Borbeni moduli, RCWS/RWS stanice


Borbeni moduli, RCWS/RWS stanice

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Citat:As well as the basic configuration, the RCWS can be provided with a coaxial 7.62mm module add-on or with an ATGM module featuring two MBDA MMP missiles.
The RCWS features a Rheinmetall LaZ 200L EO sight and fire control system while the stabilisation system is a 2-axis gyro. The system is also able to be integrated with counter-UAS systems. In an emergency, the Midgard 300 can be manually operated.
The AEI Systems Venom 30mm gun is a derivative of the Aden 30mm and is a gas operated, electrically primed revolver gun.
The configuration is similar to the Aden but with a lengthened barrel for optimised velocity, a muzzle brake for reduced recoil and a barrel aligned recoil buffer for improved accuracy.
The weapon has an effective range to 2000m and the selectable option of single shot, 220 spm or fully automatic 1,300 spm.
Ammunition options include high explosive incendiary (HEI); high explosive incendiary tracer (HEIT); armour piercing (AP); target practice (TP); target practice tracer (TPT); armour piercing tracer (APT); and high explosive dual purpose (HEDP).

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