the Aviakon state enterprise in Konotop. The helicopter climbed to an altitude of 8,100 meters in 13 minutes (a world record) during the tests, in which connection the maximum power of 2,000 horsepower was maintained for 30 minutes.

Earlier during previous tests, an Mi-24 helicopter with TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V engines demonstrated a record climb rate - it climbed to an altitude of 5,000 meters in only 9 minutes, which means a climb rate increase of 2 1/2 times.

In 2009, state bench tests of the TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V engine ended successfully, which allowed adopting it into the Ukrainian defense ministry's inventory for participation in upgrade of combat transport helicopter power plants which envisioned replacing the engines with the TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V. Thanks to the replacement of the TVZ-117V engines with new TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V, Ukraine's air force will be able to economize on servicing the aircraft owing to the increase of the Mi-24 power plant's service life.

The TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V is the second engine created by the OAO Motor Sich designers and specialists. The MAK chairman presented international certificate of type ST267-AMD for this engine to the chairman of the OAO Motor Sich board of directors, Vyacheslav Boguslaev, in September 2007 during celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the company's founding. The engines are being produced at the Motor Sich manufacturing base certified by MAK and the quality control system meets the requirements of international standards.

The TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V was created based on the TVZ-117VMA-SBM1 turboprop engine for the An-140 regional cargo and passenger airplane. A number of new components with increased service life are used in the power plant. Moreover, the new engines can be installed on the helicopters without additional modifications to the aircraft - the automatic control systems can function together with the aircraft systems it has. These engines have a series of important properties in comparison with the TVZ-117 and VK-2500 engines, especially in mountainous and high temperature conditions, and they also have an appreciably longer service life.

A series of bench service life and special tests were performed during certification work, including in a TsIAM thermal vacuum chamber, as a result of which the engine's performance was confirmed at altitudes up to 9,000 meters in an ambient air temperature range from - 60 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius and in a speed range up to 400 kilometers per hour. Engine starts were made at an altitude of 6,000 meters, and a higher temperature in comparison with the TVZ-117 and sustained power altitude were confirmed. Desired engine parameters were confirmed in flight tests of the engine on a helicopter and improved flight performance of the helicopter was demonstrated. Thus, for example, climb speed for the helicopter was increased and flights also were made at an altitude of 7,000 meters.

At the present time OAO Motor Sich is working on the creation of the TVZ-117VMA-SBM1B series 1 modification with an automatic control system and a FADEC ((Latin letters)) type control. Use of this system will lead to further improvement of the helicopter and engine's performance.

Source: 19.05.10, Aviation Explorer

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Амерички хеликоптер Икс 2 компаније Сикорски постигао нови светски рекорд у брзини од 417 км/ч. Рекорд је незваничан.

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Ovaj proleteo blizu moje zgrade negde na visini 13-og sprata pre nekih sat vremena.
Helikopter policije Santiaga. Opremljen je dobrom optickim i infra-crvenim kamerama. Preleti cesce i vidi se da je tek uzleteo sa neke zgrade u blizini jer je bio u procesu uvlacenja stajnog trapa.
Leti i aktivan je i nocu u hvayanju kriminalaca. Cuje se povremeno kako lebdi i snima.
Vreme je ocajno sivkasto danas pa nema svetla ali se dobro vidi koji je u pitanju. O kom se helikopteru radi?r?

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AgustaWestland AW109.

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Sikorsky X2 novi najbrzi helikopter. Novi rekord(nezvanicni), 250 cvorova( 463 km/h) u pravolinijskom letu.

Sikorsky has achieved its goal of flying the X2 hybrid helicopter demonstrator at 250kt in level flight.

Though not an official record, the milestone, set during a 1.1h sortie today (15 September) at the company's West Palm Beach facility in Florida, exceeds by 34kt the officially recognized top speed for a helicopter - 216kt (400km/h) by a Westland Lynx in 1984.

Itd... Arrow

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Da li bi mu brzina bila veća ako bi upotrebili VTDP tail kao na UH-60?

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ЕАДС-ов нови концепт Икс 3.

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Mislim da ovaj svojevrsni Frankestajn medju helikopterima i nema bas neke sanse da dozivi serijsku proizvodnju, kao ni ceo koncept Eurocoptera, jer je previse komplikovan.

Sta ce se desiti ukoliko jedan od bocnih rotora prestane sa radom ?
Osim toga, rotori na kraju mini-krila ne deluju kao dobro resenje (V-22 Osprey ima znatno jaca, "prava" krila sa motorim u gondolama, nema jedinstvenog noseceg rotora).
Vibracije su veoma izrazene - vidi se na 6:32-6:35 i na 6:39-6:41.
Malo pomocno krilo je tu da rastereti glavni rotor pri vecoj brzini, ali je problem sto je na kraju krila rotor koji sam po sebi proizvodi vibracije.

Mi-X1 i Ka-92 mi deluju kao znatno jednostavnija, naprednija i bolja resenja.

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