F-35 Joint Strike Fighter


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

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Izrael hoce oba ali trenutni nedostatak para u budzetu dozvoljava kupovinu samo jednog, dok bi drugi odlozili.

Crunch Time For Israeli Air Force: F-15X Or F-35 ?

Citat:“A decision and an acquisition must start now,” an Israeli senior source told Breaking Defense. Ideally, the Israeli Air Force wants a squadron of each type, at $2.5 to $3 billion apiece. (In contrast to the debate in the US, the Israelis don’t see any significant difference in the two airplanes’ operations and maintenance costs). But practically, given the tight budget, the IAF has to choose which fighter to buy first and which to delay for several years.

Last month, the defense ministry issued official inquiries into acquiring both aircraft: a Request For Information (RFI) for the F-15X, which would count as a new acquisition, and a Price & Availability (P&A) request for the F-35I, since that would be adding more aircraft to an ongoing purchase. Israel has bought 50 F-35s to date and has long intended to buy 25 more; it operates some 25 older-model F-15I strike fighters.

The stealthy F-35 is better able to slip through advanced air defenses like the Russian-made S-300s now in Syria, but the F-15X can carry heavier bomb loads: 29,500 pounds for the F-15X versus 22,000 for the F-35 in a “beast mode” that gives up stealth. The F-35 has uniquely advanced electronics that enable to scout ahead and spot targets for other aircraft — such as F-15s — but the F-15X is more easily modified with Israeli equipment.

Israel has invested heavily in recent years in the battlefield networks required to share data between aircraft. While most of these systems are highly classified, one major example we can discuss is Rafael’s BNET. Rafael VP Yoav Wermuth described BNET as uniquely capable of autonomously managing congested radio spectrum to simultaneously handle large numbers of transmissions, process them, and merge them into a single wideband IP network with high data rates, many users, and minimal delays. BNET has been employed in recent exercises where F-35s transmitted large amounts of targeting data to other parts of the force.

Another home-made system of keen interest to the Israeli Air Force is the Rampage missile, reportedly used in recent strikes in Syria, where its long range allowed it to be launched from beyond the range of Syrian anti-aircraft systems, its combination of supersonic speed and maneuverability allows it to avoid being shot down, and its precision limits collateral damage. The weapon was jointly developed by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). While the companies cannot confirm any combat use of Rampage, they did note the missile is well-suited to strike command posts, air bases, maintenance depots, and other targets defended by advanced anti-aircraft weapons.

“We need a heavy truck for these systems,” one source told Breaking Defense. That kind of thinking would favor the F-15X.

But another perspective favors the F-35 for its combination of stealth, sensors, and communications that allow it to gather and share intelligence, including targeting data, over networks such as BNET. “With the threats Israel faces, this capability is essential,” a source said.


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Dosta slika o proizvodnji F35:


Vredi pogledati...

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Izraelcima isporucena jos dva F-35
Israel Receives Two New F-35 Fighter Jets
Citat:Israel's Air Force received from the United States two new F-35 stealth fighter jets on Sunday, a military spokesperson said.
Arrow http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/rel.....-jets.html

Citat:Israel Air Force F-35I's 925 and 926 at Nevatim AFB joining the existing 14 other "Adir".

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J.Koreji isporucena jos dva
Two more F-35A fighter aircraft arrive in South Korea
Citat:The third and fourth of 40 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters ordered for the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) arrived at South Korea’s Cheongju Air Base on 15 July, according to a report by the Yonhap News Agency.
Citing the country’s Defence Acquisition Programme Administration (DAPA) the media outlet said on 16 July that the two fifth-generation fighter aircraft (with tail numbers 007, 008 respectively) landed at their main operational airbase after several stopovers for refuelling following departure from Luke Air Force Base in the US state of Arizona. By the end of the year six more F-35As are expected to arrive in South Korea.

Arrow https://www.janes.com/article/89891/two-more-f-35a.....outh-korea

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A Turskoj ne! :-)

Oglasio se Tramp danas (16/7). Kaze Neemaa F-35 za Turke jer su morali da uzmu S400.

Citat:“We are now telling Turkey that ‘because you have really been forced to buy another missile system, we are not going to sell you the F-35 fighter jets,”

Ako ostane na tome, onda to valda znaci da nema nista od bilo kojih novih americkih aviona i oruzija do daljnjeg.

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Ако се не варам Турци су унишли неку лову.За развој шта ли.Тј.део је плаћен.Шта се дешава с тим парама?

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Ako nekim klauzulama nije predvidjen ovakav problem, a lm samovoljno iskljuci Tursku mora da vrati novac, i verovatno penale neke. Jel je jedna strana svojevoljno raskinula ugovor.
E sada tu postoji mogućnost dogovora, kompenzacije itd.

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Zavisi kakav je ugovor i naravno koji sud je nadležan.
To je prostor u koji uskaču razni novinari i analitičari koji najverovatnije (skoro sigurno) pristup tom ugovoru nemaju ali znaju da opale po medijima dobru priču. Čak ni priča političara tu nije posebno bitna osim za njihove glasače. Važi za oba predsednika. Kad kod nas novinar teško izgovori da ne zna tačno ali lako kaže šta se može desiti (ne i na osnovu čega to zaključuje) šta tek od političara lakih na jeziku i tastaturi očekivati.

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Jedan od problema je to sto Turska proizvodi dosta dijelova za F 35, to se nece moci preko noci prebaciti u neku drugu drzavu.
Kako god bice zanimljiv razvoj situacije...

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