Tupoljev Tu-160 (Blackjack)


Tupoljev Tu-160 (Blackjack)

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@Drug pukovnik

Naravno da je on sredstvo odvracanja .To je svrha atomskog arsenala uopste zar ne ?
Broj je veoma bitan tu kada su strateski raketonosci u pitanju(konkretno Tu-160) jer nije isto imati samo 6 komada koliko su imali 1991 ili sad evo recimo svih 18 ( 3 x vise ) a ne da su im ostali svi proizvedeni .

Sa vecim brojem imas mogucnost rasporeda na vise aerodroma ( svojevremeno su bile planirane AB Engeljs ,Priluki i Ukrajinka ) .


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Ma prijatelju sve se slažem, ali kada takvo oružje postane primarno tada njihov broj naspram ostalog postaje zanemariv. I nakon toga nema svih nas.
Koliko je napravljeno aviona B-1 i kada su korišteni? Nazvao bi to bildanje mišića bez stvarne svrhe. Iscrpljivanje. Jednom su se upecali jel treba još jednom.
Davno je bila '44 i '45, premost se sad drugačije postože.
Engles, Ukrainka...daleko je to.
Žestoki sam rusofil, volim tu zemlju i taj narod al nikako da nauče.

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Shvatam vase razmisljenje i stavove . Smile Bio sam malo ( malo vise ) kritican po pitanju onog smanjenja broja u amer -ukr. reziji . Smajli

Pomenuste B-1B ,napravljeno cak 100 komada ,koristen u dosta sukoba tzv. niskog intenzita.
Takva uloga ce kroz program modernizacije biti dodeljena i Labudu ,tj. da postane nosac konvencionalnog naoruzanja s obzirom da moze da ponese citavih 40( po nekim izvorima i 45 ) tona UBS.
Pomenuli ste i inter. bal. rakete , njihov broj kao i broj ABG ( atom. boj. glava ) se tacno zna shodno nacrtu sporazuma START-I/II.Cak i lokacije na kojima baziraju rakete-nosaci sve se to snima i prati pa tako i pozicija ovih strateskih raketonosaca ,Tu-160 takodje .

Svet je globalno selo zahvaljujuci netu pa svi mogu da zavire u nekad `sekretne` baze.

Cak stavise svaki let se unapred najavljuje i tako se medjusobno razmenjuju podaci na relaciji RF-SAD.

Nego sta je sa programom Tu-160M ? Imamo li ista konkretnije ,slike ,snimci nesto bilo sta ?

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Ziveli Very Happy

Na temi smo do sada imali vise textova i novosti u vezi `narusavanja` VaP najpre VB

Arrow http://www.mycity-military.com/Avioni/Tupoljev-Tu-160-Black-Jack_2.html

a evo texta iz 2006 g kada je Labud navodno malo zasao i u VaP SAD?

Russian commander: Tu-160s penetrate US airspace undetected

Citat:Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A senior Russian air force commander has claimed that new, upgraded Tu-160 bomber aircraft were unchallenged by US air defense systems when they penetrated a radar zone near the Canadian coast in US territory during an April training exercise, reports the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.
Commander of Russia's long-range strategic bombers, Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov said that the bombers successfully carried out four mock Tu-95MS cruise missile launches, 200 mock bombings, and 53 mock sorties during the exercise. The RIA Novosti reported that the United States Air Force is currently investigating how the Tu-160's escaped detection.
Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov said, "They were unable to detect the planes either with radars or visually."
Khvorov denies any link of the tests to the current US-Iranian tension, saying, "Of course, our exercises did not have anything to do with the situation in Iran, but their organization indirectly echoed in that region."
The Tupolev Tu-160 is a strategic bomber introduced in 1987. It resembles the North American B-1B Lancer, but is larger and faster, being powered by four NK-32 afterburning turbofans, the largest in any combat aircraft. It is not considered to be a stealth aircraft due to its exposed engine inlets and broad wing gloves.
According to Khvorov over the course of this year, two additional Tu-160s will be commissioned for the long-range strategic bomber fleet with the numerous upgrades, including the ability to launch cruise missiles, aviation bombs, and satellite communication.

Arrow http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Russian_commander:_Tu-.....undetected

Hm ,jel ovo bila patkica ili se stvarno zbilo ?

Komentar za svojevremeni dolazak u Venecuelu

Gold, Gossip & Russia's Tu-160 Bombers

Citat:Oh, and then there was the overnight news from Venezuela that socialist Hugo Chavez says Russia's long-range Tu-160 Black Jack bombers - each capable of carrying 12 nuclear warheads - are welcome to use the Caribbean island of La Orchila. You know, just for re-fuelling, cleaning the windscreen, emptying the ash-trays...but not ever as a permanent base.

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@ray ban11 да ли имаш можда податке о том гдје се налазе руски нуклеарни силоси и колико их има или да ли је то било негдје овдје на форуму?мало ван теме,али требају ми ови подаци Smile

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Trazi trazi pa ces naci sto ,sto ,sto ? Razz Sala mala naravno Wink

Evo drugar Smile

Ovo je stanje od prosle godine sto se tice ABG i raketa nosaca

Arrow http://russianforces.org/missiles/

Ima i ovo stanje u RVSN 1990 g

Arrow http://www.mycity-military.com/Artiljerija-municij.....al_30.html

Nego da se malo pozabavimo letackom opremom koju nose posade Labudova

Pored standardne letacke opreme sa kacigom ZSh-7 mozemo da vidimo da posada cesto nosi i ovo

To je letacka oprema Baklan

Citat:Baklan Suit

Credit: Zvezda Russian pressure suit, operational 1970. The Baklan full-pressure suit was developed by Zvezda for the crew of high altitude strategic aviation aircraft..

