Razvoj novih oklopnih vozila za Vojsku Rusije


Razvoj novih oklopnih vozila za Vojsku Rusije

  • Pridružio: 01 Maj 2013
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pa moraju da ga prave sami zbog sankcije,jel mislim da ruska vojska dala je zeleno svetlo za atom,mislim da je on od onih novih vozila za vojske 8x8 track weacle

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Jel to znači da su odustali od Bumeranga?

  • Pridružio: 10 Jun 2008
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yrraf ::Jel to znači da su odustali od Bumeranga?

Ne, ovo (Atom) je zaseban projekat Uralvagonzavoda i Francuza za strana trzista.

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Toni ::BMP Atom


50mm top?

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57 mm

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ink ::Toni ::BMP Atom


50mm top?

Mislim da je u pitanju top od 57 mm. Rusi vole vece kalibre.

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Razvoj Atom-a je suspendovan.

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  • Pridružio: 10 Jun 2008
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Napisano: 28 Dec 2014 0:20

Citat:BMP "Kurganets" equip "smart" missiles and weapons

Infantry fighting vehicle "Kurganets-25", created on the basis of the average of the unified platform will be the first domestic BMP, which will be separated from the crew module with arms and ammunition.
It is possible that over time, this BMP will receive weapons, whose work will be based on new physical principles, reported today in the press service of the department of industry, transport, communications and energy Kurgan region.

"In the foreseeable future," Kurgan-25 "" prescribe "old friend 30-mm 2A42 automatic gun with ammunition 500 rounds. This is the only thing that will connect the latest military vehicle with its predecessors, - the press-service. - For ammunition will be developed a new range of projectiles, including "smart", programmed in undermining the desired point. This will significantly increase the possibility of combat manpower of the enemy. "

In particular, the BMP plan to establish coupled with the gun 7.62 mm PKT machine gun with 2,000 rounds ammunition. "Kurganets" will also receive ATGM "Cornet" / 4 pieces on two launchers / firing range which will be from 8 thousand to 10 thousand meters.

"To realize the capabilities of weapons, a modern fire control system. It has the ability to automatically search targets simultaneously in different spectral ranges in a passive and active mode. For the detection of concealed targets will apply optical locator, - the press-service. - The crew of the BMP can lead simultaneous firing two goals, including those from automatic guns at air targets with machine maintenance. In the more distant future, it is possible appearance on the "Kurgan-25" artillery arms of larger caliber - 40 mm and even 57 mm. "

Na ruskom -> http://vpk-news.ru/news/22878

i nešto malo o "Bumerangu"

Citat:Platform “Boomerang”: Zigzags of Ambitious Program

The emergence of combat vehicles of average unified platform “Boomerang” in the Russian Army must be a real breakthrough in the field of Russian modern wheeled armored vehicles. Newest armored vehicle and the latest machines on its base by the sum of its characteristics will be among the best in the world. As usually happens when you create something radically new, at some stages the development may have some difficulties, but they will be eliminated.

As the power plant is to be applied the four-stroke diesel engine UTD-32TR turbocharged 510 hp in conjunction with hydromechanical transmission and hydrostatic transmission. Power pack compartment is located in the middle of the body. Landing and invasion have to occur through afterhatches.

The armored variant of “Boomerang” will probably receive a promising unified fighting module developed in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.


Dopuna: 09 Jan 2015 17:01

Citat:New car for Russian Airborne Troops allow the use of weapons based on new physical principles

With KAMAZ we plan to create a brand new parachuted vehicle of modular type, "- said the commander of the Airborne Troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov

MOSCOW, January 2. / TASS /. In the Russian airborne troops are planning to create a brand new parachuted vehicle of modular type, which allow the use of weapons based on new physical principles. In an interview with Tass said the commander of the Airborne Troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov.

"With KamAZ we plan to create a brand new car desantiruemye modular (to be all forms, 4x4, 6x6), that in the future will allow us to use the weapons on new physical principles," - said the Shaman.


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