F-35 Joint Strike Fighter


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

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Evo celo uvežbavanje za DEMO F-35, amaterski je snimak.


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Kako izgleda proizvodnja

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Intervju sa britanskim mornarickim pilotom na F-35B.
What were first impressions of the F-35B?

Technologically mind-blowing and a true engineering marvel. As a pilot it flies extremely smoothly and the handling is exceptional, especially when converting flight regimes to slow speed or jet-borne modes; that transition is almost imperceptibly smooth with no adverse characteristics. High angle-of-attack manoeuvring is very easy and forgiving, with excellent nose and flight control ‘authority’ throughout. Power is very apparent with impressive acceleration in dry power on take-off.

Which three words would you use to describe the F-35B?

Lethal; Game-changing (I consider that one word!)

What are the greatest myths about the F-35B?

That it isn’t operational; that stealth doesn’t ‘work’; that external stores on F35 defeats the point of its design

What is the best and worst thing about the aircraft?

The best thing is the how quickly and effectively the F-35 allows the pilot to make decisions – fusing sensor and other data from onboard and offboard sources to display what’s out there and what’s going on.

Worst thing?

I’d like a bit more fuel but what pilot doesn’t?!

How would you rate the aircraft for the following-

Acceleration 8/10 – Impressive to say the least and, being such a slick design, the aircraft can be a challenge to slow down at times.

Climb rate 7/10 – Again, very good. Gets to height very quickly.

Performance at high AoA 10/10 – Fantastic nose authority.

Sustained turns 7/10 Very good, even though the overall design isn’t optimised for pure ‘dogfighting’ like the F-16.

Instantaneous turns 9/10 Impressive!

Have you flown Basic fighter manoeuvres against Typhoons (or any other types) if so, how did the aircraft do?

I haven’t flown BFM in the F-35B against Typhoon or other types (yet!) but I’m sure I will soon.

Though the aircraft is not designed primarily as a WVR ‘dogfighting’ platform -and this may not be a desirable way to fight- how would do in this respect?

Pretty darn well but there are so many factors that determine the outcome of a WVR fight; pilot proficiency, situational awareness, missile capabilities, countermeasures…every one of these things make a difference but if one were to postulate that in 1000 BVR engagements only a few would likely end up in a WVR fight, you need to ask yourself where you should invest the money, proportionally. Designing a lightweight dogfighter was arguably relevant in the 1970s as fly-by-wire tech gave birth to increasing (super)manoeuvrability; today it isn’t anywhere near as important but still cool for air shows.

Can the aircraft currently work communicate well with Typhoons, what are the considerations in working together?

I won’t talk about what we do with Typhoon but the communications have been tested on trials and they work. I’d say a generic consideration for working latest generation fighters with legacy platforms is ensuring you understand their capabilities and limitations.

What is your most memorable mission in the F-35B? There are a few but the one that stands out for me has to be my first STOVL flight.

Comparing the aircraft to Harrier first-hand was a unique privilege and genuinely brought a smile to my face. I think the UK and US teams who developed the STOVL Control Laws (CLAW), and the pioneering research from the VAAC Harrier and test pilots, is a huge triumph. Boscombe Down, take a bow!

What’s the best thing about the sensors? How they interact and complement each other with sensor fusion.

For 15 years I’ve flown aircraft that need a targeting pod strapped on – these things were normally only bought in limited numbers so you’d get to use them on specific events. Having a targeting pod on every single F35 (the EOTS – Electro-Optical Targeting System) is hugely beneficial for training in all missions.

How good is the situational awareness compared to other aircraft you have flown and how does that change things?

Nothing compares to it. Nothing. And information changes everything. When you look at Boyd’s well-known OODA loop, traditionally the hardest things are to answer ‘what’s out there’, ‘what’s it doing’, ‘what do I need to do’. That decision loop can cause paralysis which can lead to a quick demise in a combat fight. F-35 helps enormously in this regard and allows the pilot to act rather than react – reacting is what we’ll make the enemy do. Constantly.

When will the British have a combat capable F-35 force?

UK have a combat capable F-35 force today and declared Initial Operating Capability very recently, so able to deploy on combat operations at any point from herein. The Block 3F capability is highly combat capable, despite what you may wish to believe is written by a number of prominent bloggers.
What would you change about the F-35B? Across all three variants the B does suffer from being the lowest on fuel but I also believe it makes up for that with the ability to operate from the QE Carriers, bases with much shorter runways (~3000ft, predominantly for a re-supply tactical AT platform), or even other Nations’ carriers when required.

How does it is reliability and ease of maintenance compare with other aircraft you’ve flown?

Most of the previously reported reliability issues have been software-related in my experience. Maintenance is logical and designed to be as straightforward as possible but the still maturing F-35 global sustainment enterprise results in delays in supplying spares to a high number of demanding customers and countries. With 8.6+ million lines of software code, this aircraft is many times more complex in how it operates compared to a Typhoon or even an F22 Raptor but the latest software and hardware combinations in Block 3F have resulted in improved reliability for sure!