Evo jos nekih zanimljivosti za Labuda

Citat:Unlike their American colleagues flying the B-1 B, Tu-160 pilots never mastered ultra-low-level terrain-following flight, and far from all Blackjack crews were trained in IFR procedures which gave the aircraft its intended intercontinental range.

Citat:Tu-160V bomber project

By far the most radical modification of the Blackjack proposed in the 1980s would have resulted in what was, in effect, a completely new aeroplane. Much has been reported on airliner projects utilising cryogenic fuel - liquid hydrogen (LH2) or liquefied natural gas (LNG); the feasibility of the concept has been proved by the Soviet Tu-155 research aircraft - a heavily modified Tu-154 (CCCP-85035) which first flew on 15th April 1988. But have you ever heard of a cryoplane bomber? This is exactly what the projected Tu-160V would have been; the V stood for vodorod - hydrogen.

Apart from the powerplant consisting of jet engines adapted for running on hydrogen, the Tu-160V featured a new fuselage which was of necessity much bulkier in order to accommodate the heat-insulated LH2 tanks and inert gas pressurisation system.

Citat:The Western intelligence community maintained a close interest in the Tu-160, especially its mission equipment, long before the aircraft entered service. The Soviet counter-intelligence service (the notorious KGB) was extremely alarmed to discover a self-contained signals intelligence (SIGINT) module near Priluki AB in the spring of 1988.

Disguised as a tree stump, the thing monitored and recorded air-to-ground radio exchanges and other signals emitted by the aircraft operating from the base. It was never ascertained who had planted the module, but countermeasures were not slow in coming: operational Tu-160s were provided with 'nightcaps' made of metal-coated cloth which were placed over the nose on the ground to contain electromagnetic pulses. As a bonus, these covers protected the ground personnel from harmful high-frequency radiation when the avionics were tested on the ground.

Citat:As is usually the case on such occasions, a flying display was staged; it included two more Tu-160s which were parked elsewhere on the base. When the bombers (captained by Vladimir Grebennikov and Aleksandr Medvedev) were due to taxi out for their demonstration flight, a single engine would not start on each aircraft (!). Realising the embarrassment that would result if the demo flight was cancelled for this reason, the VVS top command authorised the crews to take off on three engines - which is exactly what they did. The flights went well, thanks as much to excellent airmanship as to the Blackjack's good flying qualities.

Nevertheless, the fact that only three of each bomber's engines were emitting the characteristic orange efflux did not escape the attention of the US Air Force representatives, who demanded an explanation. Worried though he was about the situation, Long-Range Aviation Commander Col. Gen. Pyotr S. Deynekin answered with a straight face that the Tu-160's engines had several operational modes, not all of which were characterised by a smoke trail.

It is not known whether the Americans believed him; indeed, it would appear hardly improbable that ordinary service pilots would run the risk of taking off with one engine dead. However, even if they had guessed the truth and had the grace to say nothing, they surely acknowledged that the Soviet pilots were real pros.

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Spominju modernizaciju,ali nista konkretno za sada.

Arrow http://www.rosbalt.ru/main/2013/02/05/1090236.html

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Napisano: 05 Feb 2013 18:04


Hvala na ovim info drugar Smile

sastank ::Ukrajinski na zemlji.

Taj muzejski `Bort 26 crveni` iz drugog ugla

Dopuna: 05 Feb 2013 18:09

sastank ::Evo dve slike sa prednje strane onog prvog.Evo potvrde(первый опытный, а 3-й из опытной серии борт 02-01 с номером 86. ).Samo da vidimo koji je ono drugi.

To bi trebao da bude onaj sto je snimljen 2009 g ( link na prosloj stranici ) .

Po ovom izvoru ( dao kolega zixo ) imamo 4 aviona u Zukovskom

Arrow http://www.mycity-military.com/slika.php?slika=520.....r_9%5D.jpg

Jedna ispravka ,trenutno u AB Engeljs bi trebalo da je njih 16 borbeno- operativnih jer treba uzeti u obzir u udesu izgubljeni Bort 01 M.Gromov ( 2003g) .Naravno i onaj sto je izgubljen u periodu postojanja SSSR.

Dakle zakljucno sa imenom ovog `gen. Ermolova` imamo u Engeljsu njih 16 sada ? ,1 u LII Gromov u Zukovskom ( Bort 342 B.Veremej pitam se da nije on ranije bio mozda Bort 63 sivi ?) ,1 u muzeju u Poltavi Bort 26( Ukrajina),10 izrezano ,3 prototipa- moguce svi u Zukovskom i jos 3 aviona a oni su svi takodje u Zukovskom (po tabeli su to Bort 29,63 i 86 ).

Napomena -Bort 87 je sada `19 crveni V.Bliznjok` .

Evo i Bort 63 sivi ( koji je naveden u tabeli ) Zukovski 1992

Tupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack' '63' in the static at Zhukovsky on August 16th 1992.

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