Will a F-35B pilot fly the close support mission in a different way to a GR4 or Typhoon pilot?

F-35 will be able to fly the mission in a much more hostile and contested airspace than a GR4 and Typhoon by virtue of its low observable capabilities. However, the rudiments of how a pilot conducts CAS do not necessarily change that much but differences in platform sensor capabilities are an example. It’s well documented that F35 does not currently have a CCD capability in the EOTS so we’re restricted to IR only. That’s something I’d like to see improved soon in impending upgrades and it’s ‘in the plan’ so to speak. Expanded weapons integration in future will also open the variety of effects that we can give the ground commander too.

Do you like the helmet system? If so, why (if not, why?)

The HMD is a truly incredible piece of kit because it really does bring a further dimension to the situational awareness for the pilot. If you then consider the built-in Night Vision Camera and ability to project full-coverage IR imagery of the outside world no matter where you point your head, the ability to point or cue a weapon quickly by day or by night is a great capability.

What should I have asked you?

What’s it like working closely with the US Marines! It’s awesome – those guys and girls work like Trojans to achieve the mission and we have a close relationship building for cooperation in future.

How would you rate its BVR capabilities?

Second to none really. First to see is first to shoot, is first to kill. I recently heard a comment from someone that ‘…fighting the F-35 is like going into a boxing match and your opponent doesn’t even know you’re in the ring yet!’ I like that comment because our lethality is enhanced by being able to deliver the killer or knock-out blow to our opponents before they get enough awareness on what’s going on to prepare or do something about it.

How would you rate its ground attack and recce abilities compared to the GR4 or Typhoon?

We only have Paveway IV currently, however this will expand with SPEAR 3 and other weapons in future but the single weapon option is a bit of a limitation of sorts right now, even though PWIV is an excellent weapon that’s proven itself against our enemies time and again. There is also potential for UK to procure the GAU-22/A Gun Pod if needs be and the USMC have already employed it. The variety of recce options on F-35 are good – from EOTS (IR) to DAS, to Radar Mapping, we have a true all-weather and, in many cases, multi-spectral recce capability. However, F-35 isn’t a dedicated “recce” platform so you can perhaps understand why there’s no pod like the RAPTor on Tornado as an example.


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Manevar koga se ne bi postideo Su-35.

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Pod uslovom da mu otkaže jedan motor.
Ovaj "manevar" se svodi na uspinjanje (obrati pažnju na ugao) nakon ostvarene brzine, zatim gubitak brzine u usponu i klasičan Stall, demonstraciju upravljivosti pri "padu" po horizontali, spuštanje nosa ka dole...

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eulereix ::Sjajan snimak, sajajan avion i sjajni Jevgeni Frolov.
Jedno pitanje ipak. Da li je ovaj Su-27M imao vektorisani potisak?

Ne, nije imao vektorski potisak.

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jazbar ::Manevar koga se ne bi postideo Su-35.

Već postavljeno i komentarisano par strana u nazad. Ništa zadivljujuće, više demonstracija efikasnosti FBW.

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Britanac misli da manevri sluze samo za Airshow , onda je veoma siguran u pouzdanost Meteora il Aim120D rakete ili misli da ce uvek biti 4/1 gore pa ce protivniku biti tesko izbeci sve rakete.

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Ma da, vidi se na svakom mitingu.
Skoro ali malo sutra.

Ja nisam bio na puno ali znam da ovo slično izvode samo sa SU i ostali ni blizu neke od ovih manevara. Važi i za Rafal, Gripen, F-16, F-18, MiG-29, MiG-21 pa nek priča ko šta hoće jer znam šta sam gledao. A pržili su ih i stvarno je dobro to izgledalo ali ovo je drugačije. Čisto da ne bude da nisam rekao. Jeste motor je zver ali kao što već rekoh na drugom mestu pa je obrisano "Niko ne leti avion bez motora". Sve je to paket.
Ne kažem da ovo u borbi ima smisla uvek, ne pada mi na pamet, ali kontrola u nekim delovima je iznad svih koje sam naveo. Ako tako gledamo i kažemo da to nema smisla onda nemaju ni ostali manevri na malim brzinama a baš oni su napravili najveću slavu nekim drugima.

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Manevri su samo se samo jedan segment borbe u vazduhu. Sada služe samo da izbegnu neku raketu manje vise .. Ne mislim da je F35 lošiji u tom segmentu od aviona iste klase. Lakših višenamenskih aviona pre nešto bolji zbog jakog motora 3D I Thrust vectoring.
Nije ovaj avion loš za ono što je pravljen. Verovatno je ispred konkurencije u toj klasi sveobuhvatno uzeto. Moram da razočaram sve koji očekuju S 35 ili F22.. On nije bio predvidjen da bude te klase. U ono vreme su mislila da imaju F22 i F35. Sada sto su odustali od dalje proizvodnje F22 pa sada će morati F35 da preuzme deo uloge uz stare F15 E.. Malo je 180 F22 za ceo posao i to najveći problem.

